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Hayden Panettiere @ Wizard World Philadelphia

Hayden Panettiere @ Wizard World Philadelphia

The theater exploded with applause this afternoon, as "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere took the stage at her own panel in Wizard World Philadelphia. CBR News was there.

Wizard World Philly:

Wizard World Philly: "World War Hulk" Panel Report

The World War Hulk panel smashed its way into Wizard World Philly on Saturday, and CBR News was there to get a full report on all the announcements.

WWP: The Brian Bendis Super Happy Fun Hour

WWP: The Brian Bendis Super Happy Fun Hour

Brian Michael Bendis took time Saturday morning at Wizard World Philadelphia to discuss the upcoming "Halo: Uprising" series, as well as Bendis' other Marvel projects.

Wizard World Philly: Lowe Talks

Wizard World Philly: Lowe Talks "Messiah Complex"

The X-Men titles have been rocked by numerous big events, but this October promises to be one of the biggest - "Messiah Complex." We spoke with Editor Nick Lowe about the epic storyline.

HeroesCon: Peter David Talks

HeroesCon: Peter David Talks "She-Hulk"

This September, a new era for Marvel Comics' Jade Giantess begins as Peter David takes over as the new writer of "She-Hulk." CBR News spoke with David about the book.

WWP: Top Cow and Marvel Join for

WWP: Top Cow and Marvel Join for "Unholy Union"

Mix the Hulk, Witchblade, Dr. Strange, the Darkness and Ghost Rider and what do you get? Find out as CBR talks with writer Ron Marz and previews exclusive "Unholy Union" pages.

HeroesCon - To Hell and Back: A Look At

HeroesCon - To Hell and Back: A Look At "Ghost Rider"

"Ghost Rider" creative team Daniel Way, Javier Saltares and Mark Texeira stopped by HeroesCon to talk about why they think the Rider's so cool.


T-MINUS: "Countdown" #46

A new character is introduced in week #46 of DC's "Countdown" series. Justin and Brian are here with all the details from this week's issue, plus some clues as to who Forerunner may be.

WNDR GRRL PWR: J. Torres Talks

WNDR GRRL PWR: J. Torres Talks "Champion"

Cassie Sandsmark goes solo in her first mini-series, "Wonder Girl: Champion." Writer J. Torres talks to CBR News about Wonder Girl; where she's been, where she is and where she's going.

Wizard World Philly:

Wizard World Philly: "Countdown" Panel

DC Comics hosted a special "Countdown" panel in Philadelphia this weekend, and CBR News has a full report on all the new announcements.

Wizard World Philly:

Wizard World Philly: "Spider-Man: One More Day" Panel Report

Marvel Comics held a panel to discuss the forthcoming Spider-Man event, "One More Day," which promises to permanently change the Spider status quo. CBR News has a full report.

DC Nation Panel @ HeroesCon

DC Nation Panel @ HeroesCon

Cheers and gasps abounded at the DC Nation panel today, with talk of the end of the Flash, a new lease on life for Dr. Fate and Mark Waid returning to an old and familiar role.... UPDATED!

Spider-Man's Brand New Day?

Spider-Man's Brand New Day?

After Spider-Man's "One More Day" concludes, "Brand New Day" begins. Marvel released a teaser image and, wait, is Spidey packing heat?

WWP: Marvel Comics'

WWP: Marvel Comics' "Mondo Marvel" Panel Report

Wizard World Philadelphia kicked off Friday with the Mondo Marvel panel. Hosted by Joe Quesada, the panel covered a range of forthcoming projects from the House of Ideas.

WW Philly:

WW Philly: "Amazing Spider-Man" Goes (Almost) Weekly, Wacker Explains

A number of Spider-Man titles will end this fall, but "Amazing Spider-Man" picks up the slack by publishing three times monthly. We spoke with Editor Stephen Wacker.

Terry Moore's New Paradise?

Terry Moore's New Paradise? "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane"

Terry Moore will leave the world of indy books behind for the land of Marvel, specifically as writer of "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane." CBR News spoke with Moore.

Fantastic Voyage: McDuffie Talks

Fantastic Voyage: McDuffie Talks "Fantastic Four"

Yeah, there's a Fantastic Four movie coming out today, but the real action's in the comics. We spoke with "Fantastic Four" writer Dwayne McDuffie about an old group of foes the team will take on in the series.

Top Cow Launches Pilot Season!

Top Cow Launches Pilot Season!

Fans are in the driver's seat of two new series for 2008, when Top Cow gives readers the chance to vote for characters to get their own ongoing titles.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige on the Future of Marvel Movies

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige on the Future of Marvel Movies

CBR News spoke this week with Marvel Studios Preisdent of Production Kevin Feige about the future of Marvel-financed movies, including updates on "The Incredible Hulk," "Thor," and "Captain America."

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #107

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #107

The Mask-Tastic Four? It's just one of the many oddities of the Silver Surfer odyssey in this all-FF edition of Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed!

FF2, Heroes, Ronin, Watchmen: June 15th Comic Reel Wrap

FF2, Heroes, Ronin, Watchmen: June 15th Comic Reel Wrap

The Baxter Building's back in the spotlight today, while Hiro's getting some new friends, Frank Miller will have to wait and there's no room in the Minutemen for Neo, plus "Gatchaman," "The Dark Knight" and more to finish up the week.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Welcomes Independent Up and Comers

Store Celebrates Three of the Summers Best Reads

PRESS RELEASE: Ape Entertainment Hiring for "Teddy Scares" OGN's.

Ape Entertainment is searching for pencil and color artists for its ongoing Teddy Scares graphic novel series.

PRESS RELEASE: The New Warriors Fight Back!

New Warriors #2 will feature the return of wildly popular character and the shocking secret identity of one New Warrior!

PRESS RELEASE: Mercury Studios Grows, Becomes PERISCOPE


PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Brings Artist, Dynamic Forces and "The Sire" To Wizard World Philly

The Hero Initiative will be rocking Booth 1214 at this weekend's Wizard World Philadelphia! Booth guests include Arthur Suydam, Tom Raney and Scott Hanna!

PRESS RELEASE: The Hero Initiative Brings Tim Seeley To HeroesCon

The Hero Initiative Booth #420 and 519 has Tim Seeley at this year's HeroesCon!

PRESS RELEASE: Comflix Studios Offers Fans a Ground Breaking Way to Enjoy Comics


PRESS RELEASE: Can The Uncanny X-Men Save The Morlocks?

In Uncanny X-Men #488, the Eisner Nominated Ed Brubaker and superstar artist Salvador Larroca bring you the second chapter of "The Extremists," the newest pulse-pounding storyline that sets the stage for this fall's massive X-Men event.

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Golden Signs for Hero at Heroes!

As Heroes Con's "Silver Anniversary" turns Golden, comics creator Michael Golden has just announced that he'll be sketching for Hero Initiative at the premiere convention taking place in Charlotte this weekend.

PRESS RELEASE: New Artist Announced for "Witchblade" #108 and #109!

Top Cow Previews Art From Rising Star Sami Basri!

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline/ACT-I-VATE Epic "Parade" Arrives this September

This coming September Image Comics' Shadowline unveils the first in a two-part miniseries with ACT-I-VATE studio cartoonist Michael Cavallaro, PARADE (WITH FIREWORKS).


PREVIEWS: "World War Hulk" Tie-Ins for June 20th

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR News brings you full color, fully lettered previews of the newest tie-in issues for "World War Hulk" event, all shipping next week, June 20th.


ONE THOUSAND ELECTRIC GUITARS: "Silver Surfer: The Rock Opera"

Journalist James H. Burns stops by CBR News to recount his 1980s interview with producer Lee Kramer about a proposed rock opera adaptation of the Silver Surfer's cosmic adventures.

X-POSITION: Week Three

X-POSITION: Week Three

We're three weeks in and "Endangered Species" is fast approaching. What does this mean for X-Men readers? Nick Lowe answers your questions and previews more pages from ES and "World War Hulk."


PREVIEW: "The Phantom" #17, Charity Aid Issue

Moonstone's "The Phantom" #17 begins the "Invisible Children" storyline, inspired by Northern Uganda's civil war. Sales of limited editions will go to aid the children of Northern Uganda.

"New Avengers" #31: Bendis Talks About the Big Twist

"New Avengers" #31 hit stores yesterday and contains a shocking twist that will have massive repercussions for the entire Marvel Universe. We spoke with writer Brian Michael Bendis about the issue. Spoilers

Dynamite Nabs

Dynamite Nabs "Brothers In Arms" License

Dynamite Entertainment announced today they'll publish a series of comics based on the popular World War II next-gen game, "Brothers In Arms."

Captain America, Watchmen, Stardust, Transformers: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap

Captain America, Watchmen, Stardust, Transformers: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap

Steve Rogers is coming to every city and town, John Cusack wants to suit up, Neil Gaiman speaks and Michael Bay doesn't care about toys, plus scoop on "Dark Knight," a "Silver Surfer" spinoff and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Foxwood Falcons Pays Homage to the Justice League

After Hours Press's, Foxwood Falcons #1 (on sale July 11th) gives homage to the iconic cover of Justice League of America #1, originally published by DC Comics.

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