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Thomas Jane Backs Out Of Punisher 2

Thomas Jane Backs Out Of Punisher 2

In a move sure to set back the franchise, actor Thomas Jane announced that he would be Frank Castle no more. We take an in depth look at the troubled sequel.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Offers Exclusive "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness" #3 Variant

Dynamite Entertainment has an exclusive cover to "Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness" #3 available no where else.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Announces Variant Cover for "The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive" #14

The Flash's special 3-issue event continues as DC Comics adds a variant cover by legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz to THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #14. The variant cover will arrive in stores in a split of approximately 50/50 with the standard cover by Joshua Middleton.

Minx Launches This Week with

Minx Launches This Week with "The Plain Janes"

"The Plain Janes," the first offering from DC Comics' new teens/young adult imprint Minx, ships to comics and bookstores everywhere this week and is already earning critical acclaim.

PRESS RELEASE: Kris Anka Awarded Inaugural Warner Bros. Animation/Hanna-Barbera Scholarship


PRESS RELEASE: Arcana and Chimaera Studios Join Forces

"Chimaera Studios to publish new Chimaera Super Hero Universe line at Arcana Comics…Starting the line off with a Chimaera Universe Event mini series!"

PRESS RELEASE: "Mouse Guard" Inks Deal with Science Fiction Book Club



PREVIEWS: "Uncanny X-Men" #487, "Incredible Hulk" #108

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, we've got a full color look at new issues of "Uncanny X-Men" and "The Incredible Hulk."

George Takei Keeps On Trekking with

George Takei Keeps On Trekking with "Heroes"

CBR News sat down with legendary actor George Takei to discuss his role on "Heroes," what the future holds for him and a bit about an entirely different career he once explored.


PREVIEW: "Wasteland" #9

Oni Press' post-apocalyptic epic continues this week with "Wasteland" #9 by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten, and CBR has an advance look.

New Moon (Knight Artist) Rising: Suayan talks

New Moon (Knight Artist) Rising: Suayan talks "Moon Knight"

Moon Knight's brutal crusade against crime takes him to the darkest corners of the Marvel U. We spoke with artist Mico Suayan and took a look at next week's issue #10.

Niceiza talks

Niceiza talks "Cable & Deadpool" & "Deadpool/ GLI-Summer Fun"

Deadpool's summer will be busy in both "Cable & Deadpool" by Fabian Nicieza and the one-shot "Deadpool/GLI-Summer Fun," co-written with Dan Slott. We spoke with Nicieza about the books.

Crate Full of Dynamite Previews

Crate Full of Dynamite Previews

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, we've got a ton of previews of their hottest new issues featuring Red Sonja, Battlestar Galactica, Highlander and Painkiller Jane!

Namor, Heroes, Tintin, The Dark Knight: May 15th Comic Reel Wrap

Namor, Heroes, Tintin, The Dark Knight: May 15th Comic Reel Wrap

Could that be Angel in a speedo? We wonder while checking out the election on NBC, teaming up Spielberg and Jackson and following Bruce Wayne to Great Britain, plus news on "Iron Man," "Wanted" and more.

Pics from the Season Finale of

Pics from the Season Finale of "Heroes"

NBC has released a handful of pictures from next Monday's season finale of "Heroes" titled "How To Stop An Exploding Man." Will our heroes save the world?


The "Smallville" season finale is going to be explosive, so register at and get ready to see the Earth-shattering climax that six seasons have been leading up to, this coming Thursday, May 17, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

PRESS RELEASE: Hop Onboard the Panda Express!

Shadowline offers its first all-ages graphic novel!

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite and Frank Cho Team-Up to Present the Ultimate Jungle Girl

Dynamite Entertainment announced today that the debut #0 issue of their all-new Jungle Girl comic book series will debut in July, and for just a quarter!

PRESS RELEASE: Battlin Jack Murdock Fights Again This June

Fans have always wanted to know more about Jack Murdock and answers finally come in the form of June's brand limited series Battlin Jack Murdock.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Welcomes Terry Moore

Famed Creator to Appear for Final Issue of Long Running Series

PRESS RELEASE: Septagon Studios' "Scorn" #1 Available Now for Pre-Order

Septagon Studios has announced that the company's first title, SCORN, is now available for pre-order!

PRESS RELEASE: "Dracula vs. King Arthur" featured on National Geographic Channel

Silent Devil's Dracula vs. King Arthur, the graphic novel created by Adam Beranek, Christian Beranek and Chris Moreno, has been featured as part of the Is It Real: King Arthur special for National Geographic Channel.

PRESS RELEASE: "New Warriors" #1 Rises From The Ashes

This June, resistance isn't futile-it's necessary-as Marvel presents the newest incarnation of New Warriors, written by Kevin Grevioux and illustrated by Paco Medina.

PRESS RELEASE: First Born "Witchblade" Tie-In Issues Feature Five Stellar Artists!

Top Cow Productions announced today that the three Witchblade issues tying into this summer's First Born will each feature a special guest penciler. All three issues will feature the same cover artist and inker along with regular series writer, Ron Marz (Ion, Samurai: Heaven & Earth).

PRESS RELEASE: Silver Surfer Soars to Mid-Ohio Con

Mid-Ohio-Con is proud to announce that one of the stars of the movie will be appearing as our special guest. Doug Jones, who portrays The Silver Surfer, will be appearing in person during both days of Mid-Ohio-Con.

PRESS RELEASE: "Iron Wok Jan" Volume 24 in Stores Now!

DrMaster Publication, Inc. has just announced the publication of Iron Wok Jan, volume 24, the continuation of the popular series by author Shinji Saiyjo.

PRESS RELEASE: "Return to Wonderland" #0 Sells Out @ Diamond – 2nd Printing On The Way

Zenescope Entertainment, publisher of the hit series Grimm Fairy Tales and the critically acclaimed Se7en, is proud to announce that Return to Wonderland #0 has sold out at Diamond. A 2nd printing of the issue featuring a wraparound cover that combines both of the original covers will be out soon.


The secret of Mr. Fiddlesticks is revealed! The Freshmen must come together to save one of their own!

PRESS RELEASE: "Spider-Man Fairy Tales" #1 Puts a New Spin on an Old Favorite

Written by C.B Cebulski (the man behind the hit series Loners), with art by Ricardo Tercio, Spider-Man Fairy Tales #1 tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood like you've never seen before!

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Witchblade Takeru Manga" #4

Top Cow Productions has released preview images from "Witchblade Takeru Manga" #4.

PRESS RELEASE: DDP Picks Up Troma in Skeevy Bar



BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: "Heroes" Week 22

It's the race to the "Heroes" finish line as writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite answer your questions. They give lots of clues for tonight's episode, "Landslide" and tease a couple of really cool announcements.


PREVIEW: "Darkness: Level 4"

The mayhem continues in "The Darkness" video game tie-in comics and we have a preview of "Darkness: Level 4" by Paul Jenkins, David Wohl and Patrick Blaine.

"Heroes" Spins Off "Origins"

NBC confirmed today plans for the "Heroes" spin-off program, "Heroes: Origins." The show will feature new characters for viewers to vote into the main "Heroes" cast.

PRESS RELEASE: "Ms. Marvel" #15 Strikes Like Lightning And Sells Out!

Marvel is pleased to announce that Ms. Marvel #15, the first chapter of the "Ready, A.I.M., Fire!" storyline, has sold out at Diamond.

O Captain! My Captain! Brubaker talks

O Captain! My Captain! Brubaker talks "Captain America"

Captain America may be dead but his ongoing series is continuing. CBR News spoke with "Captain America" writer Ed Brubaker about the book.

CBR Visits Tonight's Episode of

CBR Visits Tonight's Episode of "Heroes"

Tonight, NBC will air the penultimate episode of "Heroes" titled "Landslide." CBR visited the set of this episode and we bring you a full report of what went on, plus an interview with actor Masi Oka.

PRESS RELEASE: "Silver Surfer: Requiem #1": The End Isn't Near, It's Here

In Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 (of 4), the sentinel of the spaceways journeys to Earth to consult some old friends-the Fantastic Four-about something that just may mean the end of his galaxy spanning journey.

PRESS RELEASE: The Surfer Cometh In "Ultimate Fantastic Four" #42

With the debut of another classic FF character re-imagined as only the Ultimate universe can, fans cannot afford to miss the "Silver Surfer" storyline in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four #42, written by the critically acclaimed Mike Carey and with pencils by Young Gun Pasqual Ferry.

Hellboy 2, Speed Racer, Heroes, Transformers: May 14th Comic Reel Wrap

Hellboy 2, Speed Racer, Heroes, Transformers: May 14th Comic Reel Wrap

Doug Jones is hard to find as Abe Sapien's nookin por nub, plus an Asian singer joins the race, some "Heroes" cast members chat it up and the Robots in Disguise are back, some even chasing a hot girl, plus "The Dark Knight," "Iron Man" and more.

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