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PRESS RELEASE: "Sam & Lilah" jumps from Zuda Comics competition to ACT-I-VATE webcomic lineup

Fresh off a commanding fourth-place finish in Zuda Comics' March 2008 Competition, SAM & LILAH will be making a move to its new home as part of the online comics collective ACT-I-VATE, beginning with new pages on May 1.

Avatar Press Solicitations for June, 2008

Avatar Press Solicitations for June, 2008

Avatar Press has released images and solicitation images for comics on sale in June, 2008, including "Wolfskin Annual" #1 by Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer and Gianluca Pagliarani.


T-MINUS: "Countdown to Final Crisis" #5

All hell breaks loose in the Multiverse, and even Brian and Justin don't know what's coming next as DC continues its "Countdown to Final Crisis."

Dynamite Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Dynamite Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "The Boys" #17, "Zorro" #2 and "Highlander: Way of the Sword" #4.

Smallville, X-Men 4, G.I. Joe: March 31st Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, X-Men 4, G.I. Joe: March 31st Comic Reel Wrap

The last straw for Lex and Clark, the Iceman speaketh, Hawk's dismissed plus "Superman" news, "Speed Racer," "Iron Man" "Heroes," and much more.

Marvel Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Marvel Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you more advance looks at new comics on sale next week including "Clandestine" #3, "New Exiles" #3, "Moon Knight" #4 and much more.

Judge Says Siegels Now Own Half of Superman

Judge Says Siegels Now Own Half of Superman

In a possibly historic ruling, a federal judge Wednesday determined that the heirs of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel, are now the rightful owners of one-half of the copyright of Superman, and have been since 1999.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: Devil's Due remasters the Golden Age "Sheena" this April

This April, the first appearances of the first title heroine to have her own comic book come out of the vault in Golden Age Sheena: The Best of the Queen of the Jungle. The remastered Sheena collection from Devil's Due Publishing features never before reprinted issues of Jumbo Comics and Sheena Comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Quesada talks about Spidey's wedding day and more on Myspace's "MyCup o'Joe"

In this week's installment of MyCup o' Joe at MySpace Comic Books, Marvel's Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, reveals a new art team for She-Hulk, a new member for the Guardians Of The Galaxy and…what happened on Peter Parker and Mary Jane's wedding day! Yup, there was a wedding day!

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Uncanny X-Men" #497 ties into "X-Men: Divided we Stand"

As Cyclops and Emma Frost try to save Angel-and the entire city of San Francisco-from something unexplainable, Wolverine, Colossus and Nightcrawler must face Russia's deadly Red Room! Uncanny X-Men #497, from Eisner-winning scribe Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Daredevil, Criminal) and rising star artist Michael Choi, continues the acclaimed story of a world without X-Men, with the former superheroes attempting to move on after the events of Messiah CompleX.

PRESS RELEASE: "Eleventh Hour" anthology finds a new home at AAM/Markosia

AAM/Markosia is proud to announce that they are the new home of Eleventh Hour. Orang Utan Comics Studio self published two issues of the anthology series during 2007, and both sold out quickly and received excellent reviews.

Jim Krueger talks

Jim Krueger talks "Avengers/Invaders"

The past and present of the Marvel Universe collide this May in "Avengers/Invaders" by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Steve Sadowski. CBR News spoke with co-writer Jim Krueger about the series.

Image Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Image Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week including "Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom, Part One," "Cemetery Blues" #3, and an exclusive preview of "Dead Space" #2.

PRESS RELEASE: Akido Ikeda's "Dayan" coming to the US courtesy of Dark Horse

Akido Ikeda's international sensation Dayan is finally available in the United States! The mischievous cat Dayan has already captured the hearts and minds of Japan, spawning over thirty books, a theme park, museums, and stores dedicated entirely to the fictional world where he resides, Wachifield! Discover the phenomenon this spring with the first four books, published by Dark Horse in handsome hardcover.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamic Forces announces exclusive variant cover for "Secret Invasion" #1

Dynamic Forces today presents their exclusive alternate cover for the upcoming Secret Invasion #1. The alternate cover features all new artwork by artist, Mel Rubi!

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse offering "Aliens," "Predator" and "AVP" comics as digital downloads

Dark Horse Comics has announced that the popular Aliens, Predator, and AVP comics series are now available for digital download on IGN Entertainment's Direct2Drive. For $1.99, customers can now purchase digital copies of individual Aliens, Predator, and AVP comics that virtually mimic the first run of each issue by featuring the original cover art and trade dress.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Spirit" trailer to debut at New York Comic Con 2008

At NYCC, production partners Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment will present an exclusive first look at THE SPIRIT on Saturday, April 19 in New York Comic Con's IGN Theater, featuring the world premiere of the film's teaser trailer.

Read Pages 1-29 of Mike Mignola's

Read Pages 1-29 of Mike Mignola's "Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah"

Courtesy of BOOM! Studios, CBR brings you the first twenty-nine pages of "Jenny Finn: Doom Messiah" by Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey and Farel Dalrymple. The graphic novel is in stores now.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #148

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #148

Art imitates life -- or does it? Was Superman based on a body builder? Were "Wolverine" characters named after comics retailers? And were the Guardians of the Universe based on a Prime Minister of Israel?

Westerman & Chamberlain Fire Up the

Westerman & Chamberlain Fire Up the "Pretty Baby Machine"

Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly were the original original gangsters, and now these classic criminals team to take down Al Capone in "Pretty Baby Machine," a new mini from Shadowline.

Alex Ross talks

Alex Ross talks "Avengers/Invaders"

"Avengers/Invaders," a 12-issue miniseries by writers Alex Ross & Jim Krueger and artist Steve Sadowski, hits stores this May, and CBR News spoke with Ross about the story and dynamic covers he's created for the project.

Transformers 2, Hancock, Speed Racer: March 28th Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers 2, Hancock, Speed Racer: March 28th Comic Reel Wrap

Decepticon sightings on the west coast, Will Smith's got a new website, fast paced photos plus "Surrogates," "Lone Ranger" and more to finish off the week.

Marvel Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Marvel Comics On Sale April 2, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new comics on sale next week including "Kick-Ass" #2, "Logan" #2 and "Young X-Men" #1.

Labyrinths and Monsters: Kibuishi talks

Labyrinths and Monsters: Kibuishi talks "Amulet"

Comics auteur Kazu Kibuishi talks with CBR NEws about his new graphic novel series from Scholastic, the soon-to-be-a-motion-picture "Amulet," as well as the future of "Flight," "Copper," and the influence of Jeff Smith on his work.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: Kid's WB! releases new pic from the Sandman's debut on "Spectacular Spider-Man"

Kid's WB! has released a new image of Sandman from his debut episode of "Spctacular Spider-Man" airing this weekend.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: More screenshots from the "Legion of Super-Heroes" series finale

Kid's WB! has released three new images from this weekend's "Legion of Super Heroes" episode, "Dark Victory, Part 1," which is the first half of the series finale.

Marvel Releases

Marvel Releases "Secret Invasion" Animated Webisode

Presenting perspective from both the Skrulls and Iron Man, this Marvel Comics "Secret Invasion" webisode is filled with clues as well as insight into the coming invasion.

Andy Schmidt talks Life After (and Back at) Marvel - <I>UPDATED!</I>

Andy Schmidt talks Life After (and Back at) Marvel - UPDATED!

After founding The Comics Experience school, former editor Andy Schmidt returns to Marvel with two feature stories in "Marvel Comics Presents #8," and "X-Men: Divided We Stand #2," and gives CBR an update on both.


PREVIEW: "Cable" #2

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an advance look at "Cable" #2 by Duane Swierczynski and Ariel Olivetti, on sale next week in comics stores everywhere.

"Five Color Comics" Jams Over 50 Comics & Animation Greats

The proprietors of House of Secrets, a comics store in the heart of LA's comics and animation community, have put together "Five Color Comics," a jam of 50 talents including Steve Rude, Bruce Timm, Bill Sienkiewicz and more.

Welcome to Earth-2, Power Girl

Welcome to Earth-2, Power Girl

"Justice Society of America" writer Geoff Johns posted this morning a new Alex Ross image depicting the stranded-on-New-Earth Power Girl reunited with her old Earth-Two friends, promoting this summer's new Annual issue.

"Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash" #1-4 Reprint Covers

The Wildstorm/Dynamite crossover to end all crossovers, "Freddy Vs. jason Vs. Ash," has sold out and got back to press, and CBR has all the new covers for you.

Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Afterburn: March 27th Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Afterburn: March 27th Comic Reel Wrap

Who's the man tossin' around that sedan? Talkin' bout Stane? Damn right -- also Dent rally photos, more comics for Maguire, "Speed Racer," "LSH" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "X-Men: Divided We Stand" Book 1

In the wake of Messiah CompleX, there are no more X-Men…but what does this mean for those mutants who once united under Xavier's dream? X-Men Divided We Stand Book 1 (of 2) sets up the new status quo for mutantkind, with an all star creator lineup including Mike Carey (X-Men: Legacy), Matt Fraction (upcoming Uncanny X-Men, Immortal Iron Fist), Craig Kyle (X-Force), Christopher Yost (X-Force), Skottie Young (New X-Men), Brandon Peterson (Ultimate Vision), Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram) and Sana Takeda (Drain)!

PRESS RELEASE: "Sheep In The Big City" creator, Mo Willems, announced as NY Comic Con Guest of Honor

New York Comic Con (NYCC) has announced that Mo Willems will appear as a Guest of Honor at its 2008 event which takes place April 18 – 20 at the Jacob K. Javits Center. Mr. Willems, a celebrated artist, creator, script-writer and author, has written Emmy-Award winning scripts for Sesame Street, created Sheep in the Big City for Cartoon Network, and been awarded the Caldecott Honor, among many other accomplishments.

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due announces "Pogrom" #1 sell out

Devil's Due Publishing is rushing out more of its genre-bending horror series Pogrom on the heels of a distributor level sellout this week. Diamond has confirmed that Pogrom #1, the first issue of Matthew Tomao and Josh Medors' new post-apocalyptic conspiracy tale, has sold out as more copies are presently on their way from the book's printer to fill remaining orders.

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due, uclick announce new cel phone initiative

On Wednesday March 26, Devil's Due Publishing will begin shipping comics to cell phones, as well as to comic book stores. Partnering with uclick, the top-ten comic book publisher will offer a selection of back issues available for mobile devices on uclick's GoComics Mobile Store at

Moline Returns to the <I>Fray</I> in

Moline Returns to the Fray in "Buffy: Season 8"

Karl Moline, the artist who co-created Fray with Joss Whedon in 2003, joins the top-selling "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8" for a long-awaited and highly anticipated story arc later this year, and CBR News is talking to him first.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Incredible Hercules" #116 sets the plate for next month's "Secret Invasion" tie-in

One of Marvel's most critically-acclaimed series continues in Incredible Hercules #116 as Hercules and Amadeus Cho must deal with the revelation that Earth is headed towards a war it may not survive! Written by Greg Pak (World War Hulk) & Fred Van Lente (Wolverine: First Class), with art by hot new talent Rafa Sandoval and a cover by the legendary John Romita Jr, this issue sets the stage for next month's Secret Invasion tie-in.

STUDIO TOURS: Tommy Lee Edwards

STUDIO TOURS: Tommy Lee Edwards

"1985" and fan-favorite Star Wars illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards invites CBR readers into his North Carolina studio for an in-depth look at how and where he creates his striking and distinctive artwork.

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