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Templesmith Takes On “The Presidents of the United States”

Templesmith Takes On “The Presidents of the United States”

CBR talks to Ben Templesmith about IDW’s “The Presidents of the United States,” which features portraits by the artist of America’s 44 Commanders in Chief.


THE COMMENTARY TRACK: "Highlander Origins: The Kurgan" #1

Writer Brandon Jerwa brings CBR readers an exclusive page-by-page commentary of Dynamite's "Highlander Origins: The Kurgan" #1, featuring the cult classic screen villain from "Highlander."

The Bravest & Boldest: Will Friedle

The Bravest & Boldest: Will Friedle

From "Batman Beyond" to Blue Beetle in "The Brave and the Bold," veteran voice actor Will Friedle brings life to the young heroes of the DC Universe. CBR spoke with the performer about his role of Jamie Reyes.

PRESS RELEASE: Nathon Fillion talks about playing Steve Trevor in "Wonder Woman"

G.I. Joe, Hulk Vs., Smallville: January 28th Comic Reel

G.I. Joe, Hulk Vs., Smallville: January 28th Comic Reel

Cobra Commander steps up to explain himself, as do Dr. Banner, Logan and Deadpool while we have more secrets from Kansas' strangest town, plus "Tintin," "Watchmen," "Torso" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: NBC teams with Habbo to create a new virtual "Heroes" character

PRESS RELEASE: Radical's "Shrapnel" a hit!

PRESS RELEASE: Mark Waid is actually "Irredeemable"

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today

It's new comics day in the USA, and CBR brings you more than fifty previews of books on sale right now from publishers including Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Dynamite, Image, BOOM!, Dark Horse and more.

Mark Waid is

Mark Waid is "Irredeemable"

At first all we knew was "Mark Waid is Evil." Now we know why -- news has begun to spread that Waid is penning a new super heroes series for Boom! called "Irredeemable." ROBOT 6 has the early details.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" 1/30/2009 Clips

Cartoon Network has provided CBR News with a clip from the January 30th episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" called "Journey to the Center of the Bat!" featuring the introduction of The Atom to the B&tB universe.

X-POSITION: Peter David

X-POSITION: Peter David

In this week's all-new X-POSITION, superstar writer Peter David gives non- spoilery answers to your questions about shocking revelations of “X- Factor” #39, plus a peek at issue #40!

PRESS RELEASE: VIZ launches new imprint, Haikasory, to feature sci-fi and fantasy novels

PRESS RELEASE: Which Ms. Marvel will survive Marvel's "Dark Reign?"

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite unearths images from "The Complete Dracula"

PRESS RELEASE: DC Direct brings Hot Toys Jor-El deluxe figure to the U.S.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics announces ComicsPRO programming schedule

PRESS RELEASE: "Dark Avengers" second printing variant cover released

DC Comics On Sale January 28, 2009

DC Comics On Sale January 28, 2009

DC Comics has released advance looks at new books on sale this week including a new issue of "Batman" and the conclusions of "Final Crisis" and "Final Crisis: Revelations." - UPDATED with more previews!

Voice Actor Tatasciore Talks

Voice Actor Tatasciore Talks "Hulk Vs."

Fred Tatasciore is the Hulk in the "Hulk Vs." double bill. We spoke with the actor about this role, how it differs from his portrayal of the Beast on "Wolverine and the X-Men," and how to avoid injury when roaring is your job.

EXCLUSIVE: Aspen's NYCC Plans,

EXCLUSIVE: Aspen's NYCC Plans, "Ember" & "Shrugged" Previews

Courtesy of Aspen, CBR brings you exclusive previews of "Aspen Showcase: Ember" and "Shrugged" Vol. 1, both on sale this week. Aspen also shares its plans for New York Comic Con.

REVIEW: Captain America #46

REVIEW: Captain America #46

CBR's Chad Nevett turns in an advance review of "Captain America" #46, saying - - without spoiling anything -- that Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting depict "the shocking return of a character you never thought you’d see again!"

Webcomics To Watch: Tycho on

Webcomics To Watch: Tycho on "Penny Arcade"

Jerry Holkins a.k.a. Tycho talks to CBR News about his and Mike Krahulik's superlative webcomics series "Penny Arcade," the Penny Arcade Expo, New York Comic Con and more.

Mel Rubi's

Mel Rubi's "Super-Zombies" Sketchbook

The artist behind Dynamite's capes-meets-cannibals miniseries, "Super- Zombies," explains the process of designing the players as envisioned by writers Marc Guggenheim & Vince Gonzales.

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

With "Northlanders" #14 on sale this week, creator Brian Wood goes in- depth with CBR about the hugely acclaimed Vikings series, discussing his research, creative process, and what fans can look for next.

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Wildstorm Explores “Fringe” Universe

Writer Mike Johnson expands the mythos of Fox’s hit TV series while telling the backstory of the insanely brilliant Walter Bishop and the enigmatic William Bell in a six-part "Fringe" miniseries from Wildstorm.

ROBOT 6: Marvel Sued for $750 Million

ROBOT 6: Marvel Sued for $750 Million

ROBOT 6, CBR's comics news blog, has details of a new lawsuit brought by the shareholders of Stan Media against Marvel, Stan Lee and former Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad, seeking $750 million in damages.

Heroes, Astro Boy, Brave and The Bold: January 27th Comic Reel

Heroes, Astro Boy, Brave and The Bold: January 27th Comic Reel

Time to get reacquainted with Tim Kring's creations, manga makes money and covers concerns, producer James Tucker talks about the blues, plus "Hulk Vs." and Stan Lee's quest to get paid.

Road to the White House: Dan Goldman on

Road to the White House: Dan Goldman on "08"

New Republic journalist Michael Crowley and "Shooting War" artist Dan Goldman invite readers to relive the twists and turns of the 2008 presidential contest in "08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail," on sale this week.

PRESS RELEASE: Eagle One Media announces new digital comics initiative

PRESS RELEASE: Uclick, "Last Kiss" ink distribution deal

PRESS RELEASE: NYCC Exclusive edition of "Farscape" #1 announced

PRESS RELEASE: "Savage Dragon" Barack Obama issue gets fourth printing

PRESS RELEASE: TMNT, Archie celebrate the Turtle's 25th anniversary with a collection of their first Archie series

REVIEW: Green Lantern #37

REVIEW: Green Lantern #37

CBR's Greg McElhatton turns in a 3.5-star review of "Green Lantern" #37. saying the issue features "that moment that everyone has been waiting for, as four of the different Lantern Corps finally collide."

Frank Paur on Directing

Frank Paur on Directing "Hulk Vs."

Frank Paur has worked on projects like "G.I. Joe" and "Batman: The Animated Series," and now on the direct-to-DVD "Hulk Vs." Find out what he had to say about pitting the Green Goliath against Wolverine and Thor.


HEROES VIDEO: "A Clear And Present Danger"

NBC has provided CBR with video from next Monday's episode of "Heroes," "A Clear And Present Danger." Plus get word on the return of BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, CBR's exclusive Q&A with Coleite & Pokaski.

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios announces "Caped"



CBR News speaks with writer Brian Michael Bendis about Normon Osborn's plans for the New Avengers, and what part Luke Cage has to play in facilitating the former Green Goblin's Dark Reign.

Pat Croce Offers Zenescope

Pat Croce Offers Zenescope "No Quarter"

We talk to Pat Croce about Zenescope’s “No Quarter,” the latest in the entrepreneur’s pirate brand, which also includes the Pirate Soul museum in Florida and an upcoming big-budget Blackbeard film.

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