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Limited Edition

Limited Edition "Silver Surfer" Coin Is This Summer's Silver Ticket

With the June 15 release of "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," Twentieth Century Fox and the Franklin Mint join forces to create a limited edition U.S. quarter.

DC Comics Solicitations for Product Shipping August, 2007

DC Comics Solicitations for Product Shipping August, 2007

DC Comics has released their solicitation text and cover images for comics shipping August, 2007 and we've got the full listing for ya.

Marvel Releases Countdown Clock and Banners for

Marvel Releases Countdown Clock and Banners for "World War Hulk"

Marvel Comics revealed to CBR News the "World War Hulk" Countdown Clock, the only official way to count down the days, hours, minutes, even seconds, till the Hulk returns to Earth.

Omaha Perez Brings

Omaha Perez Brings "Holmes" Home

Ohama Perez recently brought his hilariously anarchic comic "Holmes" - a collision of Sherlock Holmes, Hunter S. Thompson and Haydn's skull - to a close and we spoke with the creator about the self-published series.


BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: "Heroes" Week 23

The season finale of "Heroes!" Joe and Aron tackle your questions, reveal clues about Peter's power structure and the "Heroes" manga and bring news of a special fan-only BEHIND THE ECLIPSE next week!

VIDEO: Lee, Ennis & Niles at MySpace Mystery Panel

VIDEO: Lee, Ennis & Niles at MySpace Mystery Panel

At this year's New York Comic Con, MySpace Comic Books hosted for fans an intimate panel discussion with Jim Lee, Garth Ennis and Steve Niles. Now see video from the event.

The Dark Knight, FF2, Brodie's Law, Transformers: May 21st Comic Reel Wrap

The Dark Knight, FF2, Brodie's Law, Transformers: May 21st Comic Reel Wrap

It's no laughing matter when you finally get a look at the Joker, while Tim Story grapples with Galactus, another graphic novel gets picked up by Hollywood and Michael Bay can't wait, plus "He-Man," "Wanted," and more.


T-MINUS: "Countdown" #50

Jimmy meets with Jason Todd, which leads to a meeting with the Joker, while Mary Marvel visits Madame Xanadu and the Flash rogues thrown one wild ass party. All this and more as Justin & Brian breakdown "Countdown" #50.


IMAGE PREVIEWS: "Dynamo 5," "Madman Atomic Comics" & More

We've got loads of Image Comics previews for books shipping next Wednesday including "Dynamo 5" #3, "Loaded Bible 2," "Madman Atomic Comcis" #2, "PvP" #33 and looks at new TPB collections.


PREVIEW: "New Avengers" #31

Everything's been leading up to this! Marvel has released a preview of "New Avengers" #31 that they promise "will rock the Marvel Universe at its very core."

A.I.M.-ing for Illumination: Reed's

A.I.M.-ing for Illumination: Reed's "Ms. Marvel" & "New Avengers: Illuminati"

The writer of "Ms. Marvel and co-author of "New Avengers: Illuminati," Brian Reed has some big things planned for the Marvel Universe. We spoke with him about both books.

The Nexus of

The Nexus of "Nexus" with Mike Baron & Steve Rude

Creators Mike Baron & Steve Rude talk with CBR News about the return of indie comics' most legendary superhero series, "Nexus." UPDATED with remarks from artist Steve Rude!

PRESS RELEASE: Steranko Covers "The Spider!"

THE SPIDER-Master of Men and Master of Pulp Fiction returns in a new book with a special cover painting by Master Comic Book and Book Cover Artist and Designer Jim Steranko

PRESS RELEASE: Dave Sim Art Sale to Benefit the Joe Shuster Awards

Dave Sim (Cerebus), winner of the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Achievement Award in 2005 (for 2004) and inductee into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame in 2006 has generously donated this original painted artwork to the Joe Shuster Awards for fundraising in 2007.


PREVIEW: "Wolverine" #54 - Color and Black & White!

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR has fully lettered previews of "Wolverine" #54 in color and in black & white, showcasing the amazing artwork of Simone Bianchi!

PRESS RELEASE: Steve Rude Announces Special Artwork Sale

Rude Dude Productions announced today that Steve Rude is reducing prices across the board on his original artwork.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative "Ultimate Spider-Man" #100 Auctions Begin

First Ebay Auctions Will Include Todd McFarlane Original Cover

"Death" Rides Again with Patrick & Beranek

James Patrick and Christian Beranek talk with CBR News about "Death And The Man Who Would Not Die," the sequel to "Death Comes to Dillinger," and about keeping a franchise alive at an indie publisher.

"The Darkness" Game Play Video - Demon Arm

2K Games has released a new game play video from the upcoming "The Darkness," featuring a look at the power of the Demon Arm.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #103

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #103

This week, learn the fate of "Wonder Woman vs. Xena," the truth about why George Perez didn't draw "X-Men/Teen Titans," and revisit one of the greatest urban legends of all time, the great Orson Welles Bat Hoax!

Transformers, The Spirit, The Dark Knight, FF2: May 18th Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers, The Spirit, The Dark Knight, FF2: May 18th Comic Reel Wrap

More footage of the Robots in Disguise, while the Octopus has a wallet you might recognize, Harvey Dent hits the campaign trail and Reed Richards is gonna stay up late, plus news on "Heroes" and "Smallville" to finish the week.

World War Hulk: Tale of the Tape Round 2 - The Hulk vs. Mr. Fantastic

World War Hulk: Tale of the Tape Round 2 - The Hulk vs. Mr. Fantastic

CBR's Tale of the Tape is back, and this time around we get "World War Hulk" writer, Greg Pak's thoughts on the Hulk versus Mr. Fantastic.

Ellis, Simone and Lee to

Ellis, Simone and Lee to "Re/Vision" Lara Croft for 10th Anniversary

In honor of "Tomb Raider's" 10th anniversary, GameTap is launching a retrospective documentary as well as "Re/Visioned" animated series created by some of comics' greats.

PRESS RELEASE: "Thor" #1 Gains A New Ally-- Michael Turner!

Marvel is pleased to reveal the latest can't miss cover by red-hot superstar artist Michael Turner-- a 50/50 variant cover to Marvel's high anticipated Thor #1

PRESS RELEASE: Cecil Castellucci talks 'The Plain Janes' on Around Comics

Around Comics, the comic book podcast, welcomes author Cecil Castellucci for an extended interview to talk about her exciting new project 'The Plain Janes'.

PRESS RELEASE: Greg Pak's Explosive Conclusion to First "Battlestar Galactica" Series


PRESS RELEASE: "Dark Tower" #5 Ups The Ante For Roland!

In Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #5 (of 7), our young hero faces his greatest challenge yet.


PREVIEW: "Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness" #4

Artists Sean Phillips and Fernando Blanco Join the Fray of Zombies and Chainsaws in the next issue of "Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness."

The Little Strip That Could:

The Little Strip That Could: "House of Sugar"

When Rebecca Kraatz's "House of Sugar" TPB was first submitted to Diamond for distribution, it was rejected. But when the comics community took up her cause, things suddenly changed.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Unleases a Massive "Meltdown" - In Trade Paperback

Critically Acclaimed Series Collected in Jam-Packed TPB


PREVIEW: "World War Hulk" #1

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an advance look at the first issue of their latest event, "World War Hulk."

Smallville, Punisher 2, Transformers, Heroes: May 17th Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, Punisher 2, Transformers, Heroes: May 17th Comic Reel Wrap

Big things happen tonight in Kansas, while Frank Castle seeks direction, Bumblebee takes it to the screen and Hiro takes it to the streets. Plus, "Why is Batmanuel the mayor of Gotham City?"

"Black Cherry" – Doug TenNapel Tantalizes with the Forbidden Fruit

Doug TenNapel is back and he's brought the mafia, strippers, and a corpse – don't tell mom!

"Heroes" Season Finale Video Previews!

It all comes down to this! Next Monday, NBC will broadcast the season finale of "Heroes" - "How To Stop An Exploding Man." To whet your appetite we've got three video clips.

PRESS RELEASE: "Avengers: The Initiative" #3 Gets Friendly In Your Neighborhood

Avengers: The Initiative #3 opens with War Machine's team of new recruits as they search for America's Most Wanted-Spider-Man-and an introduction to…the Initiative's Black Ops unit!

"52: Volume 1" Cover Revealed

DC Comics has at last revealed the J.G. Jones cover to the first volume of the "52" trade paperback series.

The Champ is Here: Tieri Talks

The Champ is Here: Tieri Talks "JSA Classified" #26-27

This month, all bets are off as Wildcat sets out to take down an underground superhuman betting ring in "JSA Classified" #26-27. We spoke with writer Frank Tieri about the story.

Top Cow Launches Novel Line with

Top Cow Launches Novel Line with "The Darkness"

Author Kerri Hawkins delves deeper into the origin of The Darkness in "The Darkness Volume 1 Novel," the first of Top Cow's new line of prose novels.

Catching Up with

Catching Up with "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer"

With the second printing of sold out #1 as well as the new issue #2 in stores today, CBR News gives readers a "Death Dealer" primer featuring a full half of the first issue.

The True, True Origin of Spider-Man's Black Costume

The True, True Origin of Spider-Man's Black Costume

Randy Schueller, the fan who 25 years ago pitched Marvel the idea of Spider-Man in a new black costume, tells his fascinating story and shares the letter he received from Jim Shooter in 1982.

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