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PRESS RELEASE: Joe Hill's "Locke & Key" #1 sells out, goes back to press

Best-selling author Joe Hill's first comic, "Locke & Key," has sold out of it's first IDW issue and is going back to press for a second printing.



CBR News received this morning from Marvel Comics an ominous image of Wolverine as a Skrull. The Greg Horn illustration ties into April's "Secret Invasion" event by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu.

Read the New

Read the New "The Darkness" #1 for Free on CBR

Courtesy of Top Cow, CBR brings you the entire first issue of "The Darkness" #1 by Phil Hester and Michael Broussard, relaunching the publisher's flagship title for a new era.

"Urban Monsters" Hit the Road

Four monsters embark on a road trip to Hollywood in Shadowline's "Urban Monsters," and the creators talk to CBR about what the American Dream means when you're not quite (or extremely not) human.

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due announces Devil's Due Pop toy line

This March, comic book icons bounce out of the pages of Devil's Due and into a new line of action packed life accessories called Devil's Due Pop.

TWISTORY: mink Talks Fantasy Western

TWISTORY: mink Talks Fantasy Western "13 Chambers"

CBR News speaks with "Dust" writer and film director mink about his new fantasy western "13 Chambers," the notion of "twistory," and an upcoming project with the legendary Yoshitaka Amano.

PRESS RELEASE: WonderCon '08 announces multiple gaming previews

The world of video games is set to make its mark on WonderCon as they unveil several of the most anticipated game releases with sneak peeks, demonstrations and special guest appearances.

PRESS RELEASE: Mr. T celebrates his new graphic novel with an advance limited edition

Mr. T and Mohawk Media are celebrating Mr. T's new graphic novel with a special advance limited edition of the book


FIRST LOOK: "Captain America" #35

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at pages from "Captain America" #35 by Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Butch Guice, on sale next week.

PRESS RELEASE: 2008 New York Anime Festival to be held at the Jacob Javits Center

The New York Anime Festival (NYAF) today announced its 2008 show will be held from September 12th to the 14th at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City.

Priest Returns to Comics (Sort Of!) with

Priest Returns to Comics (Sort Of!) with "Gunplay" Dime Novels

It's his first comics work since "Captain America and the Falcon," but is it a return? Christopher Priest talks with CBR News about his prose stories in Platinum's "Gunplay," what he's been doing with his time, and what's coming next.

PRESS RELEASE: "Spooks" #1 sells out, Drew Struzan joins creative team for issue 4

Devil's Due has announced the sell out of "Spooks" #1 and the addition of cover artist Drew Struzan to the title as of issue #4

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due announces Shawnimal plush line featuring Geeky Ninja

Collectible toy designer Shawn Smith has a brand new fanboy-friendly ninja flying out of his Ninjatown line in May, and it's kicking down the door at Devil's Due.

Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Black Hole: February 21st Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Black Hole: February 21st Comic Reel Wrap

New looks at the billionaire playboy, fresh rumors from Gotham City, indie properties cashing checks, plus "Wolverine," "Conan," "Akira" and more.

FIRST LOOK: Image Comics WonderCon-Exclusive Posters

FIRST LOOK: Image Comics WonderCon-Exclusive Posters

Image Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at some of the posters they'll be handing out to fans only at this weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco, California.



In today's installment of EARTH'S MOST WANTED we look at The Eights, two Homo Sapiens and two members of Homo Superior, each representing a threat to the Skrulls' "Secret Invasion" of Earth.



Fan-favorite "Young Justice" penciller Todd Nauck invites CBR readers into his home studio to see where he creates his artwork for "Teen Titans Go!," "American Dream" and his creator-owned "Wildguard."


FATHER FIGURE: Reed Talks "Young Avengers Presents"

Hulkling finds out just how tense father and son reunions can be when he meets his dad, Captain Marvel, for the first time in "Young Avengers Presents" #2. CBR News spoke with writer Brian Reed about the issue.

Fincher to Direct

Fincher to Direct "Black Hole," Based on Charles Burns Comic

"Fight Club" and "Zodiac" director David Fincher is attached to the feature film adaptation of Charles Burns' Harvey Award-winning graphic novel "Black Hole."

Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Live-Action

Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Live-Action "Akira"

Leonardo DiCaprio will produce "Akira," a live-action adaptation of the classic manga and anime by Katsuhiro Otomo. Screenwriter and former PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Gary Whitta will provide the script.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Intitiative puts Joe Quesada in the dunk tank

The Hero Initiative will be putting Joe Quesada and other top creators in their dunk tank at the Orlando Megacon

PRESS RELEASE: Stan Lee talks Skrulls on the latest Marvel Podcast

Stan Lee discusses the origins of Marvel's alien Skrull race on the latest Mighty Marvel Podcast

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "New Avengers" #39

Marvel has released preview art from "New Avengers" 339, featuring Echo and Wolverine, with a David Mack cover and interior art

Millionaire talks

Millionaire talks "The Maakies with the Wrinkled Knees"

Acclaimed "Sock Monkey" creator Tony Millionaire talks to CBR News about his newest Fantagraphics release, "The Maakies with the Wrinkled Knee," the sixth volume of his popular "Maakies" comic strips.

Image Comics Solicitations for May, 2008

Image Comics Solicitations for May, 2008

Image has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics on sale in May 2008, including the "PvP" 10th anniversary special, "Suburban Glamour" Vol. 1 and the final issue of "Scud, The Disposable Assassin."

PRESS RELEASE: "Final Crisis: Sketchbook" announced by DC Comics

DC has announced a "Final Crisis: Sketchbook", featuring a sneak preview of what to expect in "Final Crisis."

PRESS RELEASE: DC announces special 50 cent "DC Universe: Zero" comic

DC has announced a special 50 cent comic, ""DC Universe: Zero," that will bridge the gap between "Countdown to Final Crisis" and "Final Crisis."

PRESS RELEASE: "New Exiles" #2 sells out, second printing announced

Marvel has announced the sell out of "New Exiles" #2 and the subsequent second printing featuring an interior art variant cover.


X-POSITION PREVIEW: "X-Men: Legacy" #208

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of next week's "X-Men: Legacy" #208 by Mike Carey with artwork by John Romita, Jr. and Scott Eaton.

Wolverine, G.I. Joe, The Dark Knight: February 20th Comic Reel Wrap

Wolverine, G.I. Joe, The Dark Knight: February 20th Comic Reel Wrap

John Wraith turns out to be the modern-day Wyclef, the Baroness beefs up, Harvey shows up plus "Iron Man," "Drinky Crow," "G.I. Joe," "Watchmen" and more.

X-POSITION: Peter David on

X-POSITION: Peter David on "X-Factor"

Peter David joins X-POSITION this week to answer your questions about X-Factor's world post-"Messiah CompleX" and preview exclusive artwork from "X-Factor" #29.

BOOM! Studios talks

BOOM! Studios talks "North Wind" Sales, Retailer Reactions

"North Wind" orders have risen 30% since BOOM! ignited controversy among retailers over the title's simultaneous, free release on MySpace. Marketing & Sales man Chip Mosher updates CBR News on the situation.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow, MySpace announce "Pilot Season" winners

Top Cow and Myspace have announced "Cyblade" and "Velocity" as the two winners of their "Pilot Season" promotion

PRESS RELEASE: Terry Dodson provides variant covers for "Ms Marvel" #25, "Captain Marvel" #4

Marvel is pleased to announce that acclaimed artist Terry Dodson will be providing all-new, interconnecting variant covers for "Ms Marvel" #25 and "Captain Marvel" #4

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Miller's "Imaginaries" comes to Bluewater Productions

Bluewater Productions has announced the addition of Mike Miller's "Imaginaries" to their publishing line up.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW, John Byrne launch "FX"

Veteran artist and fan-favorite John Byrne is returning to his roots with the publication of a new superhero comic in the form of IDW Publishing's "FX."

DC Comics Solicitations for May, 2008

DC Comics Solicitations for May, 2008

DC Comics has released artwork and solicitation information for new comics and products shipping in May, 2008, including details on "Final Crisis."

PRESS RELEASE: Preview art from "The Last Defenders" #1

Marvel has released 5 preview pages from the first issue of Keith Giffen and Joe Casey's upcoming series, "The Last Defenders."

PRESS RELEASE: "The Twelve" #2 sells out, second printing on the way

Marvel's new hit series is four-for-four, as "The Twelve" #2 (of 12) has sold out at Diamond and will return with a new printing.

DnA + Pelletier + Rosemann on

DnA + Pelletier + Rosemann on "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Marvel's cosmic heroes have won two intergalactic wars and will come together to win the peace in May's "Guardians of the Galaxy." CBR spoke with writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Paul Pelletier and Bill Rosemann about the book.

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