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Marvel Announces Variant Covers For

Marvel Announces Variant Covers For "Dark Tower"

Each issue of "Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born" will feature a sketch cover, as chosen by Jae Lee, and an all-new variant cover by one of the top artists in the industry.

PRESS RELEASE: Silent Devil Announces New York Comic Con plans

Silent Devil Takes Manhattan!

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Book Distributors Welcomes New Sales Manager

Diamond Book Distributors Welcomes New Sales Manager. Continues Commitment to Excellence by Hiring Experienced Book Market Professionals.

PRESS RELEASE: Eagle Awards Website Open for Nominations

NOMINATIONS are invited for this year's Eagle Awards, which have moved into the 21st century with a online voting system.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Entertainment Announces "Dyno Force"

Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment has announced that the first comic in its new Gold line, Dyno Force #0, will be a Free Comic Book Day release.

A Hell of a Cartoon: Stones Talks

A Hell of a Cartoon: Stones Talks "Hellboy Animated" films

With the first "Hellboy" animated film hitting DVD this week CBR News caught up with the Supervising Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of the film, Tad Stones, for a chat about "Sword of Storms" and the next Hellboy animated feature "Blood and Iron."


Long-Awaited "Postcards" Anthology To Be Published

Featuring stories by an amazing roster of talent and based on vintage, early 20th century postcards, the book has found a publisher in Villard Press, a division of Random House Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: "Unscrewed!" Auctions Are A Go!

Following up on last month's debut of Unscrewed!, the group of creators gathering together to assist those harmed by the fraudulent business practices of Tightlip Entertainment and Rick Olney. Unscrewed! is currently laying the groundwork for relief auctions for the beleaguered creators and freelancers.

PRESS RELEASE: Golden Vampy Heats up New York Comic Con!

It may be taking place during one of the coldest months of the year, but you couldn't tell it by the heat generated from Michael Golden's exclusive Vampirella poster for the New York Comic Con!

The Flash, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Iron Man: February 5th Comic Reel Wrap

The Flash, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Iron Man: February 5th Comic Reel Wrap

The Fastest Man Alive finds new direction, as does Themiscira's Finest, while Logan goes back in time and Pepper Potts speaks, plus dish on "Legion of Super Heroes," "Ghost Rider," "The Batman," "Transformers" and more.


PREVIEW: "X-Men Annual" #1

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with a preview of "X-Men Annual" #1, by Mike Carey and Mark Brooks, shipping this Wednesday, February 7th.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Artist Aaron Lopresti

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Artist Aaron Lopresti

This week, Robert sits down for a lengthy chat with artist Aaron Lopresti. They discuss his time spent at CrossGen, his upcoming work at Marvel including "Ms. Marvel," and Lopresti shares the story of his weirdest convention experience.

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Fell," "Pirates Of Coney Island" & More

Images Comics has provided CBR News with previews of February 4th shipping titles "Drink & Draw" Vol. 1, "Fell" #7, "The Pirates of Coney Island" #2 and "Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday" #1.

The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Nine

The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Nine

Things are really heating up in DC Comics' weekly "52" series. It's week 39 and Justin Eger stops by with all the details and offers thoughts on what's to come next.

Joss Whedon No Longer Attached to

Joss Whedon No Longer Attached to "Wonder Woman"

CBR News learned Friday afternoon that writer/director Joss Whedon is no longer attached to the feature film production of "Wonder Woman." CBR News spoke with Whedon for comment. Updated

PRESS RELEASE: See Stark Tower, the home of the Avengers, in 3-D

Joe Quesada presents a 3-D video model of Stark Tower, complete with Sentry's Watchtower.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Unveils New Titles from Vertigo, WildStorm, More

DC Comics continues to unveil new collected editions and other book titles for summer 2007 with these projects from Vertigo, WildStorm and more.

"Fun Home" With Bechdel at Angouleme

Last week at the Angouleme Comics Festival in France, Shaun Manning sat down with "Time" Magazine Book of the Year winner Alison Bechdel to discuss her memoir, "Fun Home."


Behind "The Nightly News"

Writer/artist Jonathan Hickman gives CBR readers a very special, step-by-step look at the process of creating "The Nightly News" heavily detailed and graphic-design heavy look. A must-read for all up-and-comers.

Father's Way: Daniel Way Talks

Father's Way: Daniel Way Talks "Wolverine Origins"

The "Savior" arc of "Wolverine Origins" recently concluded with a bloody face-to-face reunion between Wolverine and his son. CBR News spoke with writer Daniel Way about the arc and what's to come in "Swift and Terrible."

PRESS RELEASE: LINK: LA Times on "Dark Tower" Comics

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #88

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #88

Che Guevara! Adam Warlock! The Flash! Murder! "Smallville!" Feces! Discover the secrets of these things and more in this week's edition of CBULR!

Smallville, Hulk 2, Ghost Rider: February 2nd Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, Hulk 2, Ghost Rider: February 2nd Comic Reel Wrap

Groundhog's Day brings us the words of Al Gough and Louis Leterrier, while Johnny Blaze continues his quest to conquer television, all in the week's last look at links, legends and lies.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Rolls Out New Collections for Summer 2007

DC Comics announces new collected editions from the DC Universe for summer 2007, with titles scheduled to reach stores from June through August.

PRESS RELEASE: Ticket Alert for New York Comic Con!!

SATURDAY ONLY TICKETS AT NEW YORK COMIC CON SOLD OUT ON WEBSITE. Retailers Still Have Tickets Available for All Days of Show

PRESS RELEASE: PvP The Series: Launches TODAY!

Popular Webcomic Launches Online Animated Series. Blind Ferret Entertainment and Toonhound Studios to develop and distribute PVP: The Series.

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Comic Distributors Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Diamond Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering the Fun of Comic Books, Pop Culture to the World

"Dust" Debuts from mink & Parente this Summer at Image

While best know for directing music videos with artists Snoop Dogg, Master P, Veruca Salt and Sheryl Crow, the director known as "mink" is trying his hand at comics thus summer in the Image Comics sci-fi series "Dust."

Brandvold talks Writing

Brandvold talks Writing "Bat Lash" with AragonÚs & Severin

Later this year, DC Comics will return their Western hero Bat Lash to the four color world in a new mini-series written by Sergio AragonÚs & Peter Brandvold and artist John Severin. CBR News spoke with Brandvold about his first comics series.

Inker Vs. Inker: Drew Geraci Interviews Bob McLeod

Inker Vs. Inker: Drew Geraci Interviews Bob McLeod

CSBG presents a fascinating insight into the extraordinary work of inking hero Bob McLeod in this interview conducted by fellow inker Drew Geraci.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "G.I. Joe: America's Elite" #20

Devil's Due has released a six page preview of "G.I. Joe: America's Elite" #20.

Here There Be Monsters: Smith talks

Here There Be Monsters: Smith talks "Shazam"

"Bone" creator Jeff Smith chats with CBR News about his first-ever non-creator-owned work, DC's prestige-format limited series "Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil."

The Hero Initiative's

The Hero Initiative's "Ultimate 100" Gallery

The Hero Initiative has provided CBR News with a massive gallery of the "Ultimate 100" - 100 custom sketches done on the blank cover of "Ultimate Spider-Man" #100. Check out art by Aragones, Bachalo, Del Toro, Gaiman, Lee, Romita, Suydam, Wieringo & many more.

Wonder Woman, 300, Transformers, Heroes: February 1st Comic Reel Wrap

Wonder Woman, 300, Transformers, Heroes: February 1st Comic Reel Wrap

Why is Joel Silver buying a World War Two-era script? Find out while getting asked outside by Frank Miller, getting let down by Megatron and picturing a hit show on NBC, plus rumors on "The Dark Knight" and news from "Smallville."

Video Previews of

Video Previews of "Heroes" 2/5 Episode - "Distractions"

NBC has released video clips from next Monday's episode of "Heroes," "Distractions." Get a first look at what's happening with Claude, Niki, Isaac, Claire and everyone's favorite bad guy, Sylar.

PRESS RELEASE: Sold-Out "Necromancer" Series Collected In Trade Format

Collection Shows New and Existing Fans "The Way"!

PRESS RELEASE: "Lions, Tigers and Bears" Wins Angouleme Youth Award

All-Ages Adventure Brings Top Honors in Europe's Largest Comic Festival.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Gets Set For New York Comic Con

On February 23, members of the DC Comics staff and freelance community will join forces for the 2007 New York Comic Con. DC has released a complete list of attendees and scheduled events.

PRESS RELEASE: "Justice Society of America" #2 Goes Back To Press For New Printing

After a quick sellout at DC Comics, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #2 is going back to press for a second printing.

PRESS RELEASE: Silent Devil's Family Changes and Grows

Silent Devil Announces New Company Officers.

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