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PRESS RELEASE: Spacedog Entertainment's line-up for SDCC 07

CCI: Dark Horse Launches New

CCI: Dark Horse Launches New "Indiana Jones," "Creepy" & "Eerie"

Dark Horse has signed agreements to produce new "Indiana Jones," "Creepy" and "Eerie" comics as well as publish archive editions collecting previous incarnations of the titles.

X-Position: Week Nine

X-Position: Week Nine

Chris Yost swings by to talk about outer space adventures and those crazy kids at the mansion. Get an early sneak peek at the cover of "X-Factor" #26! Spoiler alert: There are mutants on the cover! Updated


CCI PREVIEW: "Uncanny X-Men" #489

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an advance look at next week's new issue of "Uncanny X-Men," #489.


CCI: "Conan" Relaunches - Truman and Giorello Talk

In Dark Horse's Conan title, the barbarian has faced sorcerers, giant snakes, frog monsters and crazed apes. Now, he faces the biggest challenge of them all: a relaunch! We have in-depth coverage & an exclusive look at Giorello's art.

CCI: NBC's Hit Series

CCI: NBC's Hit Series "Heroes" Online Comics To Be Collected by DC Comics

NBC's hot TV series "Heroes" found great success with their online comic, which will now be collected by DC Comics this fall.

CCI: Dreamworks Snaps Up Oni's

CCI: Dreamworks Snaps Up Oni's "The Dammed" & "Courtney Crumrin"

Wednesday night at Comic-Con, CBR News learned that Dreamworks Pictures has snapped up "The Damned" & "Courtney Crumrin," two of Oni Press' hottest titles.

Mark Millar, Ultimately

Mark Millar, Ultimately

On the eve of Comic-Con, CBR News presents an in-depth interview with writer Mark Millar about his landmark series, "The Ultimates."

"Watchmen" Cast Revealed

The Hollywood Reporter has released the names of the actors appearing in principle roles in "300" director Zack Snyder's adaptation of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' most revered superhero work.


BUILDING A BETTER "BOOSTER" with Jurgens, Johns & Katz

"The All-New Booster Gold" team of Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz and Dan Jurgens talk to CBR News about the life and times of DC Comics' most unlikely protector of the multiverse.


ROBOT ROCK: "24Seven" Returns with Volume 2

Image's technologic anthology returns this week with vol. 2, featuring new stories about robots in the City That Never Sleeps. CBR's @ndy Kh0ur1 interfaced with editor Ivan Brandon and some 1337 creators to share the digital love for "24Seven."

Jenna Jameson to Star in New Virgin Comics Series

Jenna Jameson to Star in New Virgin Comics Series

The Web's most downloaded woman Jenna Jameson creates "Shadow Hunter," a mainstream book containing no nudity, for Virgin Comics' celebrity "Voices" line.

Roger Avary &

Roger Avary & "Beowulf" - Epic Poem, Epic Screenwriter

CBR News sat down with "Beowulf" screenwriter Roger Avary to discuss his collaboration with Neil Gaiman on the screenplay for Robert Zemeckis' animated film based on the classic poem.

"Shark-Man" Re-Debuts at Image Comics

UPDATED with exclusive new artwork! "Alien" co-creator Ronald Shusset, Radical co-founder Dave Elliot, writer Michael Town and artist Steve Pugh return to the pages of "Shark-Man," a pet project that almost sunk before it could swim.

Watchmen, Smallville, Beowulf, Heroes: July 25th Comic Reel Wrap

Watchmen, Smallville, Beowulf, Heroes: July 25th Comic Reel Wrap

Ah, Mister Dreiberg, we presume? As well we check out, frequent air miles in Kansas, falling into fables and sneaking on to the 'con floor days early, plus "Sandman" and more.


JR JR's "World War Hulk" #3 Variant Revealed

Why is this man pointing a gun at you? He's not, he's pointing it at the Hulk and we've got your first look at John Romita Jr.'s variant cover to "World War Hulk" #3.

Doing It Gerard's Way – Talking

Doing It Gerard's Way – Talking "The Umbrella Academy"

CBR News sat down with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way to discuss in-depth his upcoming Dark Horse Comics series, "The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite."

San Diego Comic-Con Preview Part II

San Diego Comic-Con Preview Part II

CBR News presents the second part of an extensive lineup of your favorite publishers and studios' Comic-Con activities this weekend in San Diego.


THE COOL AND THE DEAD: Bendis Talks "Powers" #25

With Powers about to reach its 25th Icon issue, CBR News caught up with writer Brian Michael Bendis to find out what's next for the series and discuss some special issues he has planned.

IDT Internet Mobile Group Acquires Controlling Interest in IDW Publishing

IDT Internet Mobile Group Acquires Controlling Interest in IDW Publishing

IDT Internet Mobile Group has formed Zedge Studios and acquired a controlling interest in indie comics outfit IDW Publishing.

Writer Mike Benson Gets (Moon) Knighted

Writer Mike Benson Gets (Moon) Knighted

With issue #14, a new co-writer joins regular scribe Charlie Huston in chronicling the adventures of Marvel's Moon Knight. CBR News spoke with new "Moon Knight" co-writer Mike Benson.

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due @ San Diego

REFLECTIONS #216: Tony Bedard

REFLECTIONS #216: Tony Bedard

CBR's Robert Taylor speaks with DC's latest go-to guy, writer Tony Bedard, about relaunching "Batman & The Outsiders," the new "Supergirl" arc, and how Robert may have ruined Bedard's career.

PRESS RELEASE: Tim Sale is everywhere at San Diego

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Signing Schedule

Iron Man, Jonah Hex, Legion of Super Heroes, Wanted: July 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, Jonah Hex, Legion of Super Heroes, Wanted: July 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Which helicarrier? Look for the one that says "one bad mother--" Anyhoo, in other news, the future sends in the clones, Angelina Jolie speak, plus "John Hancock" to "The Batman" and beyond.

PRESS RELEASE: Avatar SDCC: Ellis, Romero, Englund, "Stargate" Stars, and More

Avatar Press is pleased to announce a full slate of signings, panels, and special comics & merchandise at San Diego Comic-Con 2007.

PRESS RELEASE: The Image of Tomorrow Revealed This Friday!

This Friday THE IMAGE COMICS SHOW hosted by Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan will be the home of Image's biggest announcements.

PRESS RELEASE: Seth Green & Hugh Sterbakov's "Freshmen II" Collected for San Diego

Second Jam Packed Trade Debuts at Comicon in Special Fan Pack!

PRESS RELEASE: "Halo 3" Content Revealed as Part of "Halo ActionClix" Collectables

Exclusive Halo content, Star Wars and Marvel/DC Comic Heroes at WizKids' Comic-con booth #2743

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative to Wow at San Diego Comic-Con International

Booths 3848 and 3850 is going to knock your socks off at this year's San Diego Comic Con International!

PRESS RELEASE: 12 Gauge Comics Blasts into Comic-Con 2007

The stable of talent locked-and-loaded at booth #2547 includes 12 Gauge members Brian Stelfreeze, Jason Pearson, Cully Hamner, Doug Wagner and Keven Gardner---but that's just a start!

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Comic-Con 2007 Signing Schedule!

Dark Horse Comic-Con 2007 Signing Schedule!

PRESS RELEASE: "Tripwire Annual" Hits the Shelves

After months of anticipation, this year's TRIPWIRE Annual ships the week of August 6th.

PRESS RELEASE: "Pictures of You" in July Previews

Alternative Comics has Eisner nominated Damon Hurd and Tatiana Gill's new Pictures of You graphic novel solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors' July 2007 Previews for books shipping September 2007.

Radical Publishing to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con

Radical Publishing to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con

The new publisher is to present material from Jim Steranko, Yoshitaka Amano, John Bolton, Bill Sienkiewicz and Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor's WETA to name a few, and CBR News has an exclusive first look.

PRESS RELEASE: Viz Announces Creator, Gaming, Panels and Screenings for CCI 2007

Comics, Comedians and Creeps:

Comics, Comedians and Creeps: "The Goon: Noir"

Eric Powell, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Thomas Lennon team-up with some of comics' best talents to contribute to the most insane anthology of the year, Dwight T. Albatross' "The Goon: Noir."

DC to Publish

DC to Publish "World of Warcraft" Comics

DC Comics is to publish comic book series based on Blizzard Entertainment's hugely popular "World of Warcraft" video game franchise.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Comics San Diego Comic-Con 2007 Event Schedule

The mammoth Marvel booth--and its very own stage--is host to a slew of daily brain-busting events, announcements, appearances and demos.

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