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PRESS RELEASE: Dynamic Forces on QVC Monday with Superman Collectibles

Wonder Woman, Underdog, Fantastic Four 2, Zoom: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap

Wonder Woman, Underdog, Fantastic Four 2, Zoom: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap

Could Themiscira's finest come from the subcontinent? We wonder, while getting so digital with a cartoon favorite, hearing from Alicia Masters, getting back in action with Tim Allen, plus box office results from "Superman Returns," spoilers from Spidey and "Smallville" and a free download of "Blade."

Snakes on The White House Lawn: Casey talks

Snakes on The White House Lawn: Casey talks "GI Joe: America's Elite"

For over a year, the GI Joe team has frantically hunted for Cobra Commander. Their arch-enemy's hiding spot was recently revealed and it means the Joes are in dire peril. CBR News spoke with "GI Joe: America's Elite" writer Joe Casey about the book.

CBR Poll: What did you think of

CBR Poll: What did you think of "Superman Returns?"

Allright, you've had 24 hours! Plenty of time to see "Superman Returns." Well, we want to know what you thought of the film in the CBR Poll! Take the poll above and talk with other fans here in the CBR Forums.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Announces "Red Sonja" And "Army Of Darkness" Collections

PRESS RELEASE: "Johnny Repeat" Available For Pre-Order In July Previews

PRESS RELEASE: "Giant-Size Hulk" #1 Sells Out as "Planet Hulk" Continues to Roll

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "Witchblade: Bearers Of The Blade 2006"

PRESS RELEASE: Artesia RPG To Expand Line, Hires Development Editor

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Debuts New Trailer For Se7en

PRESS RELEASE: New Horror Anthology From Narwain Entitled "Fiendish Fables"

DC Previews:

DC Previews: "Mystery In Space" #1 & "Wetworks: Worldstorm" #1

DC Comics has released previews of September shipping titles "Mystery In Space" #1 and "Wetworks: Worldstorm" #1.

"Superman Returns" in IMAX 3D! Better than 2D?

Last night in Los Angeles, CBR News saw a presentation of "Superman Returns" in IMAX 3D. Was it worth it? Does it enhance or distract from Bryan Singer's film? Come inside to find out.

Smallville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Stardust: June 28th Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Stardust: June 28th Comic Reel Wrap

Lex Luthor predicts the end of Kansas' weirdest town, animated martial arts action could come to San Diego, Hugh Jackman aims for 2007, Neil Gaiman claims the same, plus news on some tiny indie flicks called "Superman Returns" and "Spider-Man 3."

In Stores Today: Previewing Richard Kelly's

In Stores Today: Previewing Richard Kelly's "Southland Tales"

Writer/director Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko") and artist Brett Weldele bring the first of three original "Southland Tales" graphic novels to comic shops today - which serve as a prequel to the upcoming film of the same name - and we've got a big ol' preview for you.

Marvel Previews for 7/19:

Marvel Previews for 7/19: "Captain America," "New X-Men" & More!

Marvel Comics has released preview images for July 19th shipping titles "Captain America" #20, "New X-Men" #28," "X-Men Fairy Tales" #3, "Marvel Westerns: Western Legends" and "Marvel Adventures The Avengers" #3.

Michael Alan Nelson Solves

Michael Alan Nelson Solves "The Enigma Cipher"

Forget "The Da Vinci Code." It's time for fans to solve a new mystery in "Enigma Cipher," shipping in August from Boom! CBR News spoke to co-writer Michael Alan Nelson about the book and what to expect.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Reveals "Wolverine Origins" #5 Covers

As if the new "Spider-Man" trailer wasn't enough for Marvel Comics fans, the company has released the new covers to "Wolverine Origins" #5, by some very popular artists.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Goes Back To Press On "Civil War" Tie-Ins!

PRESS RELEASE: Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov reunite with Top Cow Productions for "Freshmen II: Fundamentals of Fear"

PRESS RELEASE: "Civil War Daily Bugle" Special Features Exclusive J. Jonah Jameson Editorial

Dynamite Announces New

Dynamite Announces New "Lone Ranger" Art Team

The hotly anticipated "Lone Ranger" series is set to hit stores later this year, but Dynamite has remained mum when it comes to the interiors. Who is saddling up to join the adventure? Come in and find out.

PRESS RELEASE: Actionopolis Announces Two New Books

PRESS RELEASE: DDP Announces New "Forgotten Realms" And Collected Editions

PRESS RELEASE: A.C.T.O.R. Announces Awesome Heroes Con 2006 Booth Schedule

"Spider-Man 3" Trailer Debuts, We've Got Your Screen Grabs

UPDATED While "Superman Returns" may have been getting all the love in the last year, from now through May of 2007 it's going to be all Spider-Man all the time! The trailer for "Spider-Man 3" has finally hit the Web! We've got the details and loads of screen grabs featuring a Spidey sporting some new duds!

Spider-Man 3, Transformers, Smallville, Blade: June 27th Comic Reel Wrap

Spider-Man 3, Transformers, Smallville, Blade: June 27th Comic Reel Wrap

Sneak a peek at one of the villains Spidey will tussle with as well as a Robot not-so-in-Disguise. We've also got a DCU guest star in Kansas' weirdest town, a stunt-crazy Daywaker and more.

Previewing Giffen & Denton's

Previewing Giffen & Denton's "Bedlam"

CBR News has been provided a preview of the Image Comics graphic novel "Bedlam" by writers Keith Giffen & Shannon Denton and artist Matt Jacobs, which is schedule to hit stores this July.

Girl (super)Power: Brock Rizy Talks

Girl (super)Power: Brock Rizy Talks "Emily Edison"

Super powers sound fun till your parents' interdimensional marriage goes haywire and those powers don't seem so super anymore. That's just what happens in Viper Comics' "Emily Edison" and CBR News spoke to artist Brock Rizy to learn more about this original graphic novel.

From Page to Screen & Back Again: Haley talks

From Page to Screen & Back Again: Haley talks "Superman Returns" Movie Poster and Adaptation

"Superman Returns" finally hits the big screen this week, with the big screen adventures hitting comic shop shelves next week when the movie adaptation hits stands. CBR News spoke with artist Matt Haley about the adaptation and the "Superman Returns" movie poster which appeared in a recent issue of "USA Weekend."

PRESS RELEASE: "Superman Returns" Complete News Index

You've been waiting a long time for Superman to return and that day has finally come! Explore CBR's news index for complete coverage of the film.

Fast And The Furry-ious: Steve Purcell Talks

Fast And The Furry-ious: Steve Purcell Talks "Sam & Max"

Magnum and MacGuyver have nothing on Sam & Max, the furry private investigators from "Sam & Max." The classic comic is coming back in a new video game and creator Steve Purcell told CBR News all about it.

PRESS RELEASE: Harvey Nominee "Daisy Kutter" Returns To Printer

PRESS RELEASE: SHOW US YOUR "S"! Superman to Return June 28th!

PRESS RELEASE: Silent Devil Presents A New Take On The Greek Classic "Antigone"

PRESS RELEASE: Have Lunch With George Prez And Joe Quesada At Heroes Con 2006

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamic Forces Presents an Hour of Superman Collectibles

PRESS RELEASE: Active Images Signs Book Trade Distribution Deal

Fred Gallagher Showcases New Real Estate In

Fred Gallagher Showcases New Real Estate In "Megatokyo"

So you're an Otaku lost in Japan: nightmare or dream come true? In Fred Gallagher's "Megatokyo," now published by DC/CMX, the question is answered for two devoted fans of all things Japan. CBR News spoke to the creator, who revealed the origins of the series and hinted at plans for the future.

Marvel Previews:

Marvel Previews: "Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters" & "X-Men: Civil War"

It's a new week, with new Marvel previews, as we take a look at the July shipping "Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters" #1 and "X-Men: Civil War" #1.

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