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"Godland" Celestial Edition Cover and Grant Morrison Introduction

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR News shows for the very first time the wrap-around cover for the "Gdland" Celestial Edition by Joe Casey & Tom Scioli, with an excerpt from Grant Morrison's introduction.

The Batman, Heroes, Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap

The Batman, Heroes, Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap

A speedster pops up in Gotham, Hiro meets Hiro, Peter Parker speaks as does Sparky the mechanic, plus check out data on "Whiteout," "Y: The Last Man," "Wolverine" and more.


Pfeifer's "Amazons Attack" At Comic Shops Everywhere

With the release of "Amazons Attack" #1 today, CBR News and our friends at Atomic Comics talk with writer Will Pfeifer to get the inside scoop on the series, discuss recent events in "Catwoman" and have some fun along the way.

"Heroes" Video Previews - "String Theory"

Eager to see what happens when Hiro meets Future Hiro? We have video clips from next Monday's episode titled "String Theory" with a look at what Future Hiro has been up to since the destruction of NYC.

Back to the Beginning with

Back to the Beginning with "Fear Agent"

"Fear Agent" is back with a tale of the character's origins and a new publisher. CBR News caught up with Rick Remender and Tony Moore for all the details.

Talking (Spider) Sense with

Talking (Spider) Sense with "Spider-Man 3" Actor Tobey Maguire

As part of our ongoing coverage of "Spider-Man 3," CBR News interviewed actor Tobey Maguire about the highly anticipated superhero sequel and what may or may not be in his immediate future.

The Dark Knight, Mandrake, Hellboy 2, FF2: April 25th Comic Reel Wrap

The Dark Knight, Mandrake, Hellboy 2, FF2: April 25th Comic Reel Wrap

Burning down the house in old Gotham, magical news for a classic comic, The Prince speaks and Reed and Sue move into MySpace, plus more on "Spider-Man 3," "The Batman," "Heroes" and more.

"Postcards" Part 5: Tom Beland's "Time"

Jason talks with Tom Beland about his contribution to "Postcards" anthology. Beland's story, "Time," can be read in its entirety exclusively here on CBR.

PRESS RELEASE: The Sentry is Unleashed In "Mighty Avengers" #3

The biggest new series of 2007 continues in Mighty Avengers #3, as Tony Stark's new team of government-sponsored Avengers battle the all new, all female Ultron.

PRESS RELEASE: Sail Away with "A Dummy's Guide To Danger" This Fall

The critically acclaimed title returns with a trade paperback and second series

PRESS RELEASE: Scientists Discover "Kryptonite"

A new mineral, matching the chemical composition for kryptonite suggested in 'Superman Returns,' was discovered by a team of geologists in a Serbian mine, according to London's Natural History Museum.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Continues Special Sales Incentive with Third Month of "Countdown"

DC Comics' new weekly series COUNTDOWN is set to continue in July with issues #43-40, solicited in the May Previews (Volume XVII #5). As with the first two months of the series, DC continues its offer of full returnability for qualifying retailers.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Sends Sold-Out "Justice League" Issues Back to Press

With JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 Third Printing both sold out at DC Comics, these issues are being sent back to press for new printings.

PRESS RELEASE: "Criminal" Steals Two Eisner Nominations!

Marvel Comics' Icon imprint is pleased to announce Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' acclaimed series CRIMINAL has received two prestigious Eisner Award nominations, for Best Writer and Best New Series.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Congratulates Its Eisner Nominees

The 2007 Eisner Award nominees have been announced, with Marvel grabbing a whopping 11 nominations in 8 categories!

PRESS RELEASE: Orlando Con Gears Up for September

Second Annual Convention Grows from Two Days to Three and Expands Floor Space by Fifty Percent

PRESS RELEASE: Atomic Comics FCBD Lineups

tomic Comics, the Southwest's largest independent comic book retailer, will join more than 3,000 comic book retailers nationwide in celebration of the Sixth Annual "Free Comic Book Day" on Saturday, May 5.

PRESS RELEASE: "Heroes" TV Show Gets Super-Spoofed in New Comic Book Parody

Parody Press Comics has announced the upcoming release of "Hewoes #1," a comic book satire of NBC's popular superhero drama, "Heroes."

PRESS RELEASE: Florida Supercon Adds Rikki Simmons, Greg Horn, George Lowe and Dana Snyder

FLORIDA SUPERCON would like to announce the addition of four more guests for the June 22-24, 2007 show, including; Rikki Simons (Invader Zim – The voice of Gir), Greg Horn (Superstar comic book artist), George Lowe (The voice of Space Ghost) and Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force – The voice of Master Shake).

David DiGilio's

David DiGilio's "North Wind" Howls at BOOM!

ABC's "Traveler" creator David DiGilio talks to CBR News about his new post-apocalyptic epic, "North Wind," coming this June from BOOM! Studios.


PREVIEW: "Uncanny X-Men" #486

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, we've got a full color preview of the new issue of "Uncanny X-Men." Check it out!


PREVIEW: "Se7en: Lust"

Courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment, we've got a full color preview of the latest issue of "Se7en," based on the classic horror-thriller film.

Better to Reign in Hell's Kitchen: Brubaker on

Better to Reign in Hell's Kitchen: Brubaker on "Daredevil"

Daredevil is back fighting injustice on the street and in the court rooms of NYC, but that doesn't mean life is getting easier. CBR News spoke with Ed Brubaker about what's next for Matt Murdock.

"Postcards" Part 4: Matt Kindt on "The History of Marriage"

For artist Matt Kindt, working with Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner on the "Postcards" anthology is a dream come true and resulted in the most surreal moment of his 15 year comics career.


PREVIEW: "Giant Size Red Sonja" #1

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, we've got full color pages from the Red Sonja 35th anniversary book, "Giant Size Red Sonja" #1.

Transformers, The Dark Knight, Heroes, X-Men 4: April 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers, The Dark Knight, Heroes, X-Men 4: April 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Optimus Prime sits down for an interview, secrets and cash flow from Bruce Wayne to Chicago, bidding farewell to a friend on the NBC series and the "Buffy" and "Angel" man could be checking a course catalog at Xavier's, plus "Wanted," "Runoff" and much more.

Talking (Spider) Sense with

Talking (Spider) Sense with "Spider-Man 3" Director Sam Raimi

As part of our ongoing coverage of "Spider-Man 3," CBR News interviewed director Sam Raimi about the highly anticipated superhero sequel, not to mention a certain fantasy-themed prequel.

PRESS RELEASE: Revenge Is A Dish Served Bloody In "Moon Knight" #10

Moon Knight #10 continues the gripping "Midnight Son" storyline by noted novelist Charlie Huston and new artist Mico Suayan. And what would a story about revenge be without The Punisher?

PRESS RELEASE: Image Releases Jim Valentino's Complete "normalman" this July!

Image Comics proudly presents Jim Valentino's masterpiece of superhero satire – The Complete normalman!

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow And Marvel Clash in "Unholy Union!"

The latest Top Cow Productions and Marvel Comics crossover one shot is going to be a royal rumble for the ages! Unholy Union is an over-sized special featuring Top Cow's flagship characters Witchblade & The Darkness and no less than three Marvel favorites.

Sleepless in Southend: Ellis talks

Sleepless in Southend: Ellis talks "Doktor Sleepless"

Warren Ellis discusses his new Avatar series, "Doktor Sleepless," and explains how the story doesn't quite stay on the page. Come inside for all the details.

PRESS RELEASE: "Marvel Then and Now" DVD to Ship April 27

DVD Also in this month's Diamond Previews for July ship!

PRESS RELEASE: "Madman Atomic Comics" #1 Sells Out, Second Printing on the Way!

Mike Allred's MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS #1 is sold out at the distributor. Image Comics is responding with a second printing of the mind-bending first issue.

PRESS RELEASE: Two-part "The Batman" Season Finale begins Saturday, April 28 on Kids' WB!

Three-time Emmy Award winner "The Batman" offers a thrilling finale to its season – and drops illuminating hints about its future – with the action-packed, two-part episode "The Joining," airing on consecutive Saturdays, April 28 and Saturday, May 5 at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT on Kids' WB! on The CW, the No.1 rated Saturday morning kids broadcast slate.

PRESS RELEASE: Emerald City Comicon Breaks Attendance Record

Emerald City Comicon announces 08 dates and venue change.

PRESS RELEASE: Kick Off Your May With "Sidekickin"

Comedic one-shot takes a look at the sidekick role in Viper's latest comic book

"Postcards" Part 3: Robert Tinnell's "Midnight Caller"

Our look at the upcoming "Postcards" anthology continues as editor Jason Rodriguez sits down with writer Robert Tinnell to discuss his super-hero/period piece, "The Midnight Caller."

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Hiding In Time" #1 from Shadowline/Image

Time is no obstacle to an assassin's bullet!

PRESS RELEASE: School Is In For The Summer With "X-Men: First Class Special"

Put one fan-favorite writer with four critically-acclaimed artists, add in the first X-Men team and you'll get the can't miss X-Men: First Class Special arriving this May.

The Last Dare: Bendis talks

The Last Dare: Bendis talks "Daredevil: End of Days"

In the dystopian landscape of futuristic New York, Daredevil will make his final stand. We spoke with co-writer Brian Bendis about "Daredevil: End of Days" and got the first look at issue #1's Alex Maleev cover.

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