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PRESS RELEASE: UDON, CapCom announce a call for entries for "Street Fighter Tribute" art book

UDON artists and other comic, video game and freelance illustrators have been invited to interpret their favorite Street Fighter characters for inclusion in an all-new full color art book - Street Fighter Tribute.

Freaking Out: Gale talks

Freaking Out: Gale talks "Amazing Spider-Man"

Writer Bob Gale ("Back to the Future") talks to CBR News about his first storyline as part of the "Amazing Spider-Man" writing team.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Batman" features the Justice League in an hour long series finale

"The Batman" closes its fifth and final season with "The Batman: Lost Heroes" this weekend, featuring the Justice League.

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "Ms. Marvel" #25 kicks starts the series' "Secret Invasion" storyline

Iron Man has discovered the latest Skrull infiltrator and it's…Ms. Marvel? Enter the extra-sized Ms. Marvel #25, from acclaimed writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: The Illuminati, Captain Marvel) and new series artist Adriana Melo, beginning a story right on the front lines of Secret Invasion.

PRESS RELEASE: Comic Collector Live donating original "Phantom" cover art to Heroes Initiative

Comic Collector Live is donating 10% of the proceeds of each sale of the exclusive "Phantom" #21 comic book plus 30 copies of the variant to The Hero Initiative! In addition, Comic Collector Live has also committed to donating the one-of-a-kind original cover artwork drawn by Don Perlin to the non-profit organization.

Smallville, Wolverine, The Batman: March 5th Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, Wolverine, The Batman: March 5th Comic Reel Wrap

Big changes on the hit WB series, Sabretooth shows his claws, heavy metal for the animated League plus "Iron Man" and "Dragonball Z" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: NYC's MidTown Comics hosts "The Spanish Inquisition" signing event

Meet four of the best international artists working in American comic books in a rare in-store appearance at Mid-Town Comics in NYC.

PRESS RELEASE: "Heroes" soundtrack to be released mid-March

BC Universal Television, DVD, Music & Consumer Products Group is set to release the original television soundtrack album, featuring several exclusive new singles, to NBC's Emmy and Golden Globe nominated drama "Heroes" on March 18.

PRESS RELEASE: Emerald City ComiCon announces Dan Didio, Adam Baldwin appearances

Dan DiDio, Executive Editor of DC Comics, has been added to the guest list of the Emerald City ComiCon, the premier comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest.

PRESS RELEASE: The Inkwell Awards announced, honoring inkers in the comic book industry

The Inkwell Awards are an all new, exciting award set up to celebrate the often overlooked and underappreciated artistry of inking within the comic book industry.

X-POSITION: The X-Editors

X-POSITION: The X-Editors

Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe and John Barber join X-POSITION today to discuss developments across the X-Men line and preview exclusive new artwork from "Wolverine" #63 and "X-Factor" #29.


EXCLUSIVE: "Dead Space" #1 Preview

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Dead Space" #1 by Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith. On sale this week, the comic is a prequel to the upcoming EA video game.



Tom Brevoort joins CBR News to unveil The Sixes in the Skrulls' "Secret Invasion" poker deck, which features two female super spies, a walking weapon, and a national champion.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics lowers cover price for "Batman: Death Mask"

DC Comics announces that the cover price on the BATMAN: DEATH MASK miniseries has been lowered to just $2.99 per issue

PRESS RELEASE: "The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home" #1 goes on sale at midnight tonight

The best-selling, critically acclaimed comic book series, inspired by Stephen King's epic Dark Tower, returns in Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #1-available at midnight tonight (at participating stores)!

PRESS RELEASE: "Ultimates 3" #3 sells out, variant cover second printing announced

There's no stopping the hottest book of the year, as Marvel is proud to announce the fourth straight sell-out for the red-hot Ultimates 3, with Ultimates 3 #3 selling out at Diamond.

PRESS RELEASE: "Kick-Ass" #1 headed back to the presses for a second printing

"Kick-Ass" #1 has sold out at the Diamond level and Marvel has announced a second printing featuring a Variant Interior Art cover.

REFLECTIONS #235: Marc Guggenheim, Part II

REFLECTIONS #235: Marc Guggenheim, Part II

Marc Guggenheim continues his visit to REFLECTIONS with a conversation about the creation of ABC's hit new show "Eli Stone" and his new comic book series from Oni Press, "Resurrection."

PRESS RELEASE: "Star Trek Year Four" to be cowritten by Roddenberry's assistant, Trek-writer D.C. Fontana

"Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment" will be co-written by D.C. Fontana, who started her career as assistant to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and has authored some of Star Trek's most celebrated episodes.

PRESS RELEASE: 2008 Eagle Award nominations are now open

Nominations are invited for this year's Eagle Awards; you can designate your 2007 favourites in 30 different categories.

Moore Goes Beyond Tomorrow with

Moore Goes Beyond Tomorrow with "Casey Blue"

A teenage girl prepares to fight off a full-scale invasion of Earth in the upcoming "Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow" miniseries from Wildstorm and "Hawaiian Dick" writer B. Clay Moore, who spoke with CBR about the project.

PRESS RELEASE: TOKYOPOP announces multi-book deal with popular Vietnamese manga creator, Hee Jung Park

TOKYOPOP is thrilled to announce a multi-book publishing deal with Korea's hottest female manga creator, Hee Jung Park. In 2008, TOKYOPOP will release Fever (March), Hotel Africa (April), Martin and John (July) and Too Long (August).


EXCLUSIVE: "Young X-Men" #1 Variant by Brandon Peterson

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you an exclusive first look at the Brandon Peterson-illustrated variant cover of "Young X-Men" #1, on sale April 2.

More Dynamite Comics On Sale This Week

More Dynamite Comics On Sale This Week

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR brings you more advance looks at new comics on sale this week including "Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero" #6, "Savage Tales" #6 and "Army of Darkness: Long Road Home" #7.

Sava's Blue Dream Studios becomes IDW Imprint

Sava's Blue Dream Studios becomes IDW Imprint

Scott Chritian Sava's Blue Dream Studios, home to "The Dreamland Chronicles," has announced it's become an impriont of IDW Publishing.

Smallville, G.I. Joe, Spectacular Spider-Man: March 4th Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, G.I. Joe, Spectacular Spider-Man: March 4th Comic Reel Wrap

Clark's sticking around, Cobra Commander's on the rise and Peter Parker's supporting staff speak, plus "Thor," "Speed Racer" and rumors galore.

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "X-Men: Legacy" #209 features the return of Magneto

In X-Men: Legacy #209, from fan favorite writer Mike Carey and with rising star artists Scot Eaton and Billy Tan, and a cover by superstar artist David Finch, the quest for mutant survival barrels on!

Cast + Crew talk

Cast + Crew talk "Spectacular Spider-Man"

The "Spectacular Spider-Man" cartoon debuted at WonderCon, and CBR chatted one-on-one with several of the voice actors and producers to get their take on the latest Spidey animated series.

Killing Time with Kristofer Straub, Part II

Killing Time with Kristofer Straub, Part II

Web-comics creator Kristofer Straub continues his conversation with CBR News about his critically acclaimed series "Starslip Crisis" and "Checkerboard Nightmare" his work on "PvP: The Series," and more.


EXCLUSIVES: "Atom Eve" #2, "Elephantmen Art of Landrnn"

Courtesy of Image, CBR brings you exclusive previews of "Invincible Presents: Atom Eve" #2 and "Unhuman: The Elephantmen Art of Landronn," both on sale this week.

Mignola on Hellboy's Extended Universe

Mignola on Hellboy's Extended Universe

With "Hellboy II" in theatres this summer, creator Mike Mignola is busy expanding the world of his supernatural detective and co. on the comics page. CBR spoke with Mignola about "BPRD: 1946" and "Abe Sapien: The Drowning."

PRESS RELEASE: Fifth annual Stumptown Comics Fest exhibitor space sells out

The Stumptown Comics Fest is thrilled to announce that, due to tremendous demand, all exhibitor spaces are sold out!

PRESS RELEASE: CAPE! 4 announces new venue and 2008 guest list

The WORLD'S BIGGEST Free Comic Book Day Event has grown so huge, we had to move to Craddock Park a large public park in the heart of Dallas. Join us on Saturday May 3rd for CAPE! 4, the Comic and Pop-Culture Expo.

PRESS RELEASE: New Shadowline title, "Pretty, Baby, Machine," announced for May

Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly take on the most powerful mobster of the 20th century, Al Capone, in Image Comics/Shadowline's PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE, a three issue mini-series by PUNKS and BEOWOLF's Kody Chamberlain and screenwriter Clark Westerman.

PRESS RELEASE: Matt and Carol Dembicki win the Day Prize for "Mr. Big" at SPACE

Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, awarded Matt and Carol Dembicki the coveted Day Prize this past weekend. Presented at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio, the Day Prize celebrates achievements in small press.

Ivory Madison Hunts Huntress in

Ivory Madison Hunts Huntress in "Year One"

Writer, lawyer, entrepreneur and Bat-superfan Ivory Madison goes back to the scene of the crime and updates the origin of Helena Bertinelli in DC Comics' upcoming six-issue miniseries, "Huntress: Year One."

"Aqua Leung," My Friend

"Aqua Leung" is an ambitious new Image Comics graphic novel series that puts a new and often humorous spin on the legend of Atlantis, and creators Mark Smith & Paul Maybury talk to CBR about the project.

Dynamite Comics On Sale This Week

Dynamite Comics On Sale This Week

Courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment, CBR brings you advance looks at "The Boys" #16 and "Painkiller Jane" #5, both on sale this week.

PRESS RELEASE: IMPACT Books announces art contest to promote their line of photo reference books

IMPACT Books and Buddy Scalera are hosting an art contest to celebrate the upcoming release of Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women & Girls (coming May 2008).

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due teams with Malik "Wordsmyth" Yusef, Jerry Azuma to launch apparel line

Devil's Due's Josh Blaylock, Malik "Wordsmyth" Yusef and Jerry Azuma have announced the creation of Sat-Morn (short for "Saturday Morning) which brings the worlds of high end streetwear and comic pop culture together, will launch its first products this April in boutiques from New York to Tokyo and everywhere in between.

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