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PRESS RELEASE: Ticket Alert for New York Comic Con!!

SATURDAY ONLY TICKETS AT NEW YORK COMIC CON SOLD OUT ON WEBSITE. Retailers Still Have Tickets Available for All Days of Show

PRESS RELEASE: PvP The Series: Launches TODAY!

Popular Webcomic Launches Online Animated Series. Blind Ferret Entertainment and Toonhound Studios to develop and distribute PVP: The Series.

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Comic Distributors Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Diamond Celebrates 25 Years of Delivering the Fun of Comic Books, Pop Culture to the World

"Dust" Debuts from mink & Parente this Summer at Image

While best know for directing music videos with artists Snoop Dogg, Master P, Veruca Salt and Sheryl Crow, the director known as "mink" is trying his hand at comics thus summer in the Image Comics sci-fi series "Dust."

Brandvold talks Writing

Brandvold talks Writing "Bat Lash" with Aragonés & Severin

Later this year, DC Comics will return their Western hero Bat Lash to the four color world in a new mini-series written by Sergio Aragonés & Peter Brandvold and artist John Severin. CBR News spoke with Brandvold about his first comics series.

Inker Vs. Inker: Drew Geraci Interviews Bob McLeod

Inker Vs. Inker: Drew Geraci Interviews Bob McLeod

CSBG presents a fascinating insight into the extraordinary work of inking hero Bob McLeod in this interview conducted by fellow inker Drew Geraci.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "G.I. Joe: America's Elite" #20

Devil's Due has released a six page preview of "G.I. Joe: America's Elite" #20.

Here There Be Monsters: Smith talks

Here There Be Monsters: Smith talks "Shazam"

"Bone" creator Jeff Smith chats with CBR News about his first-ever non-creator-owned work, DC's prestige-format limited series "Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil."

The Hero Initiative's

The Hero Initiative's "Ultimate 100" Gallery

The Hero Initiative has provided CBR News with a massive gallery of the "Ultimate 100" - 100 custom sketches done on the blank cover of "Ultimate Spider-Man" #100. Check out art by Aragones, Bachalo, Del Toro, Gaiman, Lee, Romita, Suydam, Wieringo & many more.

Wonder Woman, 300, Transformers, Heroes: February 1st Comic Reel Wrap

Wonder Woman, 300, Transformers, Heroes: February 1st Comic Reel Wrap

Why is Joel Silver buying a World War Two-era script? Find out while getting asked outside by Frank Miller, getting let down by Megatron and picturing a hit show on NBC, plus rumors on "The Dark Knight" and news from "Smallville."

Video Previews of

Video Previews of "Heroes" 2/5 Episode - "Distractions"

NBC has released video clips from next Monday's episode of "Heroes," "Distractions." Get a first look at what's happening with Claude, Niki, Isaac, Claire and everyone's favorite bad guy, Sylar.

PRESS RELEASE: Sold-Out "Necromancer" Series Collected In Trade Format

Collection Shows New and Existing Fans "The Way"!

PRESS RELEASE: "Lions, Tigers and Bears" Wins Angouleme Youth Award

All-Ages Adventure Brings Top Honors in Europe's Largest Comic Festival.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Gets Set For New York Comic Con

On February 23, members of the DC Comics staff and freelance community will join forces for the 2007 New York Comic Con. DC has released a complete list of attendees and scheduled events.

PRESS RELEASE: "Justice Society of America" #2 Goes Back To Press For New Printing

After a quick sellout at DC Comics, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #2 is going back to press for a second printing.

PRESS RELEASE: Silent Devil's Family Changes and Grows

Silent Devil Announces New Company Officers.

PRESS RELEASE: Dragon's Lair #2: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

"Dragon's Lair" #2 in stores now.

PRESS RELEASE: Vaughan And Ellis Are Top Ten With Librarians

The Youth Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has released their Best of 2007 lists and Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. and Runaways were both named among the 2007 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

PRESS RELEASE: All-New Will Eisner Web Site is Live

The all-new official home page for artist Will Eisner and Will Eisner Studios, Inc. has launched.

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Welcomes Animation Veterans Ricky Lacy and Eric Wight

Cartoonists to Appear at NYC Store to coincide with new releases.

PRESS RELEASE: WonderCon Seeks Volunteers, Offers Sideshow Collectible Givaways

WonderCon, Northern California¹s largest comic book and pop culture convention has announced special giveaways, sponsored by Sideshow Collectibles, to those who volunteer for all three days.


Blade Faces His Father For The First Time in "Blade" #6

PRESS RELEASE: "Tony Loco" Returns with Free Issue #1

This February, several hundred comic book stores will receive free copies of Tony Loco #1 so they can experience this fresh story and recommend it to their customers.

STUDIO TOURS: Top Cow Studios

STUDIO TOURS: Top Cow Studios

CBR's weekly Studio Tours takes you inside Top Cow's Los Angeles facility, with exclusive looks at the workspaces of some of Top Cow's best artists -- including Marc Silvestri himself.


Analyzing "Watchmen" with Peter Sanderson

Comics historian Peter Sanderson gave the second part of his lecture on "Watchmen" at MoCCA in NYC and we've got a full report of this indepth analysis of one of comics greatest stories.

Talking with Peter Kuper at Angouleme

Talking with Peter Kuper at Angouleme

During the Angouleme Comics Festival, Shaun Manning caught up with writer/artist Peter Kuper to talk "Spy vs. Spy," "Theo and the Blue Note," "Stop Forgetting To Remember" and more.

An Elephant Never Forgets: Talking

An Elephant Never Forgets: Talking "Elephantmen" with Kelly & Bachalo

Five years ago, Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo promised Richard Starkings they'd do an issue of "Elephantmen" as payment for a favor Starkings provided the duo. CBR News spoke with Kelly and Bachalo about issue #7 to get the full story.

Watchmen, Whiteout, Stardust, Heroes: January 31st Comic Reel Wrap

Watchmen, Whiteout, Stardust, Heroes: January 31st Comic Reel Wrap

The superhero masterpiece is slowly grinding its way towards reality, Greg Rucka finds some direction, Neil Gaiman gives up the goods and Tim Kring speaks, plus data about "The Dark Knight," "Underdog," "Spider-Man 3" and more.

End of Daze: Hine Talks

End of Daze: Hine Talks "Spawn"

If you're not reading "Spawn," you might want to start. Writer David Hine is about to take the character in a new direction featuring darker, more cinematic style horror stories and he told CBR News all about his plans.

Marvel This Week:

Marvel This Week: "X-Men" #195 & "Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham" #1

Marvel has provided CBR with a look at two titles shipping tomorrow - "X-Men" #195 and "Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham" #1.

Hooked On Painkillers: Palmiotti Talks

Hooked On Painkillers: Palmiotti Talks "Painkiller Jane"

With a new SciFi TV series on the way, Dynamite Entertainment reunites Painkiller Jane creators Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti and Lee Moder for a $0.25 issue #0. Palmiotti gave CBR a free dose of things to come.

Animated Hell Raiser: Lacy talks

Animated Hell Raiser: Lacy talks "Hellboy Animated: The Black Wedding"

This Wednesday, the animated Hellboy will return to his four color roots as Dark Horse releases the OGN "Hellboy Animated: The Black Wedding." CBR News spoke with artist Rick Lacy about the book.

CBR Interviews KISS

CBR Interviews KISS

CBR News spoke this afternoon with KISS legends Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley, as well as Platinum Studios' Scott Rosenberg, about the new KISS Comics Group and their debut title, "KISS 4K."

Take A Look at

Take A Look at "Wasteland" #6

Writer Antony Johnston and Oni Press have provided CBR News with five pages from the "Wasteland" #6, on sale Wednesday, January 31st.

A Look At The Angouleme International Comics Festival

A Look At The Angouleme International Comics Festival

Shaun Manning made his way to France for his first Angouleme Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, or better known around these parts as the Angouleme International Comics Festival, and filed this report.


PREVIEW: "InfiniTeens" #2

CBR News has obtained a five page preview of issue #2 of Moonstone Books' "InfiniTeens," a superhero saga about the end of the world.

KISS Comics Group Launches With Platinum Studios

KISS Comics Group Launches With Platinum Studios

Platinum Studios and rock icons KISS have joined to create "KISS 4K," the first KISS comics project to be produced by the band themselves. Issue #1 will be released as a hugely over-sized variant priced at $50.

Heroes, Hellboy, TMNT, Madman: January 30th Comic Reel Wrap

Heroes, Hellboy, TMNT, Madman: January 30th Comic Reel Wrap

Tons of scoop on Hiro and the gang, plus extra stuff about Professor Broom's baby boy, finishing up in the sewers, going crazy with Michael Allred plus scoop on "Ghost Rider" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Civil War Funeral in "Punisher War Journal" #4

Marvel Comics has released preview images from "Punisher War Journal" #4

PRESS RELEASE: By Popular Demand, "More Spider-Man Family" Art!

By Popular Demand, More Spider-Man Family #1 Art, Including Sneak Peaks At The Full-Length Black Costume Story and a Black Cat/Hellcat Team-Up Story!

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