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Those Whom the Godslayer Would Destroy: Holguin Talks

Those Whom the Godslayer Would Destroy: Holguin Talks "Spawn: Godslayer"

This May, The Divine better start hiding because the Godslayer is back hunting for them in a new ongoing monthly series. CBR News spoke with "Spawn: Godslayer" writer Brian Holguin about the series.

"Hack" Writer: Seeley talks "Hack/Slash" Ongoing

Slashers beware! Cassie Hack and Vlad's hunt for you intensifies when "Hack/Slash" the ongoing series launches in May. In part one of a two part feature, CBR News spoke with "Hack/Slash" writer/creator Tim Seeley.

Not A Hoax: Talking

Not A Hoax: Talking "Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch"

One of the greatest legends (or hoaxes) of all time gets the comics treatment this April in "Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch," an anthology featuring stories about the hairy bipedal creature by a wide variety of indy talent.

Smallville, 300, Heroes: The Comic Reel Wrap for February 8th

Smallville, 300, Heroes: The Comic Reel Wrap for February 8th

A slow news day gives us the wise words of Al Gough and Mister Sulu, while we cast our eyes back to ancient Sparta once more.

"Dark Tower" Midnight Opening at Earth 2

"Stephen King's The Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born" #1 was released at midnight on Wednesday at retailers around the country. CBR News traveled to Earth 2 to check out one of Marvel's special events.

PRESS RELEASE: Finalists for American Anime Awards Announced by NYCC

STUDIO TOURS: Writer/Artist David Lloyd

STUDIO TOURS: Writer/Artist David Lloyd

This week, writer/artist David Llloyd invites CBR News into his Brighton based home to show us the studio where he crafted books like "V For Vendetta" and "Kickback."

Long Live The King! Evanier To Write Kirby Biography

Long Live The King! Evanier To Write Kirby Biography

Comics historian and author Mark Evanier announced today on his blog that he's finalized plans for a long discussed Jack Kirby biography and has a publisher. Come in and find out all the details.

"300" Video Journal- Gerard Butler

CBR's in depth coverage of "300" continues, as Warner Bros has provided us with a video journal from the film's star Gerard Butler. That's not all! We've got a huge gallery of new art from the film as well, so check it out!

Japanese American Splendor: Takei talks

Japanese American Splendor: Takei talks "Heroes"

With actor George Takei taking to the small screen in "Heroes" as the father of Hiro Nakamura, we spoke with the actor who on a wide range of topics from "Heroes," the Sulu legacy, his formative years in Japanese American internment camps and more.

Examining Gaiman's

Examining Gaiman's "Violent Cases" with Peter Sanderson

Peter Sanderson brought to a close his lecture series on '80s comics at MoCCA by taking a hard look at the ground breaking graphic novel "Violent Cases" by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.

Preview: Eduardo Risso's

Preview: Eduardo Risso's "Borderline"

Arriving in stores today from Dynamite Entertainment is the first volume of "Borderline," by acclaimed artist Eduardo Risso and we've got a preview.

FANHUNTER: Fans & Pros Fight To Save

FANHUNTER: Fans & Pros Fight To Save "Manhunter"

Fans discuss their campaign to save Marc Andreyko's "Manhunter" from extinction, while writers Brian Bendis and Greg Rucka laud both Andreyko and book, and discuss what it takes to keep a little book alive.

Transformers, Heroes, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers, Heroes, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: February 7th Comic Reel Wrap

The Decepticons are on the move, there's surprises aplenty on NBC Monday nights, guest stars speak from the CW, we've got fresh footage of ol' Web Head plus scoop on "300," "Ghost Rider," "The Dark Knight" and more.


DC PREVIEWS: "Amazons Attack," "Batman," "JSA" and More

CBR News has obtained some advance looks at some of DC's most eagerly awaited April releases, including new issues of "Justice League of America," "Tales of the Unexpected," and "Amazons Attack."

PRESS RELEASE: Civil War Disaster: Clone Thor Attacks in "Black Panther" #25

Marvel Comics has released preview images from "Black Panther" #25.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Offers Consignment on Frank Miller Titles

With the Warner Bros. motion picture 300 set to reach theaters on March 9, DC Comics offers retailers titles by legendary writer/artist Frank Miller, creator of the graphic novel 300, on consignment

CSBG @ CBR: Mike Norton -

CSBG @ CBR: Mike Norton - "Seven People I Hate"

Artist Mike Norton gets his hate on, listing the industry friends he's made over the years and "hating" on them for how talented and successful they are. It's a real lovefest today over at Comics Should Be Good!

PRESS RELEASE: New "Phantom" Issues to Contribute to Aid in African Crisis

YOU can MAKE A DIFFERENCE with your comic purchase! Help make the world a better place with this special Phantom story!

PRESS RELEASE: Talbot tells it like it is in "The Naked Artist"

EISNER AWARD WINNER Bryan Talbot brings you the anecdotes, funny, shocking and downright weird, told about your favorite comic writers and artists, from Simon Bisley to Neil Gaiman, from Grant Morrison to Jeff Smith!


Top Cow Productions has released a color preview of "Freshmen II" #3.


DYNAMITE PREVIEW: RED SONJA #19. Red Sonja Celebrates 35 Years in Comic Books!

PRESS RELEASE: The First Annual Hero Initiative Megacon Bowl-A-Thon


"300" – One-On-One with Gerard Butler

During CBR's visit to the set of the film "300" in January of 2006, Jonah Weiland sat down with star Gerard Butler for a one-on-one interview about the film, playing King Leonidas and the many injuries he endured during the production.

Fantastic Five: Parker talks

Fantastic Five: Parker talks "Spider-Man/Fantastic Four"

This April, old school "Mighty Marvel Manner" style action abounds in the pages of the four-issue mini-series "Spider-Man/Fantastic Four." CBR News spoke with writer Jeff Parker about the series.

Behind The Eclipse:

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Fourteen

Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite are back with answers to your questions about "Heroes." They had to take a day as they were busy working on the show, but they're back with some clues on what's next!

"Civil War" #7 Sent To Printers - It's Over

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort announces this morning "Civil War's" completion and shipment to the printers. Brevroot also offered fans a sneak peak at the series' final panel.

Iron Man, Sandman, Hellboy, Heroes: February 6th Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, Sandman, Hellboy, Heroes: February 6th Comic Reel Wrap

Who's that mentoring your Tony Stark? Is it the Dude? Find out, while discovering what director is interested in Neil Gaiman's work, getting animated with the BPRD, having a "Marvel"-ous time on NBC and much more.

Dark Horse Solicitations for May, 2007

Dark Horse Solicitations for May, 2007

Dark Horse has provided CBR News with images and solicitation info for comics and products shipping in May, 2007.

"Heroes" Pics from Ep. 16, "Unexpected" - Stan Lee Guests!

NBC has released photos from the 2/19 episode of "Heroes," "Unexpected," which features a cameo from comics legend Stan "The Man" Lee!

"300: March To Glory" -- Frank Miller's World in a Video Game

Have you ever wanted to hop into a Frank Miller comic? Fans will get their chance thanks to the game "300: March To Glory." We spoke with the game's producer, Jeff Nachbaur, and have exclusive videos and production sketches.


The "Ultimate 100" Saturday Night in Los Angeles

The Hero Initiative's "Ultimate 100" road show began in Los Angeles Saturday night at the Secret Headquarters. CBR News was on hand for the auction and festivities, with plenty of photos of the event.

PRESS RELEASE: Devil's Due Reveals "Hack/Slash Vs. Chucky"

Lethal trash talk MySpace Contest Announced.

PRESS RELEASE: "Red Sonja" Begins The "Long Way Back Home"

ssue #22 Continues from Oeming and Homs!

Marvel Announces Variant Covers For

Marvel Announces Variant Covers For "Dark Tower"

Each issue of "Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born" will feature a sketch cover, as chosen by Jae Lee, and an all-new variant cover by one of the top artists in the industry.

PRESS RELEASE: Silent Devil Announces New York Comic Con plans

Silent Devil Takes Manhattan!

PRESS RELEASE: Diamond Book Distributors Welcomes New Sales Manager

Diamond Book Distributors Welcomes New Sales Manager. Continues Commitment to Excellence by Hiring Experienced Book Market Professionals.

PRESS RELEASE: Eagle Awards Website Open for Nominations

NOMINATIONS are invited for this year's Eagle Awards, which have moved into the 21st century with a online voting system.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Entertainment Announces "Dyno Force"

Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment has announced that the first comic in its new Gold line, Dyno Force #0, will be a Free Comic Book Day release.

A Hell of a Cartoon: Stones Talks

A Hell of a Cartoon: Stones Talks "Hellboy Animated" films

With the first "Hellboy" animated film hitting DVD this week CBR News caught up with the Supervising Producer, Director, and Co-Writer of the film, Tad Stones, for a chat about "Sword of Storms" and the next Hellboy animated feature "Blood and Iron."

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