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PRESS RELEASE: LINK: CNN - Jesus Christ Superman?

Transformers, Spider-Man 3, Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers, Spider-Man 3, Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans: June 14th Comic Reel Wrap

More mechanized madness with the kids from Cybertron, while Peter Parker hangs out, Wesley Crusher gets magnetic and more in today's news summary.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope & Circuit City Offer Exclusive "Final Destination" Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Orlando Con Web Site Goes Live

Marvel Previews:

Marvel Previews: "Uncanny X-Men," "Beyond," "Marvel Westerns" & "Incredible Hulk"

UPDATED Marvel Comics has released previews of four July shipping titles, "Uncanny X-Men" #475, "Beyond" #1, "Incredible Hulk" #96 and "Marvel Westerns: Kid Colt And the Arizona Girl."

PRESS RELEASE: Eduardo Risso's "Borderline" Will Finally Be Collected!

PRESS RELEASE: Markosia Brings "The Templar Chronicles" To Comic Book Fans!

PRESS RELEASE: Sprinfield Student Wins Visit from Spider-Man

PRESS RELEASE: Ian Churchill (flip) covers Image's "Elephantmen!"

PRESS RELEASE: 2006 Lulu Awards Nominees Announced

PRESS RELEASE: Sculptor Ray Villafane Signs Exclusive Contract With DC Direct

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Slates A New Story For "JLA Classified" #26

Get Your Mad On: Matt Wagner talks

Get Your Mad On: Matt Wagner talks "Batman and the Mad Monk"

This August, Matt Wagner revisits the Dark Knight's early years in the new mini-series "Batman and the Mad Monk." We spoke with Wagner at length about the series, as well as his plans for the 25th anniversary of Grendel in 2007.

A New Caliber Of Samurai: Gary Reed Talks

A New Caliber Of Samurai: Gary Reed Talks "Spirit Of The Samurai"

Sure, ninjas get all the love, but you can't count out the samurai, not when writer Gary Reed is at the helm. Reed told CBR News about his new illustrated novel from Actionopolis, plus discussed his time running Caliber and more.

Ghost Rider, Superman Returns: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 13th

Ghost Rider, Superman Returns: The Comic Reel Wrap for June 13th

The news barely shows up to work, with a closer look at the devil in the details, a game show for Clark, Lex and Lois and more in today's look at links, legends and lies.

PRESS RELEASE: Dwight T. Albatross takes over "The Goon!"

PRESS RELEASE: New Zombie Variant on "Ultimate FF" #31 and "UFF" #30 Has Sold Out!

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Releases Halo Graphic Novel Preview Digital Comic

PRESS RELEASE: Team Zoom Offers Free Downloads in Lieu of 2nd Printing

PRESS RELEASE: The Floodgates are Launches Blogs

PRESS RELEASE: The Oni Press Talent Search at the 2006 Comic-Con International

PRESS RELEASE: Markosia Creators Invade Midtown Comics!

PRESS RELEASE: Will Eisner Honored in "Spirited" Interviews

"Agents of Atlas" Agent Profile: Woo, Jimmy Woo

In our continuing feature on "Agents of Atlas", CBR News gets some hard Intel from writer Jeff Parker for the agent profile: Jimmy Woo. Plus, we have news about our expanded coverage of "Agents of Atlas" as well as new interiors from issues #1 & #2.

Scott McCloud gets back to basics with

Scott McCloud gets back to basics with "Making Comics"

Thus far he's helped you understand and reinvent comics, but this September Scott McCloud's going to help you make comics. Coming from Harper Collins this September is McCloud's latest work, "Making Comics." We caught up with McCloud to get the latest.

Legendary Artist Tim Hildebrandt Has Passed Away

Legendary Artist Tim Hildebrandt Has Passed Away

Fantasy/Comic Book artist legend Tim Hildebrandt passed away earlier today, according to a statement released by the creator's brother. CBR News has also learned how fans may express their condolences to the family and share their love for Tim's art.

Signing new Talent: Richie Talks

Signing new Talent: Richie Talks "Talent" Film Deal

Only one issue of Boom! Studios "Talent" has hit stands, but the mini- series has caught the eye of Hollywood. CBR News spoke with Boom! publisher Ross Richie about the recently signed deal that will bring "Talent" to the silver screen.

Superman Returns, Fantastic Four 2, Transformers, Heroes: June 12th Comic Reel Wrap

Superman Returns, Fantastic Four 2, Transformers, Heroes: June 12th Comic Reel Wrap

The early word is coming in for Kal-El's big screen adventure, while Mr. Fantastic spills the beans, Anthony Anderson hangs out with giant robots, Agent Weiss gets super powers and much more.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with the

REFLECTIONS: Talking with the "Union Jack" Crew of Gage & Perkins

Robert Taylor checks in with his last Reflections on CBR for two months by chatting with the creators behind the upcoming "Union Jack," Christos Gage & Mike Perkins.

The 52 Steps: Week Five

The 52 Steps: Week Five

It's week five of DC's weekly "52" comic and Justin checks in with the latest from the series. What's he guessed right thus far? Plus some thoughts on the future direction of the series.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Kevin Spacey

We bring to a close our coverage of Friday's "Superman Returns" Junket with actor Kevin Spacey, who discusses playing Luthor, what attracted him to this role and you'll also get a chance to hear Spacey tell the hillarious story of how he tormented Brandon Routh on the set.

"Superman Returns" Mini-Review
Kate Bosworth | Brandon Routh
DC President/Publisher Paul Levitz
Sam Huntington | Parker Posey
Director Bryan Singer
Writers Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Screenwriters Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris

Here's your chance to hear how the story in "Superman Returns" began and the many pressures Screenwriters Dougherty & Harris felt while working to bring comics' greatest icon back to the Silver Screen.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Parker Posey

In the film "Superman Returns," actress Parker Posey plays Kitty Koslowski, Lex Luthors girlfriend. During the junket Friday, Parker discusses how she came to be involved with "Superman Returns," her characters relationship with Lex Luthor and more.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Director Bryan Singer.

We continue our "Superman Returns" coverage with Director Bryan Singer, who discusses the exhausting challenge of making the film, on casting Routh as Superman and whether he'll be back for a sequel.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Sam Huntington

We continue our coverage of "Superman Returns" by talking with actor Sam Huntington who plays Jimmy Olsen. San talks about the role, on working with original Jimmy, Jack Larson, and what happened when he saw Routh in the super-suit for the first time.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - DC President Paul Levitz

The reports from the "Superman Returns" junket continue. We spoke with DC Comics President Paul Levitz, who updated their slate of upcoming productions and spoke to the challenges of adapting super hero comics for film and TV.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Brandon Routh

We continue our reports from the "Superman Returns" press junket. Next up is actor Brandon Routh, who discussed the challenges of playing Clark Kent/Superman and what he learned as an actor from this production and in working with Bryan Singer.

"Superman Returns" Spoiler Free Mini-Review

CBR News was in the audience Thursday night and amongst the first to see the upcoming feature film "Superman Returns." What's the verdict? Read on for a spoiler-free review.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Kate Bosworth

Friday afternoon in Los Angeles, the cast of "Superman Returns" assembled for interviews with the press. CBR News now presents the first in our series with actress Kate Bosworth, who plays Lois Lane in the film.

Following in the Footsteps: Romita Talks

Following in the Footsteps: Romita Talks "Eternals"

Today, CBR News continues its cosmic powered spotlight on Marvel Comics "Eternals" with an interview with the man bringing Neil Gaiman's scripts to life, series artist John Romita Jr. Plus, we've got three pages of new art from "Eternals" #1.

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