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PREVIEW: "Green Lantern" #20

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR News has a preview of "Green Lantern" #20, the conclusion to the exciting "Mystery of the Star Sapphire" storyline.

Marvel Previews

Marvel Previews "Annihilation: Conquest Prologue" Exclusively on MySpace

Marvel Comics has teamed up with MySpace Comic Books to launch the Annihilation event into orbit with an exclusive preview of "Annihilation: Conquest Prologue."

PRESS RELEASE: The Cybernetic Summer Heats Up with Dynamite's "Terminator 2"

Dynamite Continues Terminator: Infinity Series in July

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Deluxe Announces Glenn Barr Designer Vinyl Figure

Hell's Proprietor to Be Presented in Two Versions: Brown and Blue.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Announces Exclusive Line of "Elfquest" Busts!

One of the most successful and best-loved fantasy comics series comes to life in three new striking busts from Dark Horse!

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel-Ous Summer Signed Books from Dynamic Forces

Exclusive Signings Featuring Your Favorite "Marvel's" from Dynamic Forces!

PRESS RELEASE: Septagon Studios Releases "Scorn" Trailer

Trailer previews upcoming four-issue series from Septagon Studios!

The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Transformers, AVP2: May 29th Comic Reel Wrap

The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Transformers, AVP2: May 29th Comic Reel Wrap

Those goons work for Mister J, doncha know? Plus we discuss who Tony Stark faces off against, take lots of looks at Robots in Disguise, discuss fighting in sewers, plus "X-Men" sequel spinoff talk, how tall the Hulk will be and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: David Mack Covers "Witchblade Takeru Manga"

Superstar Painter Provides Cover Images for Issue #5-7!

PRESS RELEASE: Matt Groening Speaks Exclusively to Tripwire

This Summer's TRIPWIRE Annual will contain an extra ingredient: an exclusive interview with Simpsons and Futurama head honcho Matt Groening which will be part of the 10 page look at The Simpsons on the comic page and on TV and the big screen.

PRESS RELEASE: Brian Reed Joins Michael Avon Oeming as "Red Sonja" Co-Writer

Landmark 25th Issue Features Covers by THE Art Adams and Ariel Olivetti!

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Press Calls Forth the Thunder in "Black Metal!"

Rising from the pits of Hades this August, BLACK METAL is a full-length graphic novel by the newest masters of mayhem, Rick Spears (Teenagers From Mars, Pirates of Coney Island, Dead West) and Chuck B.B.

PRESS RELEASE: Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson to Appear at Jim Hanley's Universe

JIM HANLEY'S UNIVERSE WELCOMES THE BOYS BACK TO TOWN - Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson to appear in support of new series

REFLECTIONS: Talking with

REFLECTIONS: Talking with "The 4400's" Chad Faust

Robert sits down for a chat with one of the stars of "The 4400," Chad Faust, who's also appearing in Rosario Dawson's upcoming film, "Descent." They discuss what's to come in the new season of "The 4400" and much more.


PREVIEW: "Dark Xena" #2

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with a preview of the Thursday, May 31st shipping title "Dark Xena" #2 by writer John Layman and artist Noah Salonga.


T-Minus: "Countdown" #49

Jimmy stretches his way out of a sticky situation, Trickster and Piper are up to no good and Mary Marvel visits the lovely town of Gotham. Justin and Brian have all the details and speculation in this week's T-MINUS!

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Drawing From Life," "Invincible," "Superpatriot" & More!

Image Comics has provided CBR News with previews of Wednesday May 30th shipping books "Drawing from Life," "Invincible" #42, "Negative Burn" #11, "Spawn: Godslayer" #1 and "Superpatriot: War on Terror" #4.

Jason Aaron Does the Casino Boogie in

Jason Aaron Does the Casino Boogie in "Scalped"

Eisner nominated writer Jason Aaron talks to CBR News about his Vertigo Native American crime drama, "Scalped," and its intense new storyline, "Casino Boogie."

PRESS RELEASE: The Last Iron Fist Story Concludes In "Iron Fist" #6

June's Immortal Iron Fist #6 concludes the critically acclaimed "The Last Iron Fist Story," written by rising star Matt Fraction and Eisner-nominated Ed Brubaker, featuring the powerful art of David Aja and Russ Heath, and this issue will leave you reeling!

Jerwa Backtracks Battlestar in

Jerwa Backtracks Battlestar in "Season Zero"

In a prequel to the hit SciFi television series, writer Brandon Jerwa sets out to tell the story of the last Battlestar Galactica -- before it became the last Battlestar.

Give Me The Black Coat

Give Me The Black Coat "...or give me death"

Indie hit the Black Coat returns in a new mini-series, "The Black Coat: ' ...or give me death.'" CBR News spoke with writer Ben Lichius about the new adventures of his cult character.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #104

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #104

TV's Lobo: Too Hot for Toys? Purple Kryptonite: "Fact" or Fiction? And did DC Comics make a move to buy Diamond Distributors? The answers may shock you this week in CBULR!


PREVIEWS: "X-Men" #200 & "X-Men: Endangered Species" One-Shot

Marvel Comics has given CBR News an exclusive first-look at two of their biggest mutant events in years, "X-Men" #200, including a first look at Humbert Ramos' cover, and "X-Men: Endangered Species" One-Shot, both out in June.

Iron Man, Heroes, FF2, The Spirit: May 25th Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, Heroes, FF2, The Spirit: May 25th Comic Reel Wrap

Director Jon Favreau has fans chasing him for every tidbit, Tim Kring tells all, as does screenwriter Don Payne and Frank Miller goes to Cannes, plus Robots in Disguise to finish off your week.

"Heroes" Post Game Report with Tim Kring, Part Two

In part two of CBR's extended post-game report with "Heroes" creator Tim Kring we discuss the possibilities of "Heroes: Origins," the effect illegal downloads have had on the show, the reality of a writers strike and much more.

Image Comics Solicitations for August, 2007

Image Comics Solicitations for August, 2007

Image Comics has provided CBR News with solicitation information and images for comics and product shipping in August, 2007.

Fallen Odinson: JMS talks

Fallen Odinson: JMS talks "Thor"

At long last, Thor returns from Ragnarok, helmed by writer Joe Michael Staczynski. JMS spoke with CBR News about the Thunder God's return and the rebuilding of Asgard.

Don Payne on Writing

Don Payne on Writing "Fantastic Four 2"

CBR News and Comics2Film present an interview with "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" screenwriter Don Payne in which he discusses bringing the Surfer to the silver screen.

Science of the Unscientific with Jim Ottaviani

Science of the Unscientific with Jim Ottaviani

Writer Jim Ottaviani talks to CBR News about his two new graphic novels, "Levitation," a story about the science of magic; and "Wire Mothers," a story about the science of love.

Iron Man, He-Man, Heroes, Transformers: May 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Iron Man, He-Man, Heroes, Transformers: May 24th Comic Reel Wrap

Tony Stark's all over the place today, Joel Silver feels the Power of Grayskull, Tim Kring speaks his piece and giant robots are spotted in Taiwan, plus scoop on "Smallville" in the week's penultimate look at links, legends and lies.

"Heroes" Post-Game Report with Tim Kring, Part One

The first season of "Heroes" is now complete and CBR's Jonah Weiland sat down with series creator Tim Kring for the first of an in-depth two-part interview discussing the many ins and outs of the hit series.

PRESS RELEASE: Virgin Comics & Studio 18 Partner to Launch "Teen Horror" Genre in India

Partnership intends to produce films

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline Heads for the Dark Side with "In Her Darkest Hour"

Written and illustrated by 21-year-old Brazillian newcomer Fernanda Chiella, IN HER DARKEST HOUR stakes a claim on the emotional landscape of loneliness and doubt that everyone has wrestled with at their lowest ebb.

PRESS RELEASE: CAPE Raises $3,000 for Child's Play

"Once again, CAPE was the best event I attended all year, run by the best comics store I've ever seen. I'm telling all my friends in the industry to attend next year's CAPE show!" - Tony Bedard

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Looks Ahead to October 07 Collected Editions

DC Comics offers a first look at new collected editions for Fall 2007 starting with these titles scheduled to arrive in stores in October.

Joining the Green Party: Romita Talks

Joining the Green Party: Romita Talks "World War Hulk"

This June, the Hulk returns to earth and John Romita, Jr. returns to penciling the Green Goliath in "World War Hulk." CBR News spoke with Romita about the book.

PRESS RELEASE: Nova Vs The Thunderbolts In "Nova" #3!

in Nova #3, a tie-in to the mega popular The Initiative storyline, Richard Rider must confront a larger issue-the government sponsored Thunderbolts, a collection of some of the world's most dangerous villains…including Nova's former teammate Speedball (now known as Penance)!

PRESS RELEASE: This summer is cloaked in "SORROW!" from Image Comics

This August, Image Comics and Rick Remender bring horror fans a modern take on the classic ghost story in SORROW. This four issue mini-series masterfully blends all the terror of The Exorcist with the eerie psychosis of David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

PRESS RELEASE: CBLDF Hosts "Strangers in Paradise" Wrap Party with Exclusives

Today the Fund is proud to announce that all attendees will receive a full color 11 x 17 commemorative print signed by Terry Moore.

PRESS RELEASE: The Silver Surfer Cometh This Summer in Marvel TPB's and Comics

Starting this Wednesday, get prepared to experience the past, present and future of the Silver Surfer as Marvel celebrates one of the most unique heroes to ever grace the pages of a comic book.

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