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PRESS RELEASE: Wizard World LA News Index

WWLA: DC Nation with Dan DiDio & Co.

WWLA: DC Nation with Dan DiDio & Co.

Bill Willingham, Jimmy Palmiotti and DC Director of Sales Bob Wayne joined DiDio on stage Friday for a no holds barred battle of wits with DC's loyal Los Angeles fans.

WWLA: Aspen Comics Panel

WWLA: Aspen Comics Panel

A group that clearly enjoys working together, the banter-heavy staff of Aspen Comics talked about new projects and showed off more of the signature artwork that's made them such a name in the industry.

WWLA: Marvel Comics'

WWLA: Marvel Comics' "Mondo Marvel" Panel Report

Marvel Comics held their first panel today, focusing on a slew of new projects and their big "World War Hulk" event. We've got all the details.

WWLA: Simons talks

WWLA: Simons talks "Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock"

The death of his father was one of the defining moments in the life of Daredevil. This July, readers will find out about his dad in "Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock." We spoke with editor Warren Simons about the mini-series.

WWLA: Top Cow Panel

WWLA: Top Cow Panel

Top Cow Vice President of Marketing and Sales Filip Sablik and some of the imprint's stable of creators present upcoming plans for several of their familiar characters and preview a trailer for a brand new project.

PRESS RELEASE: Virgin Comics Launches "Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper

WWLA: Schmidt talks

WWLA: Schmidt talks "Avengers Classic"

This June, Marvel Comics will give fans something old, something new, and something red, white and blue with release of "Avengers Classic" #1. We spoke with Editor Andy Schmidt about the series.

PRESS RELEASE: "XIII Vol.1: The Day of the Black Sun" Scores With American Readers

Stan Lee Inc vs Marvel? Read On True Believer...

Stan Lee Inc vs Marvel? Read On True Believer...

Marvel Comics has refuted claims in a lawsuit filed by Stan Lee Media Inc, who have also found their claims in dispute by Stan Lee himself. Confused? Read on.

PRESS RELEASE: "Mighty Avengers #1" Sells Outs

Loeb talks

Loeb talks "Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America"

Following the death of Captain America, the Marvel U is mourning the loss of one of their greatest heroes. Jeph Loeb will examine that grief in the upcoming "Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America."

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #94

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #94

Those crazy guys at CSBG are back with more truth than even Colbert could handle! Was Cap supposed to die before? Does Jonah Hex look like someone you know? All that and more-- just click on the link.

Spider-Man 4, Heroes, TMNT, Transformers: March 16th Comic Reel Wrap

Spider-Man 4, Heroes, TMNT, Transformers: March 16th Comic Reel Wrap

Mary Jane says, "Not without my Raimi!" Also a look at the next ep of the NBC series, new videos from the sewers, new photos of Robots in Disguise, plus Jim Rhodes, Victor Von Doom, Hellboy, and more.


Preview: "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Volume 4

It's almost Stanley Cup season and the kids in "Degrassi" are in the mood. We've got an exclusive preview of "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Volume 4, so check it out!

"Okko" - Japanese-Style Demon Hunting By Way of France

Need a ghost and demon hunter? Who you gonna call? How about Archaia's "Okko?" We spoke with French creator Hub about this uniquely told and designed series.

Downloading the Cow: Hawkins talks Downloadable Comics

Downloading the Cow: Hawkins talks Downloadable Comics

Top Cow President Matt Hawkins sat down with CBR News to discuss the studio's plans for downloadable comics version of books like "Witchblade" & "The Darkness."

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "The Walking Dead," "Godland" and More

"The Walking Dead" #36 and "After The Cape" #1 are just some of the Image Comics previews we've got for you today. Check out the new issues of "Girls" and "Gødland" too!

Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer, Whiteout, Transformers: March 15th Comic Reel Wrap

Spider-Man 3, Speed Racer, Whiteout, Transformers: March 15th Comic Reel Wrap

For the Ides of March we find out how Venom got to town, wonder at a teen heart throb turned race car driver, give Kate Beckinsale a foil and toss Shia Labeouf to the ground, plus scoop on "Smallville" and "Watchmen."

"Spider-Man 3" VG Subterranean Featurette

In addition to miles and miles of Manhattan sky line, the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" video game features over 20 miles of subways and sewers and we've got a video preview for you.

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "City Of Heroes" #18

PRESS RELEASE: Aspen MLT Set To Launch A New Series And More At Wizard World Los Angeles

PRESS RELEASE: Platinum Studios Makes A Show at Wizard World Los Angeles

PRESS RELEASE: Veritas Games Company Releases Comic Book Card Game Featuring Top Cow Characters!

PRESS RELEASE: "Punks" Invade Wizard World LA



"The Losers" and "Green Arrow: Year One" artist Jock invited CBR News to his England studio for a detailed tour of his studio, and we've brought back tons of pictures.


MARVEL PREVIEWS: "Runaways" #25, "Avengers: The Initiative" #1 and More

Marvel Comics previews some of its most hotly anticipated titles for April, including a five-page advance look at "Runaways" #25, the first issue by Joss Whedon.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Dynamo 5" #1 Sells Out, Back To Press

The new Image Comics series "Dynamo 5" by Jay Faerber has sold out and is going back for a second printing.

Warren Ellis Starts A Revolution In

Warren Ellis Starts A Revolution In "Black Summer"

Learn why your definition of a hero may be put to the challenge this June, with a new superhero epic by Warren Ellis and Avatar Press. We spoke with Ellis about "Black Summer."

"300" Post-Game: One-On-One with Zack Snyder

With "300" shattering records this past weekend, CBR's Jonah Weiland spoke with director Zack Snyder for a post game report and to see where things stand on "Watchmen" (casting rumors, that test shot, designs & more).

PRESS RELEASE: The Cylon Apocalypse Concludes In May

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Xena Returns At Dynamite

PRESS RELEASE: "Dynamo 5" #1 Second Printing Announced

PRESS RELEASE: Eric Shanowar Brings "Age of Bronze" To Life


PREVIEW: "Witchblade Manga" #2

Top Cow Productions and Bandai Entertainment have provided CBR News with a full-color preview of "Witchblade Manga" #2. Check it out!

TMNT, Transformers, Iron Man, The Man of Steel: March 14th Comic Reel Wrap

TMNT, Transformers, Iron Man, The Man of Steel: March 14th Comic Reel Wrap

There's heroic amphibians all over the place, and giant robots too. One of Stark's nemesis is revealed, Clark Kent gets held over, plus news on "Heroes," "Hellboy," "Spider-Man 3" and more.


VIDEO: "TMNT" Featurette With New Scenes

Warner Bros. has released a 3:48 featurette for the upcoming "TMNT" featuring a whole load of new footage from the CGI animated film.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Offers Exclusive "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness" #1 Variant

Only 3,000 pieces of this variant edition of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1 were produced!

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Races into "Space"

This April, Oni Press will join the space race by releasing the all new original graphic novel FIRST IN SPACE by talented newcomer James Vining, winner of a 2006 Xeric Award.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Publishing and Gene Simmons Announce Joint Publishing Venture: Simmons Comics Group

IDW's Deal With the Demon and his Spawn, Nick Simmons, to be Announced at Wizard World LA

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