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PRESS RELEASE: The Cylon Apocalypse Concludes In May

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Xena Returns At Dynamite

PRESS RELEASE: "Dynamo 5" #1 Second Printing Announced

PRESS RELEASE: Eric Shanowar Brings "Age of Bronze" To Life


PREVIEW: "Witchblade Manga" #2

Top Cow Productions and Bandai Entertainment have provided CBR News with a full-color preview of "Witchblade Manga" #2. Check it out!

TMNT, Transformers, Iron Man, The Man of Steel: March 14th Comic Reel Wrap

TMNT, Transformers, Iron Man, The Man of Steel: March 14th Comic Reel Wrap

There's heroic amphibians all over the place, and giant robots too. One of Stark's nemesis is revealed, Clark Kent gets held over, plus news on "Heroes," "Hellboy," "Spider-Man 3" and more.


VIDEO: "TMNT" Featurette With New Scenes

Warner Bros. has released a 3:48 featurette for the upcoming "TMNT" featuring a whole load of new footage from the CGI animated film.

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Offers Exclusive "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness" #1 Variant

Only 3,000 pieces of this variant edition of Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #1 were produced!

PRESS RELEASE: Oni Races into "Space"

This April, Oni Press will join the space race by releasing the all new original graphic novel FIRST IN SPACE by talented newcomer James Vining, winner of a 2006 Xeric Award.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Publishing and Gene Simmons Announce Joint Publishing Venture: Simmons Comics Group

IDW's Deal With the Demon and his Spawn, Nick Simmons, to be Announced at Wizard World LA

PRESS RELEASE: Loeb, the Romitas and Suydam Sign for DF in May

Exclusive Signings Only From Marvel and Dynamic Forces!

PRESS RELEASE: Bendis, Ellis and Silvestri's "Civil War: The Initiative" Sells Out

Civil War: The Initiative has sold out at Diamond and Marvel is rushing back to press for a second printing on this giant-sized one-shot by modern legends Bendis, Ellis, and Silverstri!

PRESS RELEASE: The Hero Initiative Rocks Wizard World Los Angeles With Mike Perkins!

Other Booth Events Include Campbell, Gossett and Mayhew Signings and Ebay Lunch And Sketch With Perkins and Gage!

PRESS RELEASE: Platinum Studios Launches "Hero By Night"

Comic Book Challenge Winner D.J. Coffman's Book to Hit Shelves on March 21

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Remembers Writer Arnold Drake

Writer Arnold Drake, a mainstay at DC Comics during the 60s and 70s and best known as the creator of THE DOOM PATROL and DEADMAN, died Monday at the age of 83 of complications stemming from a recent bout with pneumonia.

PRESS RELEASE: WildStorm Updates Publishing Plans for "Nightmare on Elm Street," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," More

Starting in June, WildStorm's titles based on popular horror movies from New Line Cinema - A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, FRIDAY THE 13TH and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE - will change from monthly comics to a series of specials and miniseries.

PRESS RELEASE: "George W. Bush and the Weapons of Mass Distraction" Tell a Comical Story of Politics Gone Awry

Trading Cards about Influential Leaders Mix Facts and Satire.

Is <I>This</I> the New Captain America?

Is This the New Captain America?

Per Captain America's last request, talk show host Stephen Colbert received last night the fallen hero's most valuable possession -- his indestructible vibranium shield.

"TMNT" Mega-Gallery

Warner Bros. has provided CBR News with a huge gallery of screenshots, cast photos and production art from "TMNT," released March 23rd.

Is this the new Captain America?

Is this the new Captain America?

Marvel comics published on their official site today an image of the Punisher in a very Cap-like costume, addressing certain post-"Civil War" suspicions about the mantle of Captain America.

PRESS RELEASE: Kompany X Launches "Johnny Delgado Is Dead"

Kompany X and its founder John Leekley has collaborated with Michael D. Olmos' Chamber Six to create the upcoming title JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD: THE BALLAD, which will launch on July 26th, 2007 at Comic-Con International, distributed by Silent Devil.

PRESS RELEASE: "Iron Man" #15 Sells Out

Marvel is pleased to announce that Iron Man #15 has sold out at Diamond.

Editor Tom Brevoort Discuss Death of Captain America

Editor Tom Brevoort Discuss Death of Captain America

Cap killer Tom Brevoort guest-blogs at Comics Should Be Good to take a look at the media attention Marvel's generated over the last year, especially with the death of Captain America.


PREVIEW: "New Battlestar Galactica" #7, "Lone Ranger" #5

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with full-color previews and solicitation info for these new issues shipping this week to comic stores everywhere.

Watchmen, Winds of Winter, Heroes, TMNT: March 13th Comic Reel Wrap

Watchmen, Winds of Winter, Heroes, TMNT: March 13th Comic Reel Wrap

When you're on a roll, bet big, or so sez the "300" director, while an indie book hits the big time, we go in depth with the cast of the NBC series, take a look in the sewers, plus scoop on "FF2," animated "Hellboy" projects and more.

Dark Horse Solicitations for June, 2007

Dark Horse Solicitations for June, 2007

Dark Horse comics has released images and solicitation images for comics and products shipping in June, 2007.

PRESS RELEASE: Moonstone Preview: "Kolchak The Frankenstein Agenda" #3

PRESS RELEASE: "Ward Of The State" Arrives In May

PRESS RELEASE: Captain America's Shield Found Missing

"Heroes" Panel at Paley Festival - Full Report

CBR News attended the "Heroes" Q&A at the William S. Paley Television Festival this weekend, where creator Tim Kring was joined by the entire cast and shared their thoughts on the hit series and gave insight into its production.

Preview: Free Comic Book Day's

Preview: Free Comic Book Day's "Amazing Spider-Man"

Marvel has released a preview of "Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift," their offering for this year's Free Comic Book Day.

"Doom Patrol" Creator Arnold Drake Dies

News reached fans and peers today that veteran comics writer Arnold Drake passed away this morning. He was 83.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Books, Diamond Book Distributors

The Return of the (Green) King: Pak talks

The Return of the (Green) King: Pak talks "World War Hulk"

This Summer, green won't be the color of envy it will be the color of rage as the Hulk returns from space to wage war on the heroes that exiled him, in the mini-series "World War: Hulk." We spoke with writer Greg Pak about the series.

"300" Dines In Hell With Quite An Audience

With army behind them, Frank Miller and Zack Snyder took "300" to new heights of success, shattering previous records. We've got the details.

Heroes, Transformers, Speed Racer, Ocean: March 12th Comic Reel Wrap

Heroes, Transformers, Speed Racer, Ocean: March 12th Comic Reel Wrap

Scoop on menacing plans from the hit NBC series, plus Spielberg fights the system, Trixie's early with Chim Chim, we look at that business with Warren Ellis plus news on "Smallville," "Watchmen" "FF2" and more.


REFLECTIONS: Talking "52" with Greg Rucka

With the writing side of "52" pretty much done, Robert sat down with writer Greg Rucka to discuss what was one of the most challenging projects of his career. Rucka discusses everything in this no holds barred interview.

Linderman Reveals Plans:

Linderman Reveals Plans: "Heroes" Clip from Paley Festival

Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Museum of Television and Radio held a "Heroes" panel and showed a clip from the April 23rd episode, ".07%." We've got a full description and details of Linderman's plans.

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Four

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Four

It's week 44 of DC's weekly series "52." Justin has the recap of this week's issue, plus some thoughts looking ahead and a guess who "The Fifty-Two" may be.

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: "New Battlestar Galactica" #11 Cover Gallery

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