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PRESS RELEASE: WonderCon Programming Announced


Behind The Eclipse:

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week Sixteen

Joe & Aron are back to tackle your "Heroes" questions, discuss how Stan Lee came to be on tonight's episode and we've got your guesses on Mr. Bennet's first name! All in this week's BEHIND THE ECLIPSE! Updated

The Ghost Who Walks Teams For A Good Cause In

The Ghost Who Walks Teams For A Good Cause In "Phantom" #17-19

Villains of unimaginable evil are all around us and writer Mike Bullock is shedding the light on some very real atrocities in "The Phantom." Come inside and learn how you can be a hero by supporting this powerful tale.


Preview: "Wasteland" #7

Writer Antony Johnston and Oni Press have provided us with a preview of "Wasteland" #7. This issue of the post-apocalyptic series is a stand alone issue, perfect for new readers, featuring art by Carla Speed McNeil.

Smallville, Ant Man, Painkiller Jane: February 19th Comic Reel Wrap

Smallville, Ant Man, Painkiller Jane: February 19th Comic Reel Wrap

Lots of video is being broadcast from Kansas, a tiny little guy seems stuck, we look at the hit NBC series and check out TV's newest heroine, plus news on "Transformers," "The Batman" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: "Witchblade: Shades of Gray" #3 from Dynamite/Top Cow

he "Dynamite" origin of Dorian Gray Revealed in Witchblade: Shades of Gray #3 this April.

PRESS RELEASE: Blackout: "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" #17 Sells Out

The first issue of Spider-Man's Back in Black event, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, has sold out at Diamond.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces New York Comic Con Plans

Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment will be at booth #467 for New York Comic Con this Feb. 23 – 25.

PRESS RELEASE: Times Square Standoff in "Punisher War Journal" #5

Bushwacker is back in Punisher War Journal #5 and anyone who stand in his way of getting revenge on the Punisher will pay with their life.

PRESS RELEASE: Writing And Inking And Watching TV - Hero Sets Its Panels For Megacon

he Life of a comics fan? Nope – Hero Initiative Sets its Panels for MegaCon.

PRESS RELEASE: David Finch "Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born" #2 Variant Revealed

Seen here for the first time is superstar artist David Finch's variant cover to Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Releases "Spider-Man: One More Day" Teaser Image

Marvel has released a teaser image for "Spider-Man: One More Day" by JM Straczynski and Joe Quesada.

PRESS RELEASE: "Zero-G" Debuts at New York Comicon!

Spacedog and Top Cow Launch Series With Special Zero Issue!

PRESS RELEASE: From "Civil War" to "Civil Chore"

The fever pitch of war has hit Riverdale High as Archie and Jughead turn against each other in "CIVIL CHORE!" Archie Comics takes its look at the divisions that shake the foundation for the comics community and we ask our loyal readers… WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON!

PRESS RELEASE: The Chemistry Set at New York Comic-Con

The Chemistry Set Webcomics Collective announces NY ComicCon appearance.

PRESS RELEASE: Adam Kubert, Red Meat And A Whole Lotta Lunch

Hero Initiative Auctions Abounds in Time for MegaCon.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Announces New Contents for "Action Comics" #848, Plus a Double-Ship in May

ACTION COMICS #848, previously scheduled to feature part 4 of the story "Last Son" in 3-D, will have new contents when it arrives in stores in March.

Toy Fair 2007: Part II

Toy Fair 2007: Part II

Scott Meaney files the second of his extensive two part report on the goings on at Toy Fair, 2007. This time he takes a look at offerings from Underground Toys, Shocker Toys, Stikfas, Wizkids, Bif Bang Pow! and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Hayden Panettiere to Appear at NYCC!!

Noted Film and TV Star will greet fans on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25.

PRESS RELEASE: Penny-Farthing Press New York Comic Con 2007 - Booth 659

For the very first time, PFP takes a bite out of the Big Apple! Next week, PFP and company will take the city that never sleeps by storm with their inaugural attendance at this years upcoming New York Comic Con.

PRESS RELEASE: WestBow Signs Realbuzz To Multi-Year Manga Deal

Thomas Nelson's Christian Fiction Division Will Re-Launch Best-Seller Serenity And Other Series.

PRESS RELEASE: SCI FI Channel Brings Best and Brightest to NYCC

Exclusive Previews of Battlestar Galactica and The Dresden Files; Meet NYCC Special Guests Tricia Helfer, James Callis and Paul Blackthorne and Audition for Season 2 of Who Wants to be a Superhero?

PRESS RELEASE: Lecture Tour: "The Art of Writing Comic Books and Graphic Novels"

Comic book writers Russell Lissau (BATMAN ALLIES SECRET FILES & ORIGINS, THE BATMAN STRIKES) and Joshua Elder (MAIL ORDER NINJA) will talk about creating comic books, breaking into the highly competitive funnybook business and all things caped and cowled.

Heinberg Hints At End To His

Heinberg Hints At End To His "Wonder Woman" Arc

On his MySpace page, writer Allan Heinberg shed some light on the conclusion of his "Wonder Woman" arc and what surprises are in store for fans.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Announces Change To "Wonder Woman" #5

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Announces New York Comicon Signing Schedule!

Additional Programming Details Revealed!

REFLECTIONS: Convention Special Edition

REFLECTIONS: Convention Special Edition

Robert offers up a special convention edition of Reflections, as he runs down some of his favorite convention experiences ever -- including a wild story of the lengths he went to to get into a Joss Whedon panel once.

PRESS RELEASE: Bistol International Comic Expo schedule for May 12th & 13th

The 9th Annual Bristol International Comic Expo is set for May 12th and 13th in Bristol, England.

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Invincible," "Girls" and More

Image Comics has provided CBR News with previews of comics shipping this Wednesday, 2/21 -- "Brit" Vol. 1, "Impaler" #3, "Invincible" #39, "Elephantmen" #7, "Girls" #22 and "Jack Staff" #13.

Toy Fair 2007: Part I

Toy Fair 2007: Part I

Scott Meaney files the first of his extensive two part report on the goings on at Toy Fair, 2007. First up, it's a look at offerings from Lego, Sideshow, Corgi, McFarlane Toys, Attakus and a host of Spidey stuff.

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-One

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-One

It's week 41 of "52" with Adam and Starfire feeling the fear, a visit to Haven and an Amazon Princess makes an appearance. Justin has all the details.

Standing Room Only at DC Direct!

Standing Room Only at DC Direct!

Earlier this week, DC Direct showed off their latest selection of toys and busts to come and CBR News was on the scene to get all the details.

Man's Best Friend: Slade talks

Man's Best Friend: Slade talks "Korgi"

This April, you'll be delighted by the stories of Ivy and Sprout, woodland creatures living together in a treehoue in Korgi Hollow and the adventures they get into. We spoke with Christian Slade about the series.

A Place For Comics: MySpace Launches Comic Book Community

A Place For Comics: MySpace Launches Comic Book Community

Social networking giant MySpace launched the MySpace Comic Books profile, which comes with loads of special features and exclusives like the "Buffy Changed My Life" contest and the NY Comic Con Mystery Panel.

Body of a Journalist: Brian Wood Talks Life in the

Body of a Journalist: Brian Wood Talks Life in the "DMZ"

One of the biggest critical hits of 2006, "DMZ" returns with Vol. 2, "Body of a Journalist." Creator Brian Wood talks to CBR News about the political series that sees a NYC in the midst of a second Civil War.

The Mouse That Roared: Petersen talks

The Mouse That Roared: Petersen talks "Mouse Guard"

Mice with axes and swords? It's not just Disney's worst nightmare, it's one of the most acclaimed books of 2006 – "Mouse Guard." We spoke with creator David Petersen.

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "Action Philosophers" #8, "Senseless Violence Spectacular"

"You're a Good Man, John Stuart Mill" is the latest chapter in the award winning "Action Philosophers" series by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey. Debuting at the New York Comic Con, CBR offers a digital preview with introduction by Van Lente.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #90

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #90

Find out which hero ceased to appear in his own series, what comic was created due only to the rumors of its creation, and if a Marvel comic really did feature just two lines of dialogue ending in periods!?

The Dark Knight, Transformers, Wanted: February 16th Comic Reel Wrap

The Dark Knight, Transformers, Wanted: February 16th Comic Reel Wrap

The district attorney would like to thank you for smoking, Optimus Prime wows toy retailers, Wesley Gibson speaks, we take our last longing look at Nicolas Cage before showtime, plus news on "Smallville," "Heroes" and more.

Slaying Alive: Whedon talks

Slaying Alive: Whedon talks "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Fans were saddened when "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ended it's television run, but they'll rejoice this March when Buffy's adventures resume in a new comic series from creator Joss Whedon, which picks up where the series left off. We spoke with Whedon.

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