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"Eternals" Expands To Seven & Nick Lowe Explains

You may have noticed in the recent Marvel solicitations that Gaiman & Romita Jr.'s "Eternals" mini-series has expanded by an issue. We spoke with editor Nick Lowe for an explanation, who hinted big things are in store for the Marvel U.

CSBG: Rick Spears on

CSBG: Rick Spears on "Breaking The Writer's Block"

Writer Rick Spears ("Pirates of Coney Island") stopped by Comics Should Be Good blog to discuss coming over the most dreaded disease that afflicts a writer – writer's block!

Image Comics Solicitations for February, 2007

Image Comics Solicitations for February, 2007

Image Comics has released their solicitations and cover images for comics shipping February, 2007. Included are the return of "Madman," James Pruett's "Black Mist," "Sam Noir: Ronin Holiday" and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Win Lunch With "Seinfeld's" The Soup Nazi At This Weekend's Mid Ohio Con

PRESS RELEASE: "Super Real" and Jim Mahfood Take On the Comic Book Industry!

Vampire Slaying Never Stops: Whedon Confirms

Vampire Slaying Never Stops: Whedon Confirms "Buffy" Season 8 Comic Book

"Buffy" creator Joss Whedon recently revealed plans for a continuation of the popular vampire slaying series, with a "Season 8" comic book series launching next March. We've got all the details.

Image's New Marketing Guy, Mark Haven Britt

Image's New Marketing Guy, Mark Haven Britt

This month, Image Comics added a new name to their list - Mark Haven Britt. Britt's moved into the Director of Marketing job at the publisher and we sat down with him for his first interview about the new job.

Jae Lee's

Jae Lee's "Hellshock" Concludes

Image Comics and Dynamic Forces announce the long-awaited "Hellshock: The Definitive Edition" trade paperback featuring the even longer-awaited conclusion to Jae Lee's 90s opus.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Witchblade" #102

PRESS RELEASE: "The Last Christmas" Rocks Amazon's Best of 2006 Comics List!

Spider-Man 3, Hellboy 2, Transformers, Heroes: November 22nd Comic Reel Wrap

Spider-Man 3, Hellboy 2, Transformers, Heroes: November 22nd Comic Reel Wrap

Ol' Web Head peeks his head out one more time, while Guillermo del Toro speaks, Michael Bay can say "tanks for the memories" and spoilerage on the NBC series, plus an "Iron Man" tidbit.


Preview: "Enigma Cipher" #1

It hit stores today, but we've got a preview of Boom! Studios' "Enigma Cipher" #1 for you right now!

Catching up with

Catching up with "Civil War's" Steve McNiven

As the artist behind "Civil War," Steve McNiven has been wowing readers with his cinematic renderings of a Marvel U at war. In cooperation with our friends at Atomic Comics, McNiven's answered 10 questions about the series thus far.


PREVIEW: "The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M" #4

CBR's coverage of the popular "Hatter M" series continues with this advance look at issue #4, which ships this Wednesday from Image Comics.


PREVIEW: "Red Menace" #1

"The Flash" writers and TV series creators Danny Bilson & Paul DiMeo hook up with "The O.C.'s" Adam Brody and artist Jerry Ordway to bring you a look at 1950s McCarthyism through the eyes of the hero, the Eagle. We've got the full color preview.

PRESS RELEASE: Planetwide Media and TOKYOPOP Announce TOKYOPOP Manga Creator

PRESS RELEASE: "The Lone Ranger" #5 To Be Released In January

PRESS RELEASE: What If? Spider-Man: The Other Sells Out

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Lost Books Of Eve" #1

PRESS RELEASE: Red Sonja's 35 Years In Comics Celebrated With Dynamite's Cover Book

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Golden M-Gallery Exhibit Extended Due To Popular Demand!

PRESS RELEASE: "Hunter-Killer" Trade Paperback Releases in February!

Arvid Nelson Wears His Crown & Rules The World In

Arvid Nelson Wears His Crown & Rules The World In "Rex Mundi"

The acclaimed sociopolitical adventure thriller "Rex Mundi" continues to surprise readers on a monthly basis. We spoke with writer Arvid Nelson about the move to Dark Horse Comics and just how much of his life is in this story.

"Classic Battlestar Galactica" & "Savage Red Sonja" Previews

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with previews of Wednesday debuting titles "Classic Battlestar Galactica" #2 and "Savage Red Sonja" #4.

Heroes, The Spirit, Transformers, FF2: November 21st Comic Reel Wrap

Heroes, The Spirit, Transformers, FF2: November 21st Comic Reel Wrap

Mr. Sulu returns to television, Frank Miller covers the issue, Josh Duhamel gets military and Reed, Sue and Johnny report in from the great white north, plus more in today's news summary.

PRESS RELEASE: Bill Sienkiewicz Goes Online With Official Site

PRESS RELEASE: "Anita Blake" #2 Sells Out

PRESS RELEASE: Three Major Anime Screenings At New York Comic Con

PRESS RELEASE: Inside Look At "Darkness Level 1" with David Wohl and Stjepan Sejic

PRESS RELEASE: Florida Supercon Updates Date And Location Changes

PRESS RELEASE: David Wohl Takes Pride In "Se7en"

PRESS RELEASE: "Who Want's To Be A Superhero's" Major Victory To Appear At L.A. SciFi Con

PRESS RELEASE: Cassaday and White's "The Lone Ranger" #1 Cover Available as Poster

PRESS RELEASE: Cover of "Red Sonja" #12 by Jim Lee Available as Poster!

PRESS RELEASE: Mid-Ohio-Con Presents "Superhero Trivia Challenge"

Marvel Previews: Wolverine #49, Exiles Annual #1 & More

Marvel Previews: Wolverine #49, Exiles Annual #1 & More

CBR News received today previews four of Marvel Comics' most hotly anticipated new issues. Check out full color preview pages from "Wolverine" #49, "Exiles Annual" #1, "Wonder Man" #1, and "X-23: Target X" #1.

Behind The Eclipse:

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Episode 9

Joe and Aron are back to answer questions about the TV show that's become a sensation, "Heroes." Will Hiro see some romance in the weeks to come? How is a show written? What do those hash marks mean on Matt and Theodore? Lots to go over this week.


PREVIEW: "Pirates Of Coney Island" #2

Image Comics provided CBR News with this advance look at the new issue of Rick Spears & Vasilis Lolo's punk pirate odyssey out this Wednesday.

Madman Returns!

Madman Returns!

Mike Allred's pop masterpiece jolts back to life at Image Comics with a new hardcover collection and and all-new series.

Kevin Smith Hosts

Kevin Smith Hosts "Marvel: Then & Now" With Stan Lee & Joe Quesada

The cult-fave fanboy director has agreed to MC the historic Q&A event next month between Stan Lee and Joe Quesada at UCLA. Odds of the program running long are now believed to have increased exponentially.

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