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PREVIEWS: "Highlander," "Battlestar Galactica: Zarek," and More

Dynamite gives CBR the first look at full-color previews of "Highlander" #6, "Classic Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse" #2, and "Battlestar Galactica: Zarek" #4!


Traumatized "For Life"

Writer Christopher Long ("Ward of the State," "The Easy Way") talks to CBR News about his special Silent Devil one-shot "For Life," a story of tragedy and recovery, with profits benefitting victims of violence and abuse.

Magical Mystery Tour: Sexton Talks

Magical Mystery Tour: Sexton Talks "Mystic Arcana"

Marvel fans will believe in magic this May when the "Mystic Arcana" mini-series spotlighting some of their foremost magical characters begins. We spoke with series architect David Sexton.


PREVIEWS: "Blade," "New Avengers," "Silent War"

CBR News has full-color previews of some of Marvel's hottest titles shipping this week, April 11. Check out new issues of "Silent War," "New Avengers" and "Blade!" UPDATED!

Hellboy 2, Green Arrow, Sin City 2, Hulk 2: April 9th Comic Reel Wrap

Hellboy 2, Green Arrow, Sin City 2, Hulk 2: April 9th Comic Reel Wrap

Mike Mignola gets a shock, Oliver Queen goes to jail, Rosario Dawson won't talk and Bruce Banner's taking over, plus "Shazam" screenwriter John August baits the fans and Spidey's on TV again, all in today's look at links, legends and lies.

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Dynamo 5," "Fell," "Nightly News," "Bomb Queen III"

Image Comics has provided CBR News with previews of titles shipping April 11th including "Bomb Queen III" #2, "Dynamo 5" #2, "Fell" #8 and "The Nightly News" #5. The solicitation text and preview images follow.

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Eight

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Eight

With week 48 now in the can, there are only four issues left in "52" and Justin's got all details ont he emergence of a new Question. Plus, Brian Eason takes a detailed look at the history of one Renée Montoya

MySpace to Present Exclusive

MySpace to Present Exclusive "Spider-Man 3" Screening

Following up on the free and exclusive "300" screenings, MySpace plans to show "Spider-Man 3" in a city of fans' choosing.

A Decade of Friends and Comics with Top Shelf

A Decade of Friends and Comics with Top Shelf

Top Shelf Productions celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year and co-founder Chris Staros sat down with CBR News to reflect back on his first decade in publishing and to talk about the company's future.

Jane + Niles-fueled

Jane + Niles-fueled "Bad Planet" Returns in July

The long wait for the second issue of "Bad Planet" is finally over, as the Thomas Jane/Steve Niles-written sci-fi series from Image Comics returns. Series art director Tim Bradstreet gave us an update.

PRESS RELEASE: More "Savage" Tales from Dynamite

Cthulhu, The Hunter, Atlantis and More Join Dynamite's Red Sonja in May

PRESS RELEASE: Actor Rutger Hauer, David Petersen ("Mouse Guard")appear at LA Comic Book Con April 29


PRESS RELEASE: Hawthorne High School Comic Convention Announces Line Up and Events for 2007!

The best small comic convention in America announces it's incredible guest line up and events for 2007!

PRESS RELEASE: Winsor McCay Releases from Checker!

"The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland," Volume One and Softcover Edition of "Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays" Due This Summer


PREVIEWS: "Fantastic Four," "New Excalibur," "Heroes for Hire"

We've got full color previews of some of Marvel's most eagerly awaited new issues shipping April 25th. Check out the new "Fantastic Four," "Heroes for Hire" and more.

Sin City 2, Punisher 2, Painkiller Jane, Wanted: April 6th Comic Reel Wrap

Sin City 2, Punisher 2, Painkiller Jane, Wanted: April 6th Comic Reel Wrap

Frank Miller might take on TV, a NIU alumni is working on getting more gunfire in the world, Quesada and Palmiotti's creation appears on the web, J.G. Jones talks about boots meeting teeth, plus "Astro City," "Heroes," "Smallville" and more to close out the week.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #97

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #97

This week, Brian's got Superman and Batman on Sesame Street! And discover how much more complicated the origin of the origin of Cable is than his origin itself. See? All this and more in CBULR!

Graham Yost

Graham Yost "Raines" Down On Comics

CBR talks to Graham Yost, creator of the NBC drama "Raines" (starring Jeff Goldblum) about the link between tonight's episode and the world of comics and discovers an unexpected connection to "Astro City."

On Time, All The Time: 12 Gauge's New Commitment

On Time, All The Time: 12 Gauge's New Commitment

12 Gauge's popular titles "The Ride," "The O.C.T." and others have been plagued by delays, but no more says publisher Keven Garnder, who spoke frankly with us about their commitment to on-time publishing.

PRESS RELEASE: "It's a Fight for Survival in an Undead World as Dynamite Continues to "Raise the Dead"

All New Horror Series Continues in May

PRESS RELEASE: "Fishtown" to Debut April 12th at

Cartoonist Kevin Colden is pleased to announce the debut of his first solo graphic novel Fishtown, to begin serializing weekly on ACT-I-VATE, the LiveJournal comic collective, on Thursday April 12th, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: "Robotika" Nominated for Book of the Year Award

Archaia Studios Press (ASP) is thrilled to announce ROBOTIKA has been nominated for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards.

Dark Horse Solicitations for July, 2007

Dark Horse Solicitations for July, 2007

Dark Horse has released images and solicitation information for products shipping July, 2007, including the final chapter of Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons' Martha Washington epic -- "Martha Washington Dies."

Spin Into Action with the

Spin Into Action with the "Spider-Man 3" Video Game

CBR News recently got some exclusive hands-on time with the upcoming "Spider-Man 3" game. What's the cost of playing in the black suit? How's the game play? We've got a full report, trailer and screen grabs.

Wanted, Heroes, Hulk 2, Wonder Woman: April 5th Comic Reel Wrap

Wanted, Heroes, Hulk 2, Wonder Woman: April 5th Comic Reel Wrap

Wesley Gibson's got his passport ready, Hiro and the gang are back online, Dr. Banner heads north while a "Firefly" star considers invisible planes, plus scoops on "Hellboy 2," "Spider-Man 3" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the Launch of CartoonBrewFilms

New Video-on-Demand Website Offers Exclusive Downloads of Animated Shorts; Filmmakers Share Revenue

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Adjusts Retailer Orders on "Action Comics" #848

Following the announcement of new contents for ACTION COMICS #848 (JAN070267) and cancelling orders on the ACTION COMICS #848 3-D EDITION (JAN070268), DC Comics announces that retailer orders on ACTION COMICS #848 will be matched to orders on ACTION COMICS #846 (OCT060166).

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Continues Special Sales Incentive with Second Month of "Countdown"

DC Comics' amazing new weekly series COUNTDOWN continues in June with issues #47-44, solicited in the April Previews (Volume XVII #4). And with those issues, DC continues its offer of full returnability for qualifying retailers.

PRESS RELEASE: Catch a Sneak a Peek of "Oddly Normal: Family Reunion" Before Its Release

The critically acclaimed series returns for a second go-around in graphic novel format.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Makes "52" Finale a 48-Page Issue at No Extra Cost

On May 2, DC Comics' landmark series 52 comes to its incredible end with WEEK 52, a finale no one will want to miss!

PRESS RELEASE: "Elk's Run" Book Release Party at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood!

With this week's release of Elk's Run in Comic Stores, we're going to be having a Book Release Party at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA. There will be free booze, West Virginia themed food, a DJ, and all that noise.

PRESS RELEASE: "New Avengers: Illuminati" Return In Special Edition

If you thought you knew the history of the Marvel Universe, you may very well be wrong!

"Buffy Season 8" #2 Preview; Dark Horse/MySpace Contest Winner Announced

We've got an 11 page preview of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8" #2, on sale today. In other news, the winner of the Dark Horse/MySpace Buffy essay contest has been announced.

PRESS RELEASE: DD Gives the Gladiator His Due in "Daredevil" #96

The second part of the hard-hitting new arc "To the Devil, His Due" is here, and Brubaker and Lark are just getting warmed up!

STUDIO TOURS: Artist Ryan Ottley

STUDIO TOURS: Artist Ryan Ottley

CBR's weekly series of STUDIO TOURS continues with Ryan Ottley, the artist behind Image Comics' hit superhero series "Invincible."

PRESS RELEASE: "Madame Mirage" #1 Shipping in May!

Retailers Anticipate High Demand for New Dini Creation!

PRESS RELEASE: Preview Pencils from "Storm Shadow" #1!

Devil's Due Publishing is so excited about our new Storm Shadow on going series starting this May - we're sending you advanced pencil preview pages!

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Welcomes Dan Slott

Writer to Appear at NYC's Premier Comic Book Store to Promote New Avengers Comic

PRESS RELEASE: "Chronicles of Wormwood" #2 Sold Out!

The second issue of Garth Ennis' newest series, /The Chronicles of Wormwood/, is sold out of all extra copies. Both the standard and wrap covers by series artist Jacen Burrows hit the shelves March 14th, and within days all available copies of #2 were sold.

PRESS RELEASE: Unscrewed Auctions Raise $3000!

Unscrewed!, the collection of creators, publishers, retailers, and fans which banded together at the beginning of the year to take on an immoral and unethical publisher/convention promoter and provide financial assistance to those victimized by his company, ended its third week of auctions, bringing the total raised from all auction to a little over $3000. ?

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