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PRESS RELEASE: "Vengeance Of The Vapor" At Markosia!

Spaghetti western grit meets pulp hero action!

PRESS RELEASE: "The Initiative" Has Begun

he Civil War is over and the Pro-Registration heroes led by Iron Man have prevailed. Now, the Initiative has begun and is in full-effect in the pages of "Iron Man #15", on-sale now, where Tony Stark has taken over as the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

STUDIO TOUR: Artist Mike Norton

STUDIO TOUR: Artist Mike Norton

The newly minted DC Comics exclusive artist Mike Norton invites us into his home studio to see where he cranks out pages for the Gail Simone written series "The Atom."

Fisher & Henderson are

Fisher & Henderson are "Smuggling Spirits"

Coming this spring from Ambrosia Publishing is "Smuggling Spirits," a decidedly different horror comic filled with nasty things that lurk in shadows. We spoke with Ben Fisher & Mike Henderson about the series.

PRESS RELEASE: Denise V. Wohl & Jim Shooter Launch "Seven," the Greatest Team of Superheroes of All Time

What is the result when two Bronze Age Marvelites join forces after 25 years? They create SEVEN, the next level of super heroes which premiered at the second annual New York Comic Con February 2007.

NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 2 (of 2)

NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 2 (of 2)

Our final photo parade from NYCC includes the Stephen King "Dark Tower" panel, "Heroes'" Hayden Panettiere, Chuck D, your favorite creators, costumed favorites and, naturally, Storm Troopers show up to ruin everything.

PRESS RELEASE: "World War Hulk" Trailer

Marvel Comics has released a trailer for the upcoming "World War Hulk" event.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Studios announces 2007 publishing schedule

Titles to range from Fantasy to Horror to Crime, plus new Mouse Guard series.

PRESS RELEASE: Dabel Brothers Bring Bret Booth To Los Angeles

To help promote the Anita Blake series and to give back to the fans who have kept his name alive in a very competitive industry, Brett Booth has agreed to appear at WizardWorld LA to sit in on a panel with Marvel Comics, sign copies of his books for fans, and offer fans a rare opportunity to purchase an original sketch at the convention.

PRESS RELEASE: UNSCREWED! Update! Auctions to benefit exploited comic creators]

UNSCREWED!, the organization created by comics creators, fans, and retailers to combat illegal and unethical practices by a would-be publisher, today announced a benefit auction to provide relief to the artists and writers exploited by that company.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Goes Back to Print on Sold Out Compendiums!

New Printings of "The Darkness," "Witchblade" and "Tomb Raider" Compendiums Available Mid-March!

PRESS RELEASE: Devil'sDue Previews: "Sheena" and "G.I. Joe: Dreadnoks Declassified"

Devil'sDue has released images and text from the new issues of "Sheena: Queen of the Jungle" and "G.I. Joe: Dreadnoks Declassified."

Spider-Man Comes to Kids' WB in 2008

Spider-Man Comes to Kids' WB in 2008

Spidey swings back onto the small screen in early 2008 on the Kids' WB! in a new animated series tentatively titled "The Amazing Spider-Man."

PRESS RELEASE: Upcoming "Superman" Issues Get New Contents

Please note the following contents changes to upcoming issues of SUPERMAN.

PRESS RELEASE: The Hero Initiative Brings Jack Katz To WonderCon 2007

The Hero Initiative Booth #205 is the place to be to meet Jack Katz this weekend!

PRESS RELEASE: New Series Artist Tony Daniel Pencils "The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive" #11

Acclaimed artist Tony Daniel (TEEN TITANS) steps in to pencil THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE #11 (FEB070274), written by Marc Guggenheim and inked by Art Thibert.

Soldiering On: Fraction Talks

Soldiering On: Fraction Talks "Punisher War Journal"

Civil War may be over, but the Punisher's war against crime in the Marvel U continues in the pages of "Punisher War Journal." We spoke with writer Matt Fraction about the book. Plus, previews of issues #5 & 6.

300, TMNT, Heroes, Smallville: March 1st Comic Reel Wrap

300, TMNT, Heroes, Smallville: March 1st Comic Reel Wrap

Who wants to know about Leonidas' chafing? Thought so -- also new TV spots for the heroes on a half shell, looking behind the eclipse on the hit series and more wedding pictures from Kansas, plus news on "AVP2."

PRESS RELEASE: Back In Black: "Amazing Spider-Man" 539 Preview

Preview of "Amazing Spider-Man" #539

Who You Gonna Call? Simon Oliver And

Who You Gonna Call? Simon Oliver And "The Exterminators"

Vertigo's newest hit isn't about the supernatural, crime or even the Dreaming: it's about bugs and how to kill 'em. We spoke with "The Exterminators" writer Simon Oliver to get the creepy crawly 411.

NYCC Xtra - The Dark Horse Panel

NYCC Xtra - The Dark Horse Panel

Still catching up from this past weekend, we've got a full report from Sunday's Dark Horse Panel, with news on "Hellboy," "Star Wars," "Buffy," "Serenity," "The Goon," "MPD Psycho" and much more.

"Heroes" Pics from Ep. 18, "Like Any Parasite"

NBC has released photos from the March 5th episode of "Heroes" called "Like Any Parasite," and we've got a look.

Last Minute Previews:

Last Minute Previews: "Iron Man," "Black Panther," "Civil War: Frontline"

Before you head off to the comic shop, we've got previews from three Marvel releases debuting today - "Civil War: Frontline" #11, "Iron Man" #15 and "Black Panther" #25

Morbius - Sucks To Be Him

Morbius - Sucks To Be Him

For fans who like their stories to have bite, writer Brendan Cahill tackles a tale of Morbius for Marvel as part of the "Legion of Monsters" series. We spoke with the writer.

Heroes, Transformers, 300, The Dark Knight: February 28th Comic Reel Wrap

Heroes, Transformers, 300, The Dark Knight: February 28th Comic Reel Wrap

The cheerleader's got something to say, Hasbro makes it Prime Time, you can ogle at Gorgo, have a session with the Scarecrow, plus news about "Iron Man," "Smallville" and more.

NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 1 (of 2)

NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 1 (of 2)

We loves ourselves some con photography around these parts and CBR is happy to present more photos taken by staff photographer Pinguino Kolb. You're going to love this set, which includes the not so glamorous side of super heroing.

Neal Adams & Frank Miller to Create

Neal Adams & Frank Miller to Create "Batman: Odyssey"

Legendary for their Batman work, Neal Adams & Frank Miller are teaming up to produce a brand new mini-series called "Batman: Odyssey."

REFLECTIONS: Talking <i>Everything</i> With Joe Kelly

REFLECTIONS: Talking Everything With Joe Kelly

Robert sits down for a lengthy interview with Joe Kelly in which they discuss current work like "Supergirl" and look back on books like "X-Men," "Deadpool," "Steampunk" (and what would have happened had he been able to finish it) and much more.

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Two

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Two

With NYCC going on this past weekend, we've moved our regular Saturday look at "52" to today this so that it didn't get lost. See what Justin has to say about last week's issue with speculation on what's to come.

300, Heroes, TMNT, FF2: February 27th Comic Reel Wrap

300, Heroes, TMNT, FF2: February 27th Comic Reel Wrap

Leonidas speaks his piece, everybody's talking about HRG, there's amphibians on MySpace and Reed goes on TV, plus news from Kansas' weirdest town.

Behind The Eclipse:

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Week 17

You all wrote in with a lot of questions this week and "Heroes" writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite happily tackle them. Lots to cover this week, so sit down and enjoy, with some hints of what's to come.

Mike Carey Is Staying Up Late And

Mike Carey Is Staying Up Late And "Crossing Midnight"

Think it's bad when your big brother steals your girlfriend? Imagine if his curse put your life in danger and you'd have "Crossing Midnight," written by Mike Carey.

NYCC, Xtra:

NYCC, Xtra: "Degrassi: Extra Credit" Panel Report

Actress Sarah Barrable-Tishauer ("Liberty Van Zandt"), writer J. Torres and artist Ramon Perez were present at NYCC to talk about the hot Canadian export's entry into the graphic novel field.

PRESS RELEASE: Florida Supercon Adds Dick Giordano, Fat Momma, and More


PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Unusual Suspects"

Top Cow Productions has released a six page preview of "The Usual Suspects."

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Sends "Action Comics" #845 Back to Press

After selling out at DC Comics, ACTION COMICS #845 is being sent back to press for a second printing.

PRESS RELEASE: Scorching Hot Series Concludes in "Spider-Man: Reign" #4

Witness the stunning conclusion to the book that has been too hot too stay on the shelves in Spider-Man: Reign #4.

The Dark Knight, Hulk 2, The Spirit: February 26th Comic Reel Wrap

The Dark Knight, Hulk 2, The Spirit: February 26th Comic Reel Wrap

Breezing in from the Big Apple, we're top heavy with news as Two-Face speaks, Dr. Banner heads north, Frank Miller makes some changes, nostalgia comes back into style and so much more.

PRESS RELEASE: PREVIEW: "Witchblade" #104

Top Cow has released preview images and text from "Witchblade" #104.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Reveals "Art of The Darkness!"

An Art Retrospective to Celebrate a Decade of Darkness!

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