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PRESS RELEASE: "Marvel Spotlight" Sheds New Light On The Fantastic Four

Arriving this month, the Fantastic Four become the latest team to get the Marvel Spotlight treatment, as Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer arrives in stores, packed full of content!

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Announces Sales Incentive for "Clubbing" - Latest Title from Minx

CLUBBING, the third title from DC Comics' new Minx imprint, will be solicited in April Previews (Volume XVII #4) to arrive in stores on July 11. With that solicitation, DC announces a special sales incentive for this title, continuing the sales incentives on Minx titles announced earlier this year.

PRESS RELEASE: "Spider-Man Family" #2 Swings Out Of Stores

Hot on the heels of line-wide "Back In Black" sellouts, Spider-Man Family #2 has sold out at Diamond-making the brand new series two for two!

First Look at

First Look at "Omega Flight" #1 2nd Printing Cover

CBR News brings you the first look at the full artwork and trade dress for "Omega Flight" #1's second printing, which includes a gag fans are certain to enjoy.

Transformers, WE3, Iron Man, Gatchaman: April 11 Comic Reel Wrap

Transformers, WE3, Iron Man, Gatchaman: April 11 Comic Reel Wrap

Bumblebee shows his face again, Grant Morrison's script is on the loose, a hot blonde tags along with Tony Stark and the Phoenix flies at last, plus "TMNT 2" "Spider-Man 3" and "Smallville" scoop.

Riding Off to War: Way Talks

Riding Off to War: Way Talks "Ghost Rider"

Ghost Rider has been keeping busy. Currently he's dealing with a literal casualty of Civil War and this June the Rider will battle another character that's after a reckoning, the Hulk. We spoke with writer Daniel Way about "Ghost Rider."

Mike Carey Celebrates The Present In

Mike Carey Celebrates The Present In "Re-Gifters"

Mike Carey is helping to launch DC Comics' all new imprint Minx with "Re-Gifters," an original graphic novel. Plus, early details on "Confessions of a Blabbermouth" and what did Mike learn from Tony Blair? All that and more.


PREVIEWS: "The Loners" #1, "Nova" #1

We've got full-color, lettered previews of two of Marvel's hottest new books, "The Loners" and "Nova."


PREVIEWS: "World War Hulk: World Breaker" and More!

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with previews of "World War Hulk" titles shipping in May. Included are images from Peter David's prologue book "World Breaker," as well as "Hulk" #106 and the "Planet Hulk" hardcover collection!

PRESS RELEASE: "Omega Flight" #1 Sells Out & Goes Back To Press

Marvel is pleased to announce that Omega Flight #1, featuring the debut of Canada's new super team, has sold out at Diamond.

Writer's Commentary:

Writer's Commentary: "Raise The Dead" #1 with John Reppion

"Raise The Dead" co-writer John Reppion gives fans a page-by-page commentary on his and Leah Moore's exciting zombie series from Dynamite Entertainment.

Ghost Rider Creator Gary Friedrich Sues Marvel, Sony for Copyright Violations

Ghost Rider Creator Gary Friedrich Sues Marvel, Sony for Copyright Violations

The creator of Ghost Rider has filed suit against Marvel Entertainment and numerous other defendants associated with the "Ghost Rider" film and merchandise for alleged copyright infringements.


PREVIEW: "Wasteland" #8

Check out a preview of "Wasteland" #8, the new issue of Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten's acclaimed post-apocalyptic adventure shipping this week from Oni Press.

Wanted, Iron Man, The Man of Steel, Supermax: April 10th Comic Reel Wrap

Wanted, Iron Man, The Man of Steel, Supermax: April 10th Comic Reel Wrap

A movie starlet heads to Chicago, Tony Stark likes vintage cars, Legolas could move to Metropolis, David Goyer talks about getting convicted, as well as scoop on "Stardust," "Heroes," "Hellboy 2" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Tribeca Film Festival and Will Eisner!

In the same festival that, thanks to Spider-Man, now features panels centering on superheroes and the filmmakers who've brought them to life, movie-goers will also find the Discovery documentary Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Life – a film celebrating the life and art of arguably the most influential creator in American comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Experience "Civil War" Like Never Before

Fans will also be able to experience Civil War in a brand new way with each issue of Civil War Chronicles, which presents every issue of the Civil War event in chronological order, allowing readers to see the nuances of this epic tale in the order they occured.

PRESS RELEASE: Viz Media Announces New Manga Series Debuts for Second Quarter 2007


PRESS RELEASE: Free SciFi Channel "Painkiller Jane" Stickers from Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment and SCI FI Team Up for Painkiller Jane Promotion

PRESS RELEASE: CAPE 3 Opens with Live Art Show

Free Comic Book Day's biggest event gets bigger with a Live Art Show

PRESS RELEASE: Joe Quesada Withdraws from Eagle Awards

N A magnanimous gesture, Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has asked the organisers of the Eagle Awards to remove his name from nomination for Favourite Editor in this year's awards.

PRESS RELEASE: Viper Comics Announces Winner for 'The Middleman' Artist Search

After foraging through dozens of entries, The Middleman writer/creator Javier Grillo-Marxuach and artist Les McClaine have chosen a winner to pencil the alternate ending to the upcoming third installment of the critically acclaimed series.

PRESS RELEASE: "Ms. Marvel" Takes Flight With Bold New Direction

With new regular penciler Aaron Lopresti onboard, joining regular writer Brian Reed and cover artist Greg Horn, issues #13 and #14 of MS. MARVEL have sold out at Diamond!

PRESS RELEASE: Go! Comi, Diamond Renew Booktrade Agreement

After two fruitful years of partnership, Diamond Book Distributors and Go! Comi have renewed their agreement, ensuring "the soul of manga" will continue to reach as many audiences as possible.

PRESS RELEASE: "Dark Tower" #2 Goes Back To Print With New Cover!

Marvel is pleased to announce that Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2, the second issue of the highly publicized and acclaimed limited series, has sold out at Diamond.

PRESS RELEASE: The Library of Congress Acquires Original Work by Eric Drooker!

Dark Horse announces an all-new edition of Eric Drooker's classic work, Flood!


PREVIEWS: "Highlander," "Battlestar Galactica: Zarek," and More

Dynamite gives CBR the first look at full-color previews of "Highlander" #6, "Classic Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse" #2, and "Battlestar Galactica: Zarek" #4!


Traumatized "For Life"

Writer Christopher Long ("Ward of the State," "The Easy Way") talks to CBR News about his special Silent Devil one-shot "For Life," a story of tragedy and recovery, with profits benefitting victims of violence and abuse.

Magical Mystery Tour: Sexton Talks

Magical Mystery Tour: Sexton Talks "Mystic Arcana"

Marvel fans will believe in magic this May when the "Mystic Arcana" mini-series spotlighting some of their foremost magical characters begins. We spoke with series architect David Sexton.


PREVIEWS: "Blade," "New Avengers," "Silent War"

CBR News has full-color previews of some of Marvel's hottest titles shipping this week, April 11. Check out new issues of "Silent War," "New Avengers" and "Blade!" UPDATED!

Hellboy 2, Green Arrow, Sin City 2, Hulk 2: April 9th Comic Reel Wrap

Hellboy 2, Green Arrow, Sin City 2, Hulk 2: April 9th Comic Reel Wrap

Mike Mignola gets a shock, Oliver Queen goes to jail, Rosario Dawson won't talk and Bruce Banner's taking over, plus "Shazam" screenwriter John August baits the fans and Spidey's on TV again, all in today's look at links, legends and lies.

Image Previews:

Image Previews: "Dynamo 5," "Fell," "Nightly News," "Bomb Queen III"

Image Comics has provided CBR News with previews of titles shipping April 11th including "Bomb Queen III" #2, "Dynamo 5" #2, "Fell" #8 and "The Nightly News" #5. The solicitation text and preview images follow.

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Eight

The 52 Steps: Week Forty-Eight

With week 48 now in the can, there are only four issues left in "52" and Justin's got all details ont he emergence of a new Question. Plus, Brian Eason takes a detailed look at the history of one Rene Montoya

MySpace to Present Exclusive

MySpace to Present Exclusive "Spider-Man 3" Screening

Following up on the free and exclusive "300" screenings, MySpace plans to show "Spider-Man 3" in a city of fans' choosing.

A Decade of Friends and Comics with Top Shelf

A Decade of Friends and Comics with Top Shelf

Top Shelf Productions celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year and co-founder Chris Staros sat down with CBR News to reflect back on his first decade in publishing and to talk about the company's future.

Jane + Niles-fueled

Jane + Niles-fueled "Bad Planet" Returns in July

The long wait for the second issue of "Bad Planet" is finally over, as the Thomas Jane/Steve Niles-written sci-fi series from Image Comics returns. Series art director Tim Bradstreet gave us an update.

PRESS RELEASE: More "Savage" Tales from Dynamite

Cthulhu, The Hunter, Atlantis and More Join Dynamite's Red Sonja in May

PRESS RELEASE: Actor Rutger Hauer, David Petersen ("Mouse Guard")appear at LA Comic Book Con April 29


PRESS RELEASE: Hawthorne High School Comic Convention Announces Line Up and Events for 2007!

The best small comic convention in America announces it's incredible guest line up and events for 2007!

PRESS RELEASE: Winsor McCay Releases from Checker!

"The Complete Little Nemo in Slumberland," Volume One and Softcover Edition of "Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays" Due This Summer


PREVIEWS: "Fantastic Four," "New Excalibur," "Heroes for Hire"

We've got full color previews of some of Marvel's most eagerly awaited new issues shipping April 25th. Check out the new "Fantastic Four," "Heroes for Hire" and more.

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