Bunn, Walta Unleash "Magneto" Ongoing

Thu, December 5th, 2013 at 8:39am PST

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Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

Erik Lehnsherr, better known to the world at large as Magneto, is going solo.

Announced on USA Today, Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Hernandez Walta are teaming to tell the story of what happens when Marvel's mutant master of magnetism breaks ranks from his role as second-in-command of Cyclops' band of outlaw X-Men to tackle the anti-mutant injustices of the world singlehandedly. According to Bunn, denizens of the Marvel U had better be prepared.

"Magneto should be seen as some kind of monster by the world at large," Bunn told USA Today. "When he cuts loose, cities tremble. He might stand by the heroes from time to time, but he's terrifying for the average person. He's out there -- wandering about, waiting -- but sooner or later he's going to strike and when he does, chaos erupts. Magneto is cloaked in that sense of fear and dread."

"Magneto" launches in March as the latest ongoing monthly series in the publisher's All-New Marvel NOW! initiative.


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