PREVIEW: "Hiding In Time" #1 from Shadowline/Image

Mon, April 23rd, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- In the not-too-distant future, the

Witness Protection Program will relocate those who turn in State's

Evidence, throughout various eras in time. But the program is

flawed. The list of transplanted witnesses is discovered and hit

squads are sent through time to fulfill their deadly contracts. It's

up to Nathan Crew to travel back through time and try to warn the

witnesses, lest they fall to the assassin's bullets!

This July Shadowline/Image unveils its latest full-color finite

series, HIDING IN TIME. Written by Christopher E. Long (The Easy Way,

X-Men Unlimited, Ward of the State) and illustrated by Ryan Winn

(Spawn, Hunter-Killer).

"What makes this series so enjoyable to me as an artist," notes Winn,

"are the different eras I get to depict: from the ice age to

Victorian England, to the future. Plus -- as always with

Christopher's scripts -- lots of action and violence!"

On working with Winn on his first project as penciller and inker,

Long says, "Ryan is a great storyteller. His excitement for this

project is only exceeded by his research on it. He's a great asset to

the book and we're consistently blown away by his work."

HIDING IN TIME is a four-issue, full-color series with a cover price

of $3.50 on sale at the end of July. HIDING IN TIME #1 (MAY051849) is

available though Diamond PREVIEWS.

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