Robert Englund and the "2001 Maniacs"

Tue, May 1st, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

This July the bloody origin behind the horror film 2001 MANIACS will

be unveiled in an all new comic from Avatar Press. Fully-authorized

by horror icon Robert Englund, the 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 will

feature his character, Mayor George W. Buckman, and the original cast

of Maniacs from the movie. Written by the writer/director of the

movies, genre king Tim Sullivan, #1 features the full-color art of

Raulo Caceres. The 2001 MANIACS comic book as well as the upcoming

movie sequel will both be featured at the San Diego Comic Con in

July, supported by both cast and crew.

"I am so excited that our 'comic book' inspired movie has literally

become a real comic book," boasts Robert Englund, best known as the

horror legend Freddy Kruger, and from the movies Hatchet and Behind

the Mask. "Now, fans of the series will finally get to learn the

back story of my character, Mayor George W. Buckman, and his ill

fated brethren." Avatar Press' 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 will be the

first licensed comic book based on the Robert Englund-starring horror

franchise, which was launched in 2005.

"Free of the film making limitations imposed by budget and schedule,

this comic will go places I only dreamed of going," says writer Tim

Sullivan. "With not only Avatar's blessing but request, we will be

pushing the envelope in all directions, so expect an extremely

sexual, violent, madcap, satirical, over-the-top, politically

incorrect thrill ride." Fans of origins, comics, and horror will get

their slasher hearts filled with this no-limits barred memoir of how

the Maniacs came to be. Avatar Press' 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 will

be the first licensed comic book based on Tim Sullivan's movie, and

it will be Sullivan's first venture into the industry.

2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 will feature Robert Englund's character as

well as the rest of the original cast of Maniacs, and also introduce

several new characters that will appear in the 2nd and 3rd

movies! The licensed comic is completely in-continuity with the

films, and will be featured in a special 'making of' section on the

DVD of the 2nd film, 2002 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillies.

"Tim Sullivan and Chris Kobin's script and dialogue rivals that of

the original film and its upcoming sequel, BEVERLY HELLBILLYS," says

Robert Englund. Writer of the series Tim Sullivan is no stranger to

the entertainment biz. He holds producing credits on Detroit Rock

City, writing and producing credits on both Snoop Dogg's Hood of

Horrors and Driftwood, and writing and directing credits on the Maniacs films.

"I always wanted to write a comic kids would have to hide under the

bed," claims Chris Kobin, Tim Sullivan's creative partner. "This is

The Maniacs as we see them - without limits and without

taboos!" Kobin has worked with Tim Sullivan on several horror films

including 2001 Maniacs, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, and Driftwood.

Avatar Press regular Raulo Caceres will draw the interior and three

special covers. "The artwork is simply beyond amazing. Raulo Caceres

has truly taken 2001 MANIACS to another dimension - and thankfully

given Buckman more height and hair!" says Englund. Caceres will be

releasing this comic on the heals of the CRECY graphic novel by

Warren Ellis which he is also drawing and will be released in

June. Along with MANIACS in July he is drawing one of his

tremendously popular Wraparound covers for Ellis' on going series,


Dust off your butchers' smock, the 2001 MANIACS SPECIAL #1 hits

retailers this July, featuring the art of Raulo Caceres and written

by the director and writer of the films, Tim Sullivan. This

full-color book will be made available in three covers drawn by the

series artist, and one photo cover of Robert Englund's character

Mayor Buckman. Both the second film, 2002 Maniacs: Beverly

Hellbillies, and the Avatar Press comic will be previewed and

featured at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

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