Elektra #9 and #10 previews

Mon, April 8th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

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Hey, True Believer!

The gang in the Bullpen likes to look at Elektra... that is, when they're a

safe distance away from her sinister sais! So if you like watching the sexy

assassin too, then you should know that the look of her book will soon

change as a new artist jumps onboard the femme fatale's series!

I've just learned that Joe Bennett (THOR) will join swanky new writer Greg

Rucka for a two issue run -- starting this month! Issue #9 (on sale April

24th) concludes Rucka's first story arc, in which Elektra must decide just

how far an assassin will go to fulfill an assignment -- especially if it

includes torture! Issue #10 (on sale May 22nd) presents a disturbing

stand-alone story that exposes Elektra's secrets. See, we all know what she

does for a living, but what does Elektra do between jobs, when there's

nobody to kill?

Here's two pages from issue #9, courtesy of Joe Bennett!

Page 4 Page 6

And here's a couple of cool covers (from issue #9 and #10) by the great Greg


Elektra #9 Elektra #10

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