'Fused!' sells out, second issue includes new backup feature

Tue, April 9th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 9 April, 2002 -- Fans curious about Image Comics' new series,1

FUSED!, may have a bit of a search on their hands as the release date for

issue #2 draws near: FUSED! #1 has reportedly sold out.

Created and written by Steve Niles (HELLSPAWN) with art by Paul Lee (SAM &

TWITCH), FUSED! has received exceptionally strong word of mouth from fans

and retailers alike. A number of retailers have reported brisk sellouts on

multiple reorders.

Niles and Lee aren't resting on their laurels, either: Beginning with FUSED!

#2, due out in May, each issue of the series will feature a four-page

backup story at no additional charge. Running as a separate serial, the

backup will introduce an a group of federally funded superheroes called the


"These are 9 to 5 heroes," Niles explains, "They're like firemen in that

they spend a lot of time waiting for the alarm to send them on their next

mission. They work under strict jurisdictional restrictions. These heroes

don't do bank robberies, they don't go out on patrol. They're only called

when there's a national security threat."

The initial Implementers backup focuses on the first day on the job for Kid

Crash, the son of the world's most famous hero, as he meets his future

co-workers DOA and Sliver. Along the way, Kid Crash discovers that there's

more to being a hero than simply punching the clock and following in his

father's footsteps. He also learns that sometimes there is an 'I' in team.

As with the lead story, the Implementers backup will be written by FUSED!

creator Niles and will feature artwork by Lee -- along with newcomer Adam

Huntley. The Implementers will play a major role in upcoming issues of

FUSED! and the team will be featured on the cover of FUSED! #3, scheduled

for a July release.

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