SAN DIEGO, DAY 3: CBR's Photo Parade

Sun, July 22nd, 2001 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Pictures from Comic-Con International at San Diego, Day 3:

Killer Princesses promo image in the Oni booth
The Nocturnals' Polychrome and a Rebel Fighter An odd choice for a fan costume.
Eisner Winner Alex Robinson Alvin Schwartz
Dawn "Little Red Hot" Brown Dean "Electropolis" Motter
Angel Medina ATM Line. Longer than the line for most creators.
Batman from Batman Beyond The Battlestar Atkins Diet
William "Violent Messiahs" O'Neil William Stout
Image Founders (L-R) Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen and Marc Silvestri Jason "Berlin" Lutes
Colorist Jay Fotos, way too happy! Judd Winick
Yeah, pretty much. CrossGen's Mark Alessi and his significant other.
Eisner Nominee Mark "Artesia" Smylie Funk-O-Tron's (L-R) Matthew Roberts, Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman
Ron Lim Scott Kollins [Read the Flash. It's seriously good. - Jonah]
Shannon "Too Much Coffee Man" Wheeler Team Red Star (L-R)
Brad Kayl, Snakebite, Ned Downs, Johanna Olson and Christian Gossett
Mike Mignola Mike Brennan
We THINK this is Lady Death. Anyone? Clark Kent and Supergirl
Dan Mishkin and Tom Mandrake Richard "Boneyard" Moore
Kabuki Man and some Troma Wenches Bendis

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