Junk Mizuno's Manga 'Cinderella' to be released by Viz

Mon, April 15th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - April 10, 2002 - Viz Communications, Inc. today

announced the July graphic novel release of Cinderalla by Junko Mizuno,

marking her English-language book debut. With lettering and coloring by the

author herself, Mizuno recreates the tones for her own work--in effect

creating an original work for her American readers--and demonstrates why she

is the fastest rising comics star of Japan. Cinderalla features 120

full-color pages for $15.95 U.S. ($26.50 Canada).

Currently featured in PULP: The Manga Magazine, where it is serialized on a

monthly basis, Cinderalla is twisted turn on the classic fairy tale--her dad

and the stepsisters are zombies, her family runs a yakitori restaurant and

the sickly Prince is a pop star on permanent IV support! Mizuno turns this

classic story about class, labor and the social role of women, on its head

with a distinctly post-pop, post-feminist consciousness with delirious color

illustrations, elements of grotesquerie and politically sharp black humor.

Brimming with psychedelic soul, Cinderalla is the latest brilliant pop

object from cutting-edge Japan. To see a black-and-white preview for

yourself, visit http://www.pulp-mag.com/manga/cinderalla/.

Cute but deadly. Powerpuff Girls on acid. Girl power with a grotesque edge.

These are some of the ways to describe the utterly unique world of author

and artist Junko Mizuno. Born in 1973 in Tokyo, Japan, Mizuno is one of the

most promising young artists in Japan's fast-moving manga scene. Her

instantly recognizable illustrations blending the cute and grotesque, grace

everything in Tokyo from T-shirts to handbags to skateboards to CD covers to

nightclub dcor.

Mizuno first came to prominence with Pure Trance (1998), which was

originally serialized as booklets released with CDs by the techno-pop label

Avex Trax. Her most recent book is a collection of illustrations called Hell

Babies (2001). In English, Mizuno's comics have appeared in Tokion magazine,

Secret Comics Japan (Viz, 2000) and PULP: The Manga Magazine, where she

illustrated the "Vulgarity Drifting Diary" column.

About Viz

Viz Communications, Inc., is the leading U.S. publisher of Japanese

animation and comics (anime and manga) for English-speaking audiences,

serving a growing market of dedicated fans of all ages. Founded in 1986,

Viz publishes over 20 titles every month including Ranma 1/2, Pokmon,

Gundam and Dragon Ball Z. Viz also offers an integrated product line of

consumer entertainment that includes magazines, comics, graphic novels,

videos, DVDs and audio soundtracks.

Based in San Francisco, California, Viz is one of the top five comics

publishers in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shogakukan, one

of Japan's three largest publishers. With some of the most innovative

products in the industry, Viz has expanded its offerings to its loyal fans

through web sites such as www.animerica-mag.com, www.pulp-mag.com,

www.j-pop.com and its corporate site, www.viz.com.

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