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Mon, April 15th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer/Publisher

[Deadline #2]
Deadline #2.
Cover by Greg Horn.
A couple weeks back you had the chance to pick up Marvel Comics' "Deadline #1," the first of a four-issue mini-series written by Bill Rosemann with art by Guy Davis. In it we're introduced to Kat Farrell, a freshman reporter at the Daily Bugle assigned to cover the city's super-heroes, a beat she really doesn't want. She'd rather cover the real people in the city, but seeing as how she's the new kid on the block she can't complain too much. During her work she stumbles on a story that's bigger than she could have imagined. Someone out there is killing super-villains and all indicators trace the crimes back to a noted New York City judge.

For those who read the first issue you were left with a lot of questions. Who's the Judge? How's he killing these guys? What happened to Kat's fish? We asked Bill Rosemann that very question and he shared with us a look at the first four pages of issue #2 of Deadline. Below you'll find the full script plus colored artwork by Guy Davis. Read the script and click each image for a close-up look at each page.

chasing a killer story can be hazardous to your health

Script for issue #2

Bill Rosemann


1. Judge: Come with me. I need you.

2. title: DEADLINE chapter 2

3. credits: Bill Rosemann - Writer

Guy Davis - Artist

4. credits: Dave Stewart - Colorist

Dave Sharpe - Letterer

5. credits: Marc Sumerak & Jeff Youngquist - Assistant Editors

Tom Brevoort - Editor

6. credits: Joe Quesada - Editor in Chief

Bill Jemas - President

7. indicia


1. Kat: Yaaah!!

2. caption: Great. Dreaming about work.

3. caption: The first sign that your job is taking over your life.

4. caption: 'Course in my case, work involves hunting a vigilante who may or

may not be a ghost.

5. caption: Ahh... who am I kidding. That's why I came to New York, right?

The whole "Katherine Farrell: mild mannered reporter for a major

metropolitan newspaper" thing?

6. caption: So what was it that got me hooked on ink?

7. caption: That photojournalist that came to Career Day in the 5th grade?

Catching "His Girl Friday" on midnight cable?

8. caption: Anyway, I don't know what's more weird: the fact that I'm

dreaming about The Judge...

9. caption: ...or that someone stole my fish.


1. caption: Have to talk to the cops about that later. Right now my Muse


2. caption: The Daily Bugle. Voice of the people. Seeker of Truth... not to

mention a flashy headline.

3. caption: It's also my dream job -- that is, it will be once I ditch my

beat covering the superpowered primadonnas that prance around the Big Apple.

4. Robbie Robertson: Mornin', Kat. Almost done with that piece on the

Wrecking Crew?

5. Kat: It'll be on your desk with your pastrami at lunch, Chief!

6. caption: Because, you know, it'll be soooo exciting to write about how

some Capes made the 6 train run late for the bajillionth time this month.

7. caption: All right, today's to-do list: pay the cable bill, get my

eyebrows waxed...

8. caption: ...oh yeah, and figure out who murdered Judge Michael Hart's

wife -- and then turned him into a super-villain serial killer.

9. Paul Swanson: Well, if it isn't Kat Farrell, the Human Torch's #1 fan!

10. Kat: Didn't you get the e-mail, Swanson? No smoking in the pressroom!

11. Swanson: Hey, this is Italian, you know.

12. caption: That's right, worry about your cheesy suit while I snag the

story that you're too lazy to figure out.


1. caption: And just when I think I can't take the office jerks like Paul

Swanson for another second, I get the heck outta Dodge and tool around on my

pride and joy.

2. caption: Vespa Scooter: accept no substitute.

3. caption: See, you gotta remember that the story is never in your cubicle.

Every second you're reading e-mail, you're not talking to sources.

4. caption: You want to post on chat boards? Be a desk jockey.

5. caption: You want to be a reporter? Hit the freakin' streets.

6. caption: And if you happen to be a reporter covering the Capes, you gotta

know which streets -- be they up in Harlem or down here in Chinatown -- to


7. caption: Because those who hide behind masks aren't exactly the most open


8. caption: Take Dr. Pow, for instance.

9. Kat: Yo, Eightball!

10. Eightball: Password?

11. Kat: I got your password right here.

12. Eightball: Yeah, girl! Where'd you score one?

13. Kat: It's a big town, Eightball. You can get whatever you want if you

know where to look.

"Deadline #2" hits store shelves May 1st.

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