Harley-Davidson Rides Onto the Comic Book Scene

Mon, July 16th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

San Diego, CA - JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD is set to make its

world debut on July 26th, 2007 in San Diego, CA, at the comic industry's

biggest event, Comic-Con International. Created by Kompany X and published

by Top Cow productions, JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD centers on two childhood

friends who are bound by the code of brotherhood, loyalty...and fate.

Closer than brothers, one is destined to die and the other to secure justice

as a tale of corruption and murder along the U.S./Mexican border unfolds.

This title was created by Kompany X founder John Leekley, the Emmy

award-winning writer/executive producer of "Spawn: The Animated Series,"

Michael D. Olmos, director of the Dark Horse feature film Splinter and Roger

Mincheff, the founder of Spacedog Entertainment and Executive Producer of

Sony's "The Covenant" and creates a modern Latino archetype Based loosely on

the legends of Pancho Villa and Zorro, JOHNNY DELGADO IS DEAD is

groundbreaking by having broad appeal while based in the rich culture and

lifestyle of the Hispanic community, one that has largely been ignored by

the comic book industry.

Spacedog Entertainment approached Harley-Davidson Motor Company in the

developmental stages of their comic project. The lead characters in the

story, Johnny Delgado and Victor Reyes, personify the Harley-Davidson brand

through their adventurous spirit and rebel attitudes. Growing up in a tough

neighborhood, the young boys stayed off the streets by helping out at the

local motorcycle shop where they gained their love of bikes and the freedom

of the open road.

"We initially approached Harley-Davidson because our hero is a modern day

Zorro and today Zorro's steed would be a Harley. Nothing else would have

made sense," says Roger Mincheff, CEO & President of Spacedog Entertainment.

"There are brands that define a lifestyle. As our relationship developed,

Harley's rich brand helped us further develop the richness of our hero. The

ability to use that image lends authenticity to the lifestyle portrayed in

this story."

"After reviewing the project, we knew it was something that Harley-Davidson

needed to support," says Matt Schmidt, Entertainment Marketing Project

Manager at Harley-Davidson. "The theme of brotherhood is at the heart of

our brand."

"As a proud member of the Latino community, it was a thrill to write

something that honors those roots but at its core is just a great and

classic story told through a visually stunning medium," says Michel Olmos

(son of the legendary Edward J. Olmos). Mincheff and artist Chris Moreno

are all of Latino descent, which contributes to the authenticity of the


Since 1992, Top Cow Productions has cemented itself as one of the leading

comic book publishers in the business. With titles like LARA CRAFT TOMB

RAIDER, WITCHBLADE, THE DARKNESS and WANTED, Top Cow has established itself

as a pipeline for new franchises that resonate with the comic book audience.

"We're absolutely thrilled to be publishing this book and working with such

talented writers as John and Michael, in addition to one of the great

American motorcycle brands, Harley-Davidson" says Filip Sablik, Vice

President of Marketing & Sales for Top Cow. "One of the things that excites

us about this story is the appeal it will have to Latino communities as well

as the entire comic book and graphic novel field."

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