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Thu, July 19th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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One man trying to reclaim a world… a world that might not want him to.

One man trying to reclaim his sense of self… while impersonating others.

One man trying hard to become the very thing he's avoided his entire life…


After the recent announcement that industry legend and master storyteller, Fabian Nicieza had taken the writing helm of Moonstone Books new CAPTAIN ACTION series, a call was put out for an artist to join Nicieza in chronicling the Captain's new adventures. While a great many wonderful submissions landed on the desk of Moonstone's Art Director, one stood out as the perfect match for the stories Nicieza is producing.

Moonstone Books is proud to announce Mark Sparacio has answered the call to action and will be providing the artwork for the all-new adventures.

When asked about the new assignment, Sparacio offered his thoughts,"To say the least, I am very excited to be part of the new CAPTAIN ACTION comic book team. As a huge fan of the Ideal Toys action figure and, of course, the first CAPTAIN ACTION comic book thatlegendary comic creators Jim Shooter, Wally Wood and Gil Kane worked on, I was thrilled when I received the news that I was chosen to be the interior penciller and cover painter for the new Moonstone comic book series. I understand that the CAPTAIN ACTION team looked at a lot of talented artists, beforechoosing me, so I amboth honored and flatteredfor this opportunity.When I was told that Fabian Nicieza would be writing the book, Iwas blown away. After reading Fabian's script for part one and the terrific back story that he has created for CAPTAIN ACTION, I was totally hooked. I love his approach to CAPTAIN ACTION and I think what he wants to do and where he wants to take CAPTAIN ACTION is going to be incredible!"

Click here to check out the promo image created by Sparacio:

Sparacio will be at the Moonstone booth (#2042) during San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 27 th from 3:00-4:00pm.

Not only was Sparacio overjoyed at landing the job, but Joe Ahern and Ed Catto at Captain ActionEnterprises feel the excitement as well. "We at Captain ActionEnterprises are thrilled at the addition of Mark Sparacioto this book. His unique style of painted artis certain to bring Fabian's script to a wholenew level!"

"We are proud to bring Captain Action back to comics," states Moonstone Editor in Chief, Joe Gentile."We think comic fans are going to be really surprised by the very slick direction Fabian has taken with the character. This should appeal to both fans of the classic action figure, as well as fans of cool spy/hero adventure."

Moonstone will be producing a short Captain Action story that will appear in two parts as a "second feature" in the pages of the upcoming BUCKAROO BANZAI mini series! After that, the sky's the limit!

About CAPTAIN ACTION: Capt Action, an action figure from IDEAL toys circa 1966, was Ideal's reaction to Hasbro's GI JOE. Stan Weston designed/created the hero who could adopt the guise of many other heroes, such as The Phantom, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. In 1968, DC Comics produced a five issue mini series. Now for the first time in 40 years, Captain Action will be in comics again!

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