Wizard World Chiago, 2007 News Index

Sun, August 12th, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Didn't have a chance to check CBR this wekeend while we were covering all there was to cover out of Wizard World Chicago? No problem! We've put together this nifty index just for you, with links to all our in-depth coverage posted this weekend.

WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Saturday
WWC: Wildstorm Panel gets Scary with "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash"
WWC: Top Cow Panel Report
WWC: McDuffie Welcomes Millar & Hitch to the Family
WWC: The Matt Wagner Method
WWC: VIDEO: Levin & Sablik Talk Top Cow's Pilot Season Plans

WWC: It was a "Dark Knight" in Chicago
WWC: A Big ol' Cup O' Joe
WWC: Aspen Comics Panel
WWC: DC New Worlds Order
WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Friday
WWC: Alex Ross Talks "The Return" To Marvel
WWC: Warren Ellis Talks "Ultimate Hulk/Iron Man
WWC: Michelinie Talks "Iron Man: Legacy of Doom"
WWC: Civil War & Remembrance Panel -Updated!
Marvel Previews for Titles Shipping August 15
WWC: Mark Millar is the New "Fantastic Four"-Man
WWC: Bryan Hitch-ing a Ride with the "Fantastic Four"

WWC: Mattel and DC Comics Presentation
WWC: Mondo Marvel, Mondo Questions
WWC: Vertigo - From the Edge
WWC: An X-Men Panel About… Spidey's Marriage?
WWC: Hollywood, Pranks and Booze: Millar Time at Wizard World
WWC: DC Nation Panel
WWC: Future Avengers Assemble! Kirkman talks "Killraven"
WWC: Spurrier Talks "The Silver Surfer: In Thy Name"
WWC: War Journalists Walker & Stewart talk "Punisher War Journal"
WWC: Around Comics Podcast on Preview Night
WWC: CBR Photo Parade - Preview Night

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