Zenescope announces "Willow Creek"

Fri, November 2nd, 2007 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

Zenescope is proud to announce Willow Creek, a five issue mini-series

featuring story by Denny Williams and Christian Beranek (Dracula vs.

King Arthur, Se7en), with art by fan favorite Josh Medors (G.I. Joe,

Chucky). It is set to debut in early January with a special #0 issue.

Issue #1 will be out in stores later that month.

Set in a sleepy town in Northern California, Willow Creek presents a

new origin story for the popular werewolf horror genre. Deacon McKay,

a cop from the NYPD, takes a job back in the place where he grew up.

After a series of murders, he uncovers the dark past of Willow Creek

and comes face to face with his own demons.

Co-creators Denny Williams and Josh Medors came up with the original

premise when they were teenagers. Critically acclaimed writer/producer

Christian Beranek read the treatment, was intrigued and signed on soon

later. He then went to the actual town of Willow Creek, CA to take

reference photos and interview the locals.

"It's a very creepy place," says Beranek, known for the amount of

research he puts into a project. "I was able to take a ton of great

pics and get a vibe for the town. There is a lot of mystery there,

being it's the self-proclaimed home of Bigfoot, and that is conveyed

in the book."

"We're excited about the future of Willow Creek," says Zenescope

President Joe Brusha. "Werewolves are back in a big way and this book

is sure to entertain fans of lycanthrophy everywhere."

Issue #0 will be available in both a regular edition and as a special

cover featuring original sketches by Medors and some of the best

artists in the industry.

For more information please visit www.zenescope.com

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