Busiek Teases Cliffhanger Project for 2003

Fri, June 14th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books
Beau Yarbrough, Columnist

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Writer Kurt Busiek may have slowed down a few steps since the serious

chronic respiratory problems that have spelled the end - for now - to his

acclaimed "Astro City" series, but it hasn't been by much. In addition to

monthly assignments for both DC and Marvel Comics, the writer teased Friday

that he's got another big project up his sleeve for next year. As to what,

exactly, it is, fans will just have to wait, however.

All Busiek would say Friday in response to inquiries from CBR News about

rumors of a new project that have been swirling for several months was

"'Arrowsmith.' Busiek. Pacheco. Cliffhanger. 2003."

The image he provided suggests at least one strong possibility, but

since Busiek has famously tossed a major curveball across the plate in

recent memory - the last page of "Thunderbolts" #1 remains a strong

argument for creative teams not giving everything away before their book

hits the shelves - such speculation is best left for Busiek's fans.

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