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Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner


by Colleeen Doran

32pp BW $3.95 Quarterly

In stores the week of September 25th.

The Concept

A young girl is born the heir to an alien religious dynasty, making her the most powerful psionic being in the universe. Warring factions vie for control of the throne and the favor of a child that can destroy planets with the power of her thoughts.

This Issue

"Love for yourself makes one strong. Love for another makes one a slave."

The Hierarchy will stop at nothing to control fifteen-year-old Liana as she inherits the mantle of the Avatar, the most powerful psionic being in the universe.

Her brother is the Hierarchy's prisoner. Possessing a deadly psionic power of his own, he was wounded in an attack that left him in a coma. For a race of people with almost limitless mental powers, Jason's brain is a playground, an empty vessel that can be filled with any command, and the Hierarchy has dark intentions for the young assassin.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Age of Bronze, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and Shoujo Manga


A Distant Soil is ™ & Colleen Doran, 2002. All rights reserved.


(W) David Wohl

(P) David Finch

(I) Joe Weems

BW 16pp Please inquire about pricing.

In stores the week of September 25th.

This Issue

One of the hottest series of last year returns with this exclusive signed edition! David Wohl, writer and co-creator of Aphrodite IX signs the first printed release of the Aphrodite IX Preview Edition comic!! Containing the first ever appearance of Aphrodite IX and a special convention back cover, this great signed exclusive is not to be missed!!


by Joseph Michael Linsner

FC 176pp $39.95 Hardcover


Limited to 1000 copies only.

Allocations may occur.

Note, contains 16 extra pages of material.

FC 192pp $69.95

Both in stores the week of September 18th.

Few names in the art world today stir the passions of fans like that of Joseph Michael Linsner. A maverick phenomenon, Linsner has been painting visions of fantastic worlds and beautiful women since 1989. He stormed the world with his personal tribute to the Goddess, Dawn. Collected here for the first time is the body of work that Joseph himself is proudest of.

This much-anticipated volume boasts 176 pages of Linsner's very best work, including covers and over a dozen previously unseen and unpublished paintings. Scores of rare production sketches and color roughs will be highlighted, as well as a special "how to" section in which Linsner gives a sneak peek at the production of one of his dazzling Dawn paintings from start to finish.

More than simply pinup art, Linsner's work illuminates a complex mythology, rife with its own symbolism and language. Ever wanted to go to Heaven, Hell and beyond? Linsner's art will take you there.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Vargas Pin-Ups, Goddess worshipers and art lovers of all ages.


Dawn is ™ and 2002 Joseph Michael Linsner. All rights reserved.


(W) Munier Shurief

(P) Alex Ross and Wilson Tortosa

(C) Shane Law and Udon Studios

FC 32pp $2.99 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

Banded together to protect the earth, G-Force is a team of five highly

trained teenagers who keep the world safe from all manner of evil

threats! Using an array of advanced weapons and even-more-advanced

vehicles, the team best known for their 1970's cartoon series is set to

be taken into the 21st Century by some of the top talents in comics!

This Issue

Things just keep getting worse for G-Force as Spectra's onslaught

against Central West continues. But can the team have any hope of

defeating Zoltar's forces if they can't even get along with each other?

Earth better hope so, because time is running OUT!

Offered Again:

Universe #1-7


Battle of the Planets is ™ and 2002 Sandy Frank Film Syndication Inc, A.R.R.


Todd McFarlane Productions

The Creech: Out for Blood heralded Greg Capullo's return to his popular

creator-owned character. The Creech is a three-issue mini-series of

interlinked stories each with 40 pages of story and art. The book is

Story continues below

written, pencilled and inked by Capullo. If you missed this incredible

work the first time, now's your chance for redemption.

The Creech: Out for Blood issues 1-3


(W) Steve Niles

(A) Brad Rader

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly ongoing series

In stores the week of September 25th.

The Concept

Mark Haggerty is permanently fused with an experimental robot suit

called Cy-Bot. Unlike armored heroes of the past, Mark's first instinct

isn't to save the world, but to ensure his survival and take back his

life. Imagine that you have become imprisoned within a suit of armor and

that it has fused with your entire nervous system. How will you cope

when even the simplest of bodily functions are denied you?

This Issue

"Canned Heat". Part Four

This issue has everything! Action, adventure, romance and BIG ROBOT

action as Cy-Bot (Mark Haggerty) fights to save his wife and his life

which has been shattered by the vengeful Agent Mortis and the

Implementers! Will Mark take the fall for his own murder? Will the

Implementers beat the crap of him? Will Fard screw his head on and take

responsibility for his selfish actions? Pick up a copy and get in on the action!

Recommended for readers and fans of

The X-Files, Star Wars, Savage Membrane, Battlechasers and Concrete.


Fused! is Steve Niles, 2002. All Fused! characters and concepts

Steve Niles, 2002.

G.I. JOE #10

(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Jamal Igle

(I) John Larter

(Cover) Steve Kurth

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

G.I. JOE is the code name for America's daring and highly trained

special mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a

ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This Issue

Dreadnoks! Dreadnoks! Dreadnoks! That's right, this issue is chock full

of them, and everyone's favorite pink-haired Dreadnok returns. This

issue begins a new arc that will finally let everyone know just what

Zarana thinks of her bossy niece, and how the Joes are keeping tabs on

the dangerous bikers.

Recommended for readers and fans of

G.I.Joe is a sure win with anyone into high adventure, military action,

and more. It's an action story that plots the U.S. military against a

team of near-super villains, and a great nostalgia kick to boot.

Recommended for fans of Sgt. Rock, all the way to Crouching Tiger.

G.I.Joe has it all! Also a must have for anyone who grew up playing

with the Real American Heroes the first time around.


G.I. Joe is ™ and 2002 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Under

license to Devil's Due.


(W) Jonathan Peterson

(A) Aron Wiesenfeld

(I) Kevin Conrad

(Cover) Aron Wiesenfeld

FC 32pp $2.95 4 issue finite series

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

Years ago, Christian Angelos, last of the warrior Archangels,

mysteriously disappeared. Now the forces of Hell are assembling and

Heaven desperately needs its agent. Unfortunately, Angelos has

resurfaced, only this time as a Hollywood star with no memory of his

prior life. Worse, his enchanted lance -- the only weapon capable of

killing archdemon Daemon Malecent is missing. It's time for GUARDIAN

ANGEL, Heaven's last line of defense, to rediscover his mission and

battle again!

This Issue

It's all-out action as Guardian Angel, Dominique and Percival the Lion

stage a daring raid on the vault of the Vatican to recover his lance,

even as Daemon Malecent tests his portal to Hell and begins to bring the

invasion force through! Meanwhile, Angelos learns why he and Malecent

are immortal enemies and a traitor is revealed in his midst! Plus: who

is the hulking ape-like Bobo and what are his ties to Guardian's past?

Recommended for readers and fans of

Raiders of the Lost Ark, comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and lovers of

good old fashioned fun!


Guardian Angel is ™ and Blue Dolphin Productions, 2002. All right reserved.


(W/A) Michael Avon Oeming & Mark Obie Wheatley,

(Cover) Michael Avon Oeming

FC 176pp $18.95 Trade Paperback

Retailers: Please see order form for retailer incentive program.

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

Collecting HAMMER OF THE GODS #1-5 and lots of extras!

Story continues below

Vikings just want to have fun! Of course, their idea of fun involves

sharp bladed weapons and lots of blood. So how can a great big,

powerful lad like Modi have fun? He's suffering under a curse and if he

ever touches a weapon he will lose his soul. If that wasn't bad enough,

Modi is now tracking down the God Thorr to thrash him. Hear that

thunder? They're going at it right now!

Recommended for readers and fans of

Mythology, over-the-top battles of the WWF and the fantastic art of

Powers and Bastard Samurai.


Hammer of the Gods is ™ and Mark Wheatley and Mike Oeming, 2002. All

rights reserved.


Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Steve Niles

(A)y Ben Templesmith

(Cover) Ben Templesmith

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 18th.


Featuring the same core character as the long-running Spawn comic book,

Hellspawn mires the protagonist in a dark, foreboding world of grime and

dirty secrets. While Spawn highlights a battle between the dark and the

light, Hellspawn is struggling mightily to keep the blackness at bay.

This book is the stripped-down ugly essence of Todd McFarlane's

Hell-born creation.

This Issue

"The Killing Hand, Part 1"

The Hellspawn emerges from one dark world into another as the nightmares

that chase his cursed soul spill from one dimension to Earth. Something

evil has escaped Hell's vile grip. This evil, this inhuman thing, is

hungry for a taste of human misery, starving for a little blood on its

hands. It's been so long since its last kill, not even a Hellspawn will

stand in its way. Who is this killer...and what does he want?

Recommended for readers and fans of

The Sixth Sense, Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Twin Peaks.


Hellspawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2002. All right reserved.


McFarlane Toys

Item # 12211

Following up on the insanely popular Iron Maiden Eddie: Killers action

figure, McFarlane Toys is releasing The Trooper. One of the most popular

and recognizable Iron Maiden images, this figure comes with several

accessories and a base.

* Iron Maiden Eddie: The Trooper

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



McFarlane Toys

Item # 17422

For the third year running, McFarlane Toys will release a Movie Maniac

figure in massive 18-inch scale. For 2002, that character is Edward

Scissorhands from the film of the same name. Fully detailed and

articulated, this 18-inch-tall figure features motion-activated play action.

* Edward Scissorhands

This item ships 2 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



McFarlane Toys

Item # 17520

Two of the most highly requested Movie Maniacs figures … in one box.

That's right, Alien (from Alien) and Predator (from Predator) are the

deluxe boxed set from Movie Maniacs Series 5. Completely and intricately

detailed, these figures come with a custom base.

* Alien and Predator box

This item ships 6 per case. Please inquire about pricing.



McFarlane Toys

Item # 70150

The hard hits, cross-checks and slapshots continue with McFarlane Toys'

third line of professional hockey action figures. McFarlane's Sports

Picks: Hockey Series 3 contains nine more of the NHL's best players,

complete with action poses, official team uniforms, ice bases and all equipment.

* Roman Turek

* Chris Osgood

* Alexander Mogilny

* Joe Sakic

* Mike Modano

* Scott Stevens

* Mark Messier

* Pavel Bure

* Olaf Kolzig

This item ships 12 per case, no guarantee of mix.

Please inquire about pricing.



Joe's Comics

(W) J. Michael Straczynski

(P) Gary Frank

(I) Jason Gorder/Jonathan Sibal

(C) Matt Milla

FC 288pp $29.99 Trade Paperback

In stores the week of September 4th.

Homicide Detective David Grey is lost. While trying to solve the most

disturbing case of his life, he is unceremoniously cast into a crack

between worlds: a shadowy netherworld where things and people -- lost,

castoff, or simply forgotten -- collect like dust in a corner. Now in a

world where hopelessness reigns, his only chance for survival lies in an

uneasy alliance with a mysterious woman who promises to either ensure

his escape, or kill him within a year. Collecting the 12 issues of the

regular series and the 12 page story in the Wizard #1/2 issue.

Offered Again from Gary Frank:

Kin: Descent of Man TP

Story continues below


Midnight Nation™, Joe's Comics™, their logos and all related characters

are ™ & 2002 J. Michael Straczynski and Top Cow Productions Inc. All

rights reserved.


(W) Stan Winston and Francis Takenaga

(A)Philip Tan

Cover A by Simon Bisley

Cover B by Philip Tan

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-monthly four issue mini-series

Retailers: Please see order form for retailer incentive program.

In stores the week of September 18th.

The Concept

Trakk came into a world bathed in blood. He travels the scorched

remains of the Earth to find the Helmet of Kyldran, rumored to hold the

very balance between good and evil. Others -- some not of this world --

seek its awesome power as well. On this ruined planet, hope is the most

precious gift of all, and a timeless warrior can only be saved by the

subtleties of his own humanity.

This issue

The Crippler's sheer lust for violence is a force unlike anything on

earth, and more than a handful. Even for an immortal. And it only gets

worse. Gallowz has summoned others from across the stars to join in the

final siege for power. Alone for centuries, Trakk discovers his battles

are not without allies of his own. Friends from unexpected quarters let

themselves be known. But what good is the human spirit against an army

of proteus cannons? And with whom does the desert dwelling, Red Vane,

cast his services to?

Bonus Feature: Realm of the Claw- Banished from the Realm, the spirits

of Tare and Tswanna are cast into human 'hell!' Born into starkly

contrasting worlds, Louden and Harrison have lived a tangle of

encounters of their lifetimes. Lives seemingly intertwined by more than

mere social morality!

Recommended for readers and fans of

Mad Max, Star Wars, Clint Eastwood westerns, and Lord of the Rings.


Mutant Earth is ™ and Stan Winston, 2002. All right reserved.


(W) Matt Cashel

(P) Jeremy Haun

(I) Jeremy Haun

(Cover) Jeremy Haun

BW 48pp $3.50 Monthly

In stores the week of September 4th.

The Concept

Television, downtown bars, relationships, beer and talking cats;

Paradigm is an experiment in encompassing all the strange, quirky, and

wild happenings currently taking place in the world around us. A way to

catalogue not only the history of mankind through pop-culture, but

through the hidden and fantastic worlds that surround us. And when

unexpected behavior and events begin to occur with alarming regularity,

it becomes apparent that a new way of thought has overtaken the city of

Bogsdale... and perhaps, the world.

This Issue

Chris Howells had it all: a beautiful girlfriend of two years, a TV and

digital satellite, a job with weekends off; a perfectly ordinary life.

But when Wednesday's "date night" arrived, it brought with it more than

the usual dinner and a movie. A strange and unexpected event occurred

that evening in the city of Bogsdale, in a dark and secluded parking lot

behind the old movie house, an event that would leave Chris Howells and

the reality in which he believed forever changed.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Carl Jung, Savage Dragon, Big Kahuna, downtowns, Monty Python, film

noir, Moonlighting, and Guiness.


Paradigm is ™ and Matt Cashel and Jeremy Haun, 2002. All rights reserved.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant

villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures

clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city streets below,

Homicide Detective Christian Walker does his job.

Walker is teamed up with spunky rookie Detective Deena Pilgrim to

investigate murders specific to superhero cases. investigations that takes

them from the seediest underbelly a city has to offer, to the gleaming

towers that are home to immortal beings.

This Issue




One of the city's most controversial vigilantes finds himself embroiled

in the most notorious scandals in the history of Powers- and it all

leads to murder. Walker and Deena go on a field trip to New York City to

investigate the dirty underside of one of the seventies classic super teams.

Story continues below

Recommended for readers and fans of

Alias, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Bastard Samurai.


Powers is ™ and Jinxworld. inc., 2002. All right reserved.

Offered again:

* Powers Annual

* Powers Coloring Book

* Powers #12-14


(W) J. Michael Straczynski

(P) Keu Cha

(I) Jason Gorder

(C) Liquid!

FC 32pp Please inquire about pricing.

In stores the week of September 18th.

Top Cow and CGC (Comics Guaranty LLC) have joined forces to create what

will soon be one of the most sought after collectible series around, the

Top Cow Collection. A special number of highly graded select Top Cow

comics, graded and distinctly labeled, all being limited to 100 copies

or less. The original first printing of Rising Stars #1 is the next

title to be offered from this incredible collection with a strictly

graded run of 9.4 or higher, limited to only 100 copies! With more

classic and hard to find issues from the Top Cow vault being added to

future editions of the collection, you'll want to make sure you secure

your Rising Stars #1 CGC Top Cow Collection Edition today!

Retailer note: All orders for the graded Rising Stars #1 CGC Top Cow

Collection Editions will be filled randomly with grades ranging from 9.4

to 9.8. This edition is strictly limited to 100 pieces, allocations may occur.


by Erik Larsen

FC 32pp NO ADS $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 18th.

The Concept

While the World's Greatest Super-hero, the Savage Dragon, fights to make

the world a better place, his son Malcolm Eugene Jackson Dragon takes up

the fight in his own way!

This Issue

Both the Savage Dragon and his son, Malcolm Eugene Jackson Dragon,

conclude their current adventure as they both face their biggest

challenges ever. And the Dragon makes a dramatic decision that will

forever change his life. Don't peek at the last panel!

Recommended for readers and fans of

Did we mention that Erik used to write, pencil and ink Spider-Man? Yeah,

those were good days. Well now Marvel's using all sorts or Erik's

Spider-Man images on shirts and toys and Slurpee cups and Erik doesn't

see a dime! Is he bitter? Well, no, not really. But show your support

and buy his #@&%ing comic book, okay?


Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen, 2002. All right reserved.


by Erik Larsen

FC 64pp NO ADS $2.95 One-Shot

In stores the week of September 11th.

The Concept

A complete guide to the World's Greatest Super-hero! The Savage Dragon

Companion is a handy sourcebook for Fandom's Favorite Fin-Head!

A must-have item for every Savage Dragon fan or folks who want to learn

more about the record-setting, hard-hitting Savage Dragon series! It's a

compelling introduction to the world of the Savage Dragon. A complete

guide to all things Savage Dragon-from synopses of the first 100 issues

of the groundbreaking series to bios of every character you'd care to

learn about and more trivia than you can shake a stick at (and I've seen

you shake that stick)!

Recommended for readers and fans of

Recommended for readers and fans of Wizard Magazine, Savage Dragon and

spicy curly fries. Mmmmmmmm.


Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen, 2002. All right reserved.

SPAWN #126

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane

(P) Angel Medina

(I) Danny Miki

(Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 25th.

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most

effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected

from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of

darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell.

Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders

the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

This Issue

"Wake Up Dreaming, Part II"

What's the dark secret hidden in the heart of the seemingly idyllic

Middle America town of Bliss? Somewhere among its manicured lawns and

white picket fences lies a key to Spawn's new incarnation on Earth.

Drawn deeper and deeper into the mystery of Bliss, Spawn is forced to

reveal some painful, long-buried secrets of his own. What he discovers

Story continues below

will change him forever -- if he survives.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Seven, Stir of Echoes, Stephen King,, and American Gothic.


Spawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2002. All right reserved.


(W/A) Jim Mahfood

BW 32pp $2.95 One-Shot

In stores the week of September 4th.

The Concept:

Hot indy artist Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts, Clerks,

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9, Peter Parker: Spider-Man

#42, 43) brings you this all-new collection of his

infamous Stupid Comics newspaper strip. Nothing is

safe from the keen, observational eye of Mahfood; from

corrupt politicians, pop culture worship, Hollywood,

the media, drugs, relationships, the music industry,

television, sex, religion to war, Stupid Comics offers

a hilarious satirical slant on all of these elements

of our bizarre culture.

Recommended for fans and readers of:

Mad Magazine, Evan Dorkin's Dork!, the Simpsons

political and social satire, the comedy of Bill Hicks

and George Carlin


Stupid Comics is TM and copyright 2002 Jim Mahfood.

All rights reserved.


(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) Cory Walker

(Cover) Cory Walker

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly, four-issue miniseries

In stores the week of September 4th.

The Concept

Super soldier, Johnny Armstrong has been battling the forces of evil

since World War II. His illustrious career has had many pitfalls and

triumphs over the many years of his activity. In the early '90s it

seemed that career had come to an end, his arms and legs missing, the

result of a deadly battle with Chicago's criminal organization Vicious

Circle. His broken body was rebuilt into the ultimate killing machine.

More machine than man Johnny found himself the pawn of various criminal

and government organizations. In control of his life at last he tries to

pick up the pieces and regain some semblance of the life he knew.

This Issue

Our star spangled hero is caught up in a frantic search to find his

missing daughter, Liberty! Meanwhile, his old Nazi sparring partner

from World War II, Baron Blitzkrieg, teams up with one of SuperPatriot's

oldest foes, thought dead, but now more deadly than ever--the nastiest

Nazi of them all!

All this plus Johnny Armstrong manages to squeeze in a poker game with

some old friends.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Savage Dragon, Captain America, G.I. Joe, war movies, The Spider-Man

movie and other things that are popular and make

lots of money.


SuperPatriot is and Erik Larsen, 2002. All right reserved.


(W) John Ney Rieber

(P) Randy Green

(I) Jonathan Sibal

(C) Jonathan D. Smith

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 4th.

The Concept

One of the most popular characters in video game history, Lara Croft is

a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Playboy playmate, and enough

action and adventure to snare an entire generation of fans with her

continuing adventures.

This Issue

A sun-drenched Aegean beach, pearls to dive for, a boyfriend who's never

seen suntan lotion before... Lara's found it all on the Isle of Hydra.

And she's never been so happy. But when a malevolent spirit from the

mists of legend threatens to make her moment of happiness permanent-and

terminal--Lara must master skills she's never dreamed she had-- Or spend

eternity in stone, among the victims of Medusa's Garden.

Offered Again:

Tomb Raider TP Vol I

Tomb Raider TP Vol II

Tomb Raider Journeys #1-4


Tomb Raider, the Tomb Raider logo, Lara Croft and her likeness and Eidos

Interactive are trademarks of Eidos P.L.C. 2002. All rights reserved.


(W) Marcia Chen

(P) Joe Benitez

(I) Joe Weems

BW 32pp $2.99

In stores the week of September 18th.

The Concept

The Magdealena. She is the chosen holy warrior of an age-old order,

called upon when the world faces mortal danger. But a new threat has

arisen which will shake her world to its foundations. Can even a warror

with the might of God save us when legions ofvampires set their sights

on world domination?

This Issue

Top Cow Classics is proud to present issue #1 of the highly acclaimed

Magdalena series, presented here in its true illustrated format. Drawn

by the incomparable Joe Benitez, this intricately woven tale is

complimented here by showcasing it in the black and white format. With

Story continues below

the regular #1 issue being an instant sell out, make sure to pick up

your copy of Magdalena #1 Black and White today!!

Offered Again:

Magdalena Poster #1

Magdalena Blood Divine TP


The Magdalena is ™ & Top Cow Productions 2002. All rights reserved.


(W) Joshua Dysart

(P) Tone Rodriguez

(I)Digital Chameleon

Cover A by Tone Rodriguez

Cover B by Michael Turner

FC 32pp $2.95 Four issue finite series

In stores the week of September 25th.

The Concept

Rankor Island, a carnival of social ills, a tilt-a-whirl of manic

violence, vigilante justice and police-corruption . . . the end harvest

of civilization. Through this madness staggers Lieutenant Cheri Major (a

criminal profiler, who specializes in apprehending vigilantes) and

Detective Earnest Houston (a perpetual screw-up). Two cops unwittingly

on the verge of discovering the unseen forces that imprison us all.

Violent Messiahs, a sci-fi mystery love story about criminal politics,

man's search for individuality, and the nature of violence.

This Issue

Citizen Pain has disappeared from Rankor Island. In his wake the urban

spiral of decay accelerates. Riots erupt, unemployment skyrockets,

police meet civil unrest with panicked violent force, the streets are

paved in broken glass. Into this asphalt jungle comes a new broken soul.

A murderer who carves the word "scalpel" into her victims. Now Cheri

Major is called in to bring this neoteric killer down before the whole

island becomes a battlefield.

Recommended for readers and fans of

Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Spawn, Grimm Fairytales, Philip K. Dick, and

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.


Violent Messiahs is ™ and Hurricane Ent., 2002. All right reserved.


(W) David Wohl

(P) Brian Ching

(I) Jason Gorder

(C) Steve Firchow

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of September 25th.

The Concept

Police officer Sara Pezzini has come into possession of the Witchblade,

a demonic gauntlet that throws her into a world of supernatural menaces

unlike any she knew existed before. Will she control the Witchblade, or

will it control her body and soul?

This Issue

When detective Sara Pezzini is called in to investigate a string of

murders in Brooklyn, she quickly realizes there's a connection to a man

she hasn't seen for some time and hoped she'd never see again--Mafia

hitman Jackie Estacado, the man known as THE DARKNESS. But since

Jackie's DEAD, is there a NEW wielder on the scene? This issue serves

as a prelude to the Endgame Crossover, beginning next month!

Offered Again:

Witchblade Convention Poster #1

Witchblade/Darkness 2001 Poster

Tales of Witchblade #1/2

Darkness #1/2


Witchblade ™ its logo and all related characters are o,™ & 2002 Top

Cow Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

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