Zenescope to launch Another "Grimm Fairy-Tales" Spin-Off Miniseries

Wed, December 12th, 2007 at 12:00am PST

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CBR News Team, Editor

Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment will be publishing a new miniseries entitled THE

PIPER which will mark the second spin-off of their very successful

independent title GRIMM FAIRY TALES. The first such series was the

surprise hit RETURN TO WONDERLAND which continues to receive excellent

critical reviews and increased monthly readership.

THE PIPER is an intense horror series which reveals the disturbing past

of the infamous Pied Piper, the man who took revenge on a town 700 years

ago by stealing its children. The story ultimately picks up in present

day Florida and follows a musically gifted but misunderstood high school

senior who finds a way to summon the Piper to do his bidding, not fully

realizing the ramifications of his actions. "This character we're

creating is both terrifying and charismatic and fits a similar mold to

classic horror villains such as Candyman, Freddie Kreuger and Pinhead.

This is going to be a very creepy and extremely entertaining horror

mini-series" said Zenescope's VP and GRIMM FAIRY TALES writer Ralph


THE PIPER is scheduled for a March 2008 release and can be found in


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