Dynamite Comics On Slae January 30, 2008

Mon, January 28th, 2008 at 12:00am PST

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CBR News Team, Editor

Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with advance looks at new comics on sale this week in finer comics stores. When you're done checking out these exciting images of "Terminator 2" #6 and "Mercenaries" #3, don't forget to stop by CBR's Indie Comics forum to discuss these Dynamite titles with fellow readers.


PRICE: $3.50



Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti

Penciller: Nigel Raynor

Colorist: TBD

Awards: N/A

Format: Comic Book

Rights: WW

The most unexpected cross-over continues here! Painkiller Jane meets the world of the Terminators! Dynamite's fist inter-company cross-over continues in part 2 of 4!

In the second part of our most unexpected cross-over, Jane's been targeted by the elite Terminator's of Cyberdyne as the deadly robot has shifted its mission parameters to terminate Jane! All the action and excitiement is directed by writer Jimmy Palmiotti and drawn by T2 artist Nigel Raynor, who also provides this issues connecting covers!

Look for the third part to continue in Painkiller Jane #5 and then be back here for the conclusion in Terminator 2 #7!


PRICE: $3.99


Covers: Michael Turner

Writer: Brian Reed

Penciller: Edgar Salazar

Colorist: TBD


Awards: N/A

Format: Comic Book

Rights: WW

The best-selling video game from Pandemic Studios is the next new DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT comic book event! Get ready to join up with the MERCENARIES!

Mercenaries the game has revolutionized the world of 3rd-person action-shooters by putting players in the middle of real world combat with the kind of freedom only a mercenary has. And now DYNAMITE'S MERCENARIES places you in the middle of the action!

Issue #3 weighs in at another impressive 40 pages, all under another stunning Michael Turner cover! Writer Brian Reed and artist Edgar Salazar continue the pounding tale of Mattias, Chris and Jennifer - the MERCENARIES - as they are caught between the Chinese Army and a group of Freedom Fighters in the nation of Taiwan! But all is not as it seems and betrayals abound!

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