"Spooks" #1 sells out, Drew Struzan joins creative team for issue 4

Thu, February 21st, 2008 at 12:00am PST

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Official Press Release

Chicago, IL. (Feb. 20, 2008) – The first issue of Devil's Due's new

monster-packed, military action series Spooks sold out from Diamond a

week after hitting comic book racks, and issue #4 added yet another

huge creator to its ranks.

"It's hard getting a new idea out there into such a crowded field, and

for the fans to get behind us is wonderful -- when you spend years

working on something you just hope people will enjoy it, and we're

absolutely delighted with the response so far," said writer Ryan

Schifrin. "It's been a labor of love from the start, as I worked with

Bob Salvatore and Larry Hama to take a spark of an idea and turn it to

an epic."

Spooks' all-star writing staff of Schifrin ("Abominable"), Hama (G.I.

Joe, Wolverine), and Salvatore (DemonWars) along with artist Adam

Archer was enough to propel the first issue to sell-out status. Issue

#4 will add big-name artist Drew Struzan to its credits.

Struzan, who is well known for his "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones"

posters graces the cover to Spooks' climactic ending with brand new

cover showcasing his legendary talents.

"Bob [Salvatore] – with his sons Geno and Bryan – gave the

supernatural elements real depth, while Larry made the military

response feel real, and kick serious butt," Schifrin stated. "Together

the creative team laid the groundwork for Spooks to be huge, and

there's much more to come – some of which you'll see on the website

and in the collected edition. This first arc is only the beginning."

For more information, please visit www.spooksthecomic.com and www.devilsdue.net.

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