Mordru puts the Legion of Super-Heroes through "Trials"

Wed, March 12th, 2008 at 12:00am PDT

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Official Press Release

"Legion of Super Heroes" unveils another all-new episode -- entitled

"Trials" -- in the series all-new timeslot -- 9:30 a.m. -- this

Saturday, March 15 on Kids' WB on The CW.

In "Trials," the evil sorcerer Mordru has attacked the magical planet

of Zarok, forcing the young and immature wizard Zyx to turn to the

Legion for help. While the Legion battles Mordru, Zyx must restore

his own powers by passing a series of trials designed to prove his

worth as a wizard. He'll have Kell-El along to assist. "Trials" was

written by Steven Melching and directed by James Tucker.

The evil plot is revealed by sorcerer Mordru, leaving Zyx and Kell-El

with an important challenge ahead.

Superman Turns Hulk? Strange things are afoot when the Legion of Super

Heroes come up against some powerful magic.

Trouble comes in many forms -- like a rapidly aging Timber Wolf -- when the Legion of Super Heroes encounters dark magical forces in "Trials." Kell-El gets tangled in his attempts to assist Zyx.

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