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Fri, July 2nd, 1999 at 12:00am PST

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Beau Yarbrough, Columnist



The light at the end of the tunnel may be visible for comic book giant Marvel

Comics. But for financier Carl Icahn, who sought to gain control of the company,

the light may be that of an oncoming train.

Citing lawyers close to the deal, CNNfn is reporting that Marvel Entertainment

Group Inc's former directors will be ousted from the board of directors following

the company's emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Marvel will merge with the Toy Biz toy company - which was once 27 percent

owned by the comic company - and the 11 member board will have none of Icahn's

appointees on it. Instead, five directors will be Toy Biz representatives, five

will be bank creditors and the last will be fund manager Mark Dickstein, whose

company, Dickstein Partners, has heavily invested in the comic book company.

Icahn gained control of Marvel's board last summer, after a bruising battle

with rival financier Ronald Perlman. He appointed his own board to oversee the

company soon after.

Under the plan, which has not been confirmed, Toy Biz would pump at least

$280 million dollars into Marvel Comics.



Writer Erik Larsen says he'll

be joined on the forthcoming "Nova" Marvel Comics series by artist Joe Bennett.

In an interview with Mania, Larsen said the "Amazing Spider-Man" penciller

was his first choice for the series, first reported by the Comic Wire several

weeks ago.

"I couldn't be happier," Larsen is quoted as saying.

Bennett will also be handling the art chores on the upcoming "Buffy the Vampire

Slayer" comic from Dark Horse Comics. The monthly comic, based on the UPN television

series, begins in September. No release date has been announced for "Nova."



Alpha Flight fans have long had to accept that the Canadian heroes would be overshadowed by other Marvel Comics teams, especially the X-Men. Things were no different at the toy store, where dozens of X-Men action figures of all sizes have come and gone.

Things are looking up for the heroes from the Great White North, however.

A new series of figures based on the team is on the way. The Raving Toy Maniac

Web site (

has a picture of one of the most requested figures, Puck, in its news section.

Look for the figures, produced by Toy Biz, next year.



Although Acclaim Comics as readers once knew it is dead as of June, parts of the line live on in different forms.

The company's highest profile character, video game star Turok, stars in a

weekly online comic book at

Currently, the comic is reprinting the first issue of the Acclaim "Turok" quarterly.

Joshua "Turok" Fireseed will also reappear on the comic stands this fall, when Acclaim produces several specials tying into "Turok: Seeds of Evil," the sequel to the original Turok video game.

Fans of the Acclaim "Shadowman" series can also look forward to seeing that character starring in his own video game in early 1999. The game, like the defunct comic series, will be of a darker and more mature cast than "Turok," and will be released only for the PC.


As previously reported, Micronauts fans will soon have a new television series and action figure line to celebrate. But the new comic book series from Marvel, still officially in limbo, remains a bit further out of reach.

Fans who can't wait until next year for the new show might want to head over


which has two pencilled pages by probable series artist Cary Nord.

Despite the announced television series, there is still no word on the new "Micronauts" series, although several issues have already been completed by writer Shon Bury. The series would be the third based on the 1970s action figure collection.

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