'Stewart the Rat' returns

Fri, September 20th, 2002 at 12:00am PDT

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Matthew Povey, News Associate

Press Release

Stewart the Rat, a graphic novel written by Steve Gerber and

pencilled by Gene Colan in the wake of their ground-breaking

work on Howard The Duck, returns in December in a value-priced


"Gerber took the same cynical, frustrated sense of

humor that made his work on Howard a classic and applied it to

this tale of a walking, talking rat who faces the craziness of

the Southern California lifestyle," explains Nat Gertler,

publisher of About Comics, LLC. "With the amazing Gene Colan

pencils being handled by Tom Palmer, the best inker for Colan's

detailed realism, the artwork is lovely. Since it was drawn for

black and white, it shows the two collaborators at their best.

In an unusual move, the publisher has decided to price the new

edition at significantly less than the original 1980 edition.

"When Eclipse published Stewart in 1980, they took advantage of

the novelty of graphic novels to put this in an oversized,

squarebound format with a cover price of $6.95, and that was at

a time when a typical superheor comic book cost fifty cents,"

Gertler explained. "By putting the same material in a standard

comic book format instead, we can put it out for a mere $3.95

for a full 48 pages."

While this graphic novel has never been as well-known as the

work Gerber and Colan did for the big two publishers, the

true fans never forgot it in the decades since it was

published. In a 1999 poll, Colan fans named Stewart the Rat

their favorite graphic novel and Tom Palmer their favorite


With the recent popularity of Gerber's new Howard the Duck

miniseries and the Essential Howard the Duck TPB reprinting

Gerber and Colan's classic work, the time seems right for

this book. "Steve Gerber is one of the most unusual and

vibrant writing voices in comics, and Gene Colan is a

uniquely wonderful visual storyteller," said Gertler, "and

it's an honor to be able to bring their collaboration back

into the public eye."

Stewart the Rat is a 48 page black-and-white Mature Readers

comic with a color cover. It ships in January from About

Comics, LLC.

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