Buy My Books: Issue #16

Wed, December 14th, 2005 at 12:00am PST

Comic Books
Robert Kirkman, Columnist

Last week I rambled on about some subject of some kind and rambled a bit and I may or may not have made a point. Really, it's all a blur for me. I got a few emails... complaining that I didn't include any preview art. Well, I know how you feel. I dig preview art as much as the next person. So I figured I'd give you kids what you want. What we have here is a penciled page from "Invincible" #29. A colored page from "Invincible" #28. The cover to "Invincible" #24. The signing plate from "The Walking Dead" hardcover that Charlie Adlard and I signed. There's only 150 of these made, so I figure not many of you guys will see this. Then we round out the column with some more "Marvel Zombies" pages and the first three pages to my "Ultimate X-Men" issue, all colored up.

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