Image Comics Solicitations for February, 2003

Wed, November 20th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

by Eric Shanower

BW $3.50 Ongoing quarterly series.

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

Age of Bronze presents the ancient and thrilling tradition of the world-famous Trojan War freshly retold for the 21st century. All the drama of the time-honored story unfolds before your eyes, all the familiar people and events: The beautiful Helen, the wily Odysseus, the noble Achilles, and the deadly Trojan Horse. All the comedy, all the tragedy, all the wide canvas of human drama unfolds within the pages of

Age of Bronze.

This Issue

Achilles is summoned once more to join the war against the Trojans. His

father bids him good-bye with gifts, but his mother, Thetis, isn't so

supportive. She can only see that her son is rushing to his death. Once

already Achilles slipped past her to war. Thetis is determined never to

let him out from under her thumb again.


Age of Bronze is ™ and copyright 2002 Eric Shanower. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Age of Bronze TP Vol I: A Thousand Ships

(W) Brian Holquin

(A) Lan Medina

FC 32pp $2.95 Four-issue finite monthly series

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Somewhere around the corner, just beyond the edge of perception, lies a

world you never dreamed existed: A world where creatures of myth and

gods long thought dead walk unnoticed among the crowded streets of

Manhattan. Aria follows the adventures of Lady Kildare, a faerie

princess living in Greenwich Village, and her strange circle of immortal

friends. Combining sumptuous illustrations, deeply realized characters

and deftly paced narrative, Aria is an unforgettable fairy tale for grown-ups.

This Issue

Beginning an all-new miniseries: The Uses of Enchantment, a roadside

theme park that flourished in the 1950s, has sat abandoned for decades.

When a mysterious invitation literally drops into Kildare's lap, she is

led to a remarkable discovery in a genuine magical kingdom hidden away

in the Catskill Mountains. But a dark and terrible secret lies buried at

the heart of this fairytale land, a reminder of the dangers of getting

what you wish for.


ARIA. is copyright and trademark Brian Holguin and Brian Haberlin,

2002. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Aria Summer Spell #1-2

(W) Brian Haberlin

(A)Jay Anacleto

Cover A by Jay Anacleto

Cover B by Jay Anacleto

FC 48pp $4.95 Bimonthly ongoing series. DOUBLE SIZED SPECIAL

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

Athena Inc., the blackest of black ops, has come up with the perfect operative.

She can't be caught.

And even if she could be, there is no way to link her to any action because she doesn't even know she's an agent.

Heck, she doesn't even look like their agent.

She was hailed as a success... that was until the genetic trigger that enables her to switch personas began to break down. Now she can switch forms more or less on her own. And now she's a threat to the security of Athena Inc. and must be dealt with. But who will deal with whom first?

This Issue


All Morgan Castle's plans hedge on this one final deal. Once made, his

and Athena Inc.'s futures are more than secured. The stage is set. The

dealmakers are coming in the doors at Athena Inc. to seal the agreement

for the world's perfect assassin agency.

But with Mary on the loose at Athena Inc. all Morgans best-laid plans

are so much burnt toast, or are they?

Don't miss this Manhunter vs Manhunter battle royale!


ATHENA INC. is copyright and trademark Brian Haberlin, 2002. All rights reserved.

(W) Jim Krueger

(A) Matt Smith and Brett Weldele

FC 16?pp (Folds out from standard comic size to glossy high-quality

CSN/Marvel Treasury Edition size) $2.50 12 issue epic

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Hidden within a hollow mountain in Switzerland is a giant clockworks.

Hundreds of men that never age maintain the old behemoths operation. The

clock is the cause and sustainer of the Earth's revolutions. And more,

it is the gateway to Heaven itself.

Which is why the Clockmaker and her family are about to go through hell.

"Suspicion often creates what it suspects." -C.S. Lewis

Story continues below

This Issue

Astrid has no choice but to become the new Clockmaker while the mystery

of the death of her brother and father deepens. Hans reveals the terrible

past of the giant clockworks that keeps Earth spinning on its axis and the

TIME FLIES make their first appearance.


The Clockmaker is ™ and Jim Krueger, 2003. All rights reserved.

Still available for Advanced reorders:

Clockmaker #1

(W) Ross Richie and Keith Giffen

(P) Keith Giffen

(I) Claude St. Aubin

(Cover) Keith Giffen and Claude St. Aubin

FC 32 pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

What if the Dark Knight had no code of honor? What if the Man of Steel

lived to protect himself alone? What if super-powers corrupted --absolutely?

An alien virus, destroyer of millions of worlds, infects a handful of

souls who begin to form a new world order a dominion. Standing between

them and the destruction of the planet is a band of ordinary people

armed only with their wits, their courage, and the desperation to survive.

This Issue

I had no idea that she was one of them. She was hot she had a killer

body, stacked and ripped. A gym girl. I was thinking "Okay" until I saw

her face pierced. She's just sitting there, minding her own business,

eating a plate of eggs. When that guy whistled at her, she turned into

an animal. Leapt out of her seat and punched him clean through the

wall. Killed him with a slap.

That was when I knew everything had changed...


Dominion is ™ and Keith Giffen and Ross Richie, 2002. All rights reserved.

Still available for Advanced reorders:

Dominion #1

(W) Phil Hester

(A) Andy Kuhn

(Cover) Andy Kuhn

FC 32 pp $2.95 Four-issue finite series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Divorce is tough for any teenager, but when your mother is a typical suburban soccer mom and your dad is a 300 foot tall, city trampling, battleship devouring monster things get even tougher. This is Duncan Rosenblatt's reality. His mom wants him to get into a good college, his dad wants him to go into the family business, namely conquering the earth and ascending to his rightful place as king of all monsters.

This Issue

So you think final exams are tough? Try being Duncan Rosenblatt. The

tests his father puts him through will either make him a king or kill

him. Like most children of divorce, Duncan spends every other weekend

with his dad, but since his dad can stomp skyscrapers and his place is a

hidden lair in an abandoned nuclear test site, it takes a super soldier

like Col. Booshwa Barnes just to drop him off.


Firebreather is ™ and Phil Hester & Andy Kuhn, 2003. All rights reserved.

Still available for Advanced reorders:

Firebreather #1

G.I. JOE #15
(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Brandon Badeaux

(I) John Larter

(Cover) Tim Seely

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

G.I. JOE is the code name for America's daring and highly trained special mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This Issue

Bazooka, Rock N Roll, Alpine, and Mutt have gotten themselves into some

serious trouble. None other than Cobra Commander is headed for the quiet

suburb of Delhi Hills, to keep tabs on his new puppet community, and

he's not going to be very happy to find them there. Meanwhile, the

Baroness' day on the town turns sour - in an important twist of events

that leads up to a future story arc focusing on the leather clad villainess.


G.I. JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro

and are used with permission. 2002 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

GI Joe #1 (2nd Printing)

GI Joe #2-3

(W) Dan Jolly

(P) Drew Johnson & Tom Feister

(I) Ray Snyder

(Cover) Tony Harris

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

G.I. Joe: Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series

into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams.

Frontline allows us to see the G.I. JOE universe through the eyes of

Story continues below

different artists, and of course, is full of action, action, action!

This Issue

A new SELF-CONTAINED story arc BEGINS! It's the mission that Duke tried

to forget. In 1994, an international group of scientists gathered at an

Arctic research base in a remote region of Norway for a project called

Operation: Coldfire. Ultra-classified, top secret work of particular

interest to the military. But one night communications from Operation:

Coldfire ceased.

Duke was sent with a team of soldiers to investigate. Only HE returned.

Now, seven years later, a distress signal has been received from the

sealed Coldfire facility, and he must return, with G.I.Joe at his side.

Features the return of Air-Tight, Life-Line, and more!


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro

and are used with permission. 2002 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

GI Joe Battle Files #1-3

by Jim Mahfood

BW 32pp $2.95 Four-issue finite series

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

The Grrl Scouts are back! Cute, independent, and full of attitude, Gwen,

Daphne, and Rita are three girls doing what they have to do to survive

in big bad Freak City. Whether they're painting graffiti, skateboarding,

or just hanging out, the Grrls are the respected badasses of their

neighborhood. The Grrl Scouts comic book experience mixes fresh artwork,

underground hip-hop culture, witty dialogue and social satire into one

unique book. See the characters that helped put hot indy artist Jim

Mahfood on the map!

This Issue

When we last saw the Grrls, they had just taken down the evil and

corrupt Nykee Corporation. Now word is spreading throughout the hood

that they were the ones responsible for the hit. In order to keep a low

profile and avoid any further heat, the Grrls make a decision to lay

low. This includes stepping away from their duties as three of the

biggest drug dealers in town. So how will they get by and survive

without their main source of income? They'll all have to get REAL jobs.

Let the fun begin...


Grrl Scouts is ™ and copyright 2002 Jim Mahfood. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Stupid Comics #1

(W) Michael Avon Oeming & Mark Obie Wheatley

(A) Michael Avon Oeming

(Cover) Michael Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Three-issue finite monthly series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

Gods, Gods, Gods - the world has more Gods than you can shake a

broadsword at! And all these Gods have their own territory. Odin, top

God in Asgard, has wandered into China and has been trapped by Chinese

Gods. The Gods of Asgard are too busy to help. Only the Viking, Modi

can find Odin and set him free. But Modi can't touch a weapon, or he

will lose his soul. This should be interesting

This Issue

Modi has been honored by the Gods and has fought by the side of Thorr.

But now Modi is only a mortal, faced with the dreary life of an

earth-bound warrior. He has become a berserker - it is almost as if he

has a death wish - to die in battle. And he just might get his wish as

the Gods send him on a quest to cross the world, find Odin and set him



HAMMER OF THE GODS is ™ Michael Avon Oeming and Michael Avon Oeming &

Mark Obie Wheatley, 2003. All right reserved.

Offered Again:

Hammer of the Gods TP Vol I: Mortal Enemy

(W) B. Clay Moore

(A) Steven Griffin

(Cover) Steven Griffin

FC 32pp $2.95 Three-issue finite series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

1953, Hawaii. WWII vet Byrd is thrown off his stateside police force

after an "incident" with a suspect. Having nowhere else to go, Byrd

turns to his Army buddy, Mo Kalama, a detective in Hawaii. He now spends

his days drinking tropical concoctions and his nights helping Mo with

cases that fall just beyond the jurisdiction of the police. And in

Byrd's Hawaii, the supernatural manifestations of the islands' myths and

legends lie just around every corner.

This Issue

Byrd and Mo spend a stormy night tracking a zombie, walking in and out

Story continues below

of traps set by the cunning and eccentric Bishop Masaki, and learning

the chilling truth about the mysterious women they've found themselves

entangled with. The story comes to a deadly conclusion as all players

are reunited on the rainswept Honolulu docks. The first chapter of

HAWAIIAN DICK concludes, with the course of Byrd's future being plotted

in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Hawaiian Dick ™ and B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin, 2002. All rights reserved.

Still available for advanced reorders:

Hawaiian Dick #1-2

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Steve Niles

(A) Ben Templesmith

(Cover) Ben Templesmith

The Concept

Featuring the same core character as the long-running Spawn comic book, Hellspawn mires the protagonist in a dark, foreboding world of grime and dirty secrets. While Spawn highlights a battle between the dark and the light, Hellspawn is struggling mightily to keep the blackness at bay. This book is the stripped-down ugly essence of Todd McFarlane's Hell-born creation.

This Issue

"Love Lost, Part 1" Dark days enshroud the Hellspawn as he must choose between two loves. Now in a state near mortal, with a secret shadow in his midst, the Hellspawn has found two loves: one, a warrior from centuries past; the other, a dead girl rescued from the bowels of Hell. It's hell-raising romance of the bloodiest kind.

Hellspawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2002. All rights reserved.

FC 32pp $2.95

Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 12th.

Offered Again:

Curse of the Spawn TP Vol. IV: Lost Values

HOLY TERROR #3 (of 3)

(W) Jason Caskey

(P) Phil Hester

(I) Jim Woodyard

The Concept

Sports Entertainment and the supernatural collide in the saga of wrestler Max Brody, better known in the squared circle as The Holy Terror! An ancient Aztec curse threatens not only to consume Max's soul, but destroy the entire world!

This Issue

The saga of the Holy Terror comes to its exciting conclusion! Will Max lose the battle for his very soul? Will the Backbiter bring Tezcatlipoca back to rule the world? Join us for the biggest battle of The Holy Terror's life, and for the first time in his life, Max doesn't know the outcome beforehand!

Holy Terror is ™ and Jason Caskey and Phil Hester 2002. All rights reserved.

FC 32pp $2.95 Three-issue finite series In stores the week of February 26th.

Offered Again:

Holy Terror #1-2

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) Cory Walker

(Cover) Cory Walker & Bill Crabtree

FC 32 pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. He's a senior at

a normal American high School. He has a crappy part time job after

school and on weekends. He likes girls quite a bit, but doesn't quite

understand them. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, and sleeping

late on Saturdays, at least until the good cartoons come on. The only

difference between Mark and everyone else, is that his father is the

most powerful superhero on the planet, and as of late, he seems to be

inheriting his father's powers. Which sounds okay at first, but how do

you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live

up to his standards?

This Issue

Mark has come down with a case of insomnia, and while most people would

trot down to the living room to watch infomercials, Mark, being a

superhero, has a few more entertaining options. During his leisurely

evening flight, he spots a robbery in progress at the local Toys R Toys.

But why would a villain like the dreaded Ogre want to steal an entire

shipment of Game Boxes? And why is the world's premier teenaged super

team on hand to help Invincible stop him? And when did that girl in 3rd

period science class get so cute? Nothing is what it seems, and

everything seems like it's nothing, but one thing's for sure, it's

entertaining as all get out!


Invincible ™ and Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker, 2002. All rights reserved.

Still available for Advanced reorders:

Invincible #1

By Paul Grist

FC 32pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Jack Staff is Britain's Greatest Hero. At least he was. For years he fought the bad guys and all the weird stuff that followed him around. Then, twenty years ago, he disappeared, and everybody forgot about him. Now he's back, and all the old bad guys and weird stuff have started crawling back out of the woodwork too. They never went away. They just got a little bit more bad and a little bit more weird.

Story continues below

This Issue

Twenty years ago the British army developed Rage. 240 lbs of pure destructive force. Then they set it loose on the streets of Castletown. The only person stood between Castletown and total destruction was Jack Staff, Britain's Greatest Hero. Now, twenty years later the inhabitants of Castletown are suffering violent 'Rage Attacks' - and Jack Staff has to deal with the fallout as the military try to reclaim their ultimate weapon.


Jack Staff is copyright Paul Grist, 2002. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Jack Staff TP

KARZA #1 (of 4)
(W) Jim Krueger

(P) Steve Kurth

(I) Ray Snyder

(Cover) Steve Kurth

FC 32 pp $2.95 Four-issue finite series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Before he ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, the mechanical tyrant,

BARON KARZA was a normal man. For the first time, we see the FULL origin

of Baron Karza, and how he went from Pharoid child to slave to conqueror

of worlds. Jim Krueger tells this story like no other, and reveals just

what makes this evil master of order tick.

This Issue

When Ryan Archer was abducted and transported to the world of the

Micronauts, he

witnessed Baron Karza's tyranny first hand. Now, with the help of the

enigmatic TIME

TRAVELLER, he will go on a journey through time and space, and learn how the

megalomaniac became the monster he is today.


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of

A.G.E. and are used with permission. 2002 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Micronauts #1

By Frank Cho

BW 32pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

Multi-award winning series of life and love at Liberty Meadows, animal

sanctuary, where anything and everything can happen.

This Issue

Part one of the "The Cold, Cold Heart" story line. Khan the Catfight

returns for another epic battle with Julius and the boys as the great

blizzard of the 21st century rages on. Frank slowly succumbs to Jen's

seductive charms as Brandy hopelessly watches on. The thrills, the

chills, and the spills...all in this amazing issue. All completely

uncensored, restored, and remastered.


Liberty Meadows is ™ and Frank Cho, 2002. All rights reserved

Offered Again:

Liberty Meadows #27 -28

(W) Seeley, Blaylock and Hay

(A) Blaylock, Seeley and Norton

(I) Seeley and Norton

(Cover) Tim Seeley

BW 32pp $2.95 One-shot

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Your favorite 80s cartoon comes back to life...heh, just kidding. Meet

the world's most dysfunctional super-duo, Lovebunny and Mr. Hell. Beth

Bower, AKA Lovebunny, is a low rent superheroine struggling to realize

her dreams in a cut throat superhero eat superhero world! Having been a

sidekick all her life, Lovebunny decides to strike out on her own,

pairing with her unlikely partner/pet/annoyance, Mr.Hell, a cranky,

eternally hungry demon. It's a superhero-romance-action-sitcom that you

NEED to read!

This Issue

Follow Lovebunny and Mr. Hell through a not-so-typical superhero day

interpreted by three different creative teams! Through these different

stories you'll watch our dysfunctional duo engage in superhero training

on caffeine, house hunting with the Amish, and an evening of

ex-boyfriend stalking!


Lovebunny and Mr. Hell is and ™ 2002 Tim Seeley, under license to

Devil's Due

Offered Again:

Radiskull and Devil Doll: Radiskull Hate Christmas Special

(W) Val Staples

(A) Emiliano Santalucia

(I) Marco Failla

Cover A by Emiliano Santalucia

Cover B by Keron Grant & Pierre - Andre Dery

FC 32 pp $2.95 Four-issue finite series

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

In a realm where sorcery meets science, The Masters of the Universe set

forth to protect all of Eternia from the onslaught of Skeletor and his

evil forces. It's an epic tale of good versus evil, where there is new

danger and suspense at every turn. The story we all loved from the 80's

is reborn and relaunched for a new era.

This Issue

The heroes of Eternia go toe to toe with the forces of evil. The very fate of Eternia hangs in the balance... as does He-Man's! Will they succeed? Or will a new era of darkness sweep across the face of the planet? Find out as we bring the spectacular four-issue mini-series to a close in this action packed extravaganza.

Story continues below


Masters of the Universe is ™ and Mattel, Inc. 2002. All rights reserved.

(W) Scott Wherle

(P) EJ Su

(I) Barb Shulz

(Cover) Alex Horley

FC 32pp $2.95 Monthly ongoing series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Within our own universe lies another universe unbeknownst to us... until

now. The realm of the MICRONAUTS - a place ruled by evil tyrant, Baron

Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the

cost of their humanity. When unsuspecting, Ryan Archer is thrown into

their world, we find that not only are things about to change, but Ryan

will have much to do with it.

This Issue

The stunning finale to REVOLUTION!

Loyalties and allegiances are tested as Baron Karza's control over his

city of Mechopolis falters. Ryan, Koriah the Galactic Defender and the

band of revolutionaries make their final bid for escape. Acroyear once

again squares off against General Azura Nova, a battle which one of them

won't walk away from unscathed. Knave shakes the cobwebs off of a long

forgotten talent in order to stay alive. The Princess Perspehone makes a

big mistake. Biotron harbors a secret. And Karza himself makes an

appearance on the battlefield.

Don't miss the action-packed conclusion to the story that sets the stage

for the future of the Micronauts!


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of A.G.E. and are used with permission. 2002 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Micronauts #2-3

Various artists

BW 24 p p Please Inquire about pricing. Quantities limited.

Allocating may occur. One-shot

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Within our own universe lies another universe unbeknownst to us... until

now. The realm of the MICRONAUTS - a place ruled by evil tyrant, Baron

Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the

cost of their humanity. When unsuspecting, Ryan Archer is thrown into

their world, we find that not only are things about to change, but Ryan

will have much to do with it.

This Issue

Created to promote the new Micronauts series from Image Comics, this book contains production art, character designs, pin-ups and extensive notes that went into the making of the comics. More than just a few slapped together penciled images - this is a con special with CONTENT!


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of A.G.E. and are used with

permission. 2002 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

(W) Jay Faerber

(A) Patrick Gleason, Amanda Conner, Jamal Igle, Jeff Johnson, and others

FC 144pp $12.95

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Every girl thinks her boyfriend is a catch, but Georgetown bookseller Liz Donnelly's got bragging rights-she's dating Race Noble, the famous super-hero with the quick smile and the quicker legs. Follow Race and Liz's whirlwind romance, from the moment they meet, to their wedding... and the tragic honeymoon.

Now, Liz is a stranger in a strange land -- an everyday person living

with a family of celebrity super-heroes! Behind the glamour and wonder

lie dark secrets, ruthless ambition, and twisted desires.

Noble Causes: In Sickness and in Health contains the critically

acclaimed five-issue story arc that ran through Noble Causes: First

Impressions and Noble Causes #s 1-4. This collection features all-new

commentary by creator Jay Faerber, as well as a rare look at Patrick

Gleason and John Wycough's 3-page tryout sequence, as well as a variant

cover gallery and new pin-ups by various artists.


Noble Causes ™ and Jay Faerber, 2002. All right reserved.

Offered Again:

Noble Causes Family Secrets #1-2

(W) Matt Cashel

(P) Jeremy Haun

(I) Elizabeth Jacobson

(Cover) Jeremy Haun

BW 40pp $2.95 (note price) Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

A soap-opera charting the final generation of mankind, where every scene

counts, and the status-quo of times past is forgotten. Starring an

ensemble cast and focusing on both their individual and connecting

lives, Paradigm is a personal yet epic exploration of a world where

passions, under-city dwellers, trolls, fairies, government syndicates,

and talking cats thrive.

Comes with two action-packed cliff-hanger endings!

This Issue

"All About the Community" Following Ethan and Audrey's night of coping,

Story continues below

Ethan realizes people need to be told of what occurred in the metro two

nights earlier. Meanwhile, Summer attempts to dance her blues away at

the local rave only to find herself embroiled in a conspiracy not her

own. And last but not least, Dick introduces us to the Presidents of the

Apocalypse, the sultan stripper, and Rusty.


Paradigm is ™ and Matt Cashel and Jeremy Haun, 2002. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Paradigm #2

(W) Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 32 pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city streets below, Homicide Detective Christian Walker does his job.

Walker is teamed up with spunky rookie Detective Deena Pilgrim to investigate murders specific to superhero cases. Investigations that takes them from the seediest underbelly a city has to offer, to the gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings.

This year Bendis scored the comic book trifecta by winning the Wizard

Fan Award, Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award and Eisner Award for 'Best Writer.'

This Issue


THE SELLOUTS part 5 A decade long feud between some of the world's greatest superheroes has sent the entire planet into utter chaos. What can two homicide detectives do when one of the most powerful heroes of all time decides to turn? Powers goes deeper and darker - and the scale goes larger than ever before.

Brace yourselves! It is superheroes like you have NEVER seen them.


Powers is ™ and 2002 Jinxworld Inc., 2002. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Powers TP Vol I Readers Edition

(W) Arvid Nelson

(A) Eric Johnson

FC 24 pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

Rex Mundi is on a quest for the Holy Grail in the form of a murder mystery. Jazz is all the rage in the smoky nightclubs of Paris, but kings still sit on the thrones of Europe, and the Holy Inquisition maintains order with an iron fist. Far from prying eyes, sorcerers practice magical arts rumored to have been founded in Biblical times. Amidst this setting, thunderheads of a cataclysmic war are gathering.

This Issue

THE PUZZLE IN THE PAINTING Master Physician Julien Saunire confronts the Holy Inquisition for the first time, in front of the smoking ruins of Father Marin's home. Julien

returns to his practice and discovers a letter written by the father the day before, a letter pointing to a 300 year-old clue to the disappearance of the mysterious scroll.

And for the first time in many years he meets an old friend and an old lover...


Rex Mundi and Shrunken Head Studios and ™ Arvid Nelson and Eric Johnson 2001. All rights reserved.

Offered Again:

Rex Mundi #0

(W) Jason Lee

(A) J. Korim

(Cover) J. Korim

FC 24 pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Rotogin battles have been banned in Nalus City for the past 8 years. However, there is an underground organization known as the U.B.B. which sets up illegal robot tournaments using the city as their battleground. Rebuilding a robot she found in the junkyard, Kaylin Dakota enters into the shady world of illegal robot battles and gambling, in hopes of saving her friend Asper's life. Asper's fate lies within this young girl and her junk bot.

This Issue

An average night in Nalus City, three friends Asper, Kaylin and Richie

search out a quiet place to rest within the noise of the city. Looking

upon the metropolis from their rooftop-resting place, they realize that

they have box seats to an illegal robot battle tournament, which is

taking place in a nearby aboveground parking complex. Join the three as

they witness the main event in the underground world of battle bots and gambling.


Rotogin ™ and Sunscript Studios, 2002. All rights reserved.

by Azad

BW 32 pp $2.95 Four-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Samuel Little is one of the world's best catburglars. He's also one of the most unlucky persons on the planet! His only saving grace is his sidekick, Lucky: an over-protective black cat that appears to have turned his misfortunes around...

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...well, sort of.

Barely 2 weeks out of jail, Sammy breaks his parole to take a gig in

sunny Acapulco. However, unforeseen circumstances leave Sammy stranded

south of the border fighting for his life.

This Issue

The heist was a success, and they got away squeaky clean. All that was

left was to get paid... But its never quite that simple is it?

Especially when doing a job for Jesus Vega, an Aztec artifact aficionado

who has been known to welsh on his deals. Sammy and Lucky rendezvous

with Maria, Jesus' sister, to collect their money, but Ms. Vega has

other plans in mind!


Sammy, Lucky and Sammy: Tourist Trap is ™ and Azad Injejikian, 2001.

All right reserved.


by Erik Larsen

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series.

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

Former police officer, Savage Dragon, occasionally allied with the

sensational fighting force the Liberty League, battles to make the world

a better place!

This Issue

"The Flying Shoes Incident" plus our usual assortment of action,

romance, laffs and wacky hijinks. Featuring: Savage Dragon! Smasher!

Angel! Mister Glum! The Liberty League! Plus a special surprise mystery

villain! A nice self-contained-issue and a great jumping on place for

new readers.


Savage Dragon ™ and Erik Larsen, 2002. All right reserved.

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Savage Dragon #75

Savage Dragon #100

Savage Dragon Companion

(W) Jade Dodge

(A) Matt Camp

(Cover) Jim Di Bartolo

FC 32pp $2.95 Bimonthly ongoing series.

In stores the week of February 19th.

The Concept

In the space between fantasy and reality lies the realm of the unknown.

Four paranormal investigators have set out to explore this world and

bring to light those things that hide in the shadows. But they find,

along the way, that some creatures that live in the shadows will do

anything to keep it that way.

This Issue

For their first assignment, the fledgling investigators are sent to the

Mt. Hood National Forest. Reports of a bigfoot attacking campers and

residents have been coming in at an alarming rate. Why would a

creature, known for it's docile behavior, turn vicious? Is it the case

of a lunatic hominid, mass hallucination, or something much deeper?


Shadows is Jade Dodge and Matt Camp, 2002. All rights reserved.

SPAWN #131
Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane

(P) Angel Medina

(I) Danny Miki

(Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 26th.

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most

effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected

from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of

darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell.

Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders

the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

This Issue

"God is a Bullet, Part 1"

Fifteen years ago, special operative Al Simmons was sent on a top-secret

mission: to assassinate the popular leader a troubled east European

nation. In the years since, the country has fallen under the thumb of a

brutal, genocidal tyrant. Now, posing as a mercenary, Simmons travels

halfway around the world. His purpose? To unleash Spawn's vengeance on

the beast he helped to create.


Spawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2002. All rights reserved.

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Spawn TP Vol II: Dark Discoveries

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) E.J. Su

(Cover) E.J. Su & Val Staples

FC 32 pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 12th.

The Concept

The Geldarians are a race of incredibly intelligent, yet physically weak and fragile beings. To compensate for their frailty they have invented the "Tech Jacket," a vest that every Geldarian is equipped with upon birth. Each jacket grows and matures with its host, specializing in tasks that the host will find most useful. A fully developed Tech Jacket is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Zack Thompson, through an event of sheer chance, has come to possess a Tech Jacket of his own. Now it appears that the fate of the entire universe rests on his shoulders as he learns that with infinite power comes infinite responsibility.

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This Issue

FINAL BATTLE!! Due to his superior human physical strength, Zack's Tech Jacket has surpassed that of all the warriors on Geldaria. Due to the dire situation their civilization is in, Zack is allowed to continue to wear his Tech Jacket, and even fight in their army. When the Kresh begin their final assault, Zack is the last line of defense for a planet that has been at war for decades. Zack must lead the Geldarian army against an armada of Kresh troops. Not bad for a kid that a short 6 months ago, had to be told to change his underwear. This one sets the stage for future issues o f Tech Jacket, not to be missed!


Tech Jacket ™ and Robert Kirkman & E.J. Su, 2002. All right reserved.

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Tech Jacket #1


(W) Jay Faerber

(A) Jamal Igle

(Cover) Jamal Igle

FC 32 pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of February 5th.

The Concept

Enterprising young reporter Reggie Baxter has found the story of the century in Joe Campbell, a superhuman immortal with a Good Samaritan complex. Problem is, Joe wants to avoid the spotlight at all costs. Undaunted, Reggie comes up with a compromise: Joe will create a super-hero identity, and Reggie will document his activities. Now the attention-starved Reggie and the publicity-shy Joe have to work together to make this business venture succeed.

This Issue

After catching Joe using his super-powers in public, Reggie resorts to desperate measures in order to find him. But when he does, he learns that Joe doesn't want to be exposed-and he'll go to great lengths to prevent it. Is this partnership doomed to fail before it even starts?


Venture ™ and Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle, 2002. All right reserved.

Still available for Advanced reorders:

Venture #1

Top Cow


"Tempting Fate"

(W) John Ney Reiber (P) Clarence Lansang (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Jonathan D. Smith

Lara had never suspected how many fates worse than death could befall a

Tomb Raider-Until she died. Now Lara is lost in a half-world between

yesterday and never, victim of a vengeful undead pharaoh's lust and

malice-- twenty-two bullets away from an eternity of horror. And if

she can somehow release Amenhotep and his shadow legions from their

cursed afterlives-- She's still dead... Or is she?

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series


(W) Fiona Avery (P) Dan Jurgens (I) Jason Gorder

In the hit series, Rising Stars, it is mentioned that at one time,

Matthew Bright ran away from Pederson and, under an assumed name, became

a member of normal society and a police officer. Join us as Matthew

tells this story in his memoirs and learn how a Special can shine

brightest when they're just being human.

FC 32 pages $2.99 Part 1 of 3

Retailer Incentive: For every 25 copies of Rising Stars: Bright #1

ordered, retailers will receive 1 (one) FREE uncut holofoil cover of the

original Rising Stars #1 signed by artist Jason Gorder with the option

to purchase additional uncut covers at net $5.

(W) Munier Sharrieff (P) Wilson Tortosa (C) Udon's Shane Law

As the fallout of Spectra's takeover of Central West is felt everywhere,

the world waits for the military to take action. But they can't, for

fear of Spectra using a long-abandoned doomsday weapon buried miles

beneath the city. Anderson pieces together Zoltar's plot and realizes he

must send the G-Force team deep into the heart of Central West in order

to find the one person who holds the answer to defeating Spectra.

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

(W) David Wohl (P) Keu Cha

In this very special tale torn from the pages of WITCHBLADE, Ian

Nottingham travels to Japan on a soul searching journey but instead

becomes a suspect in a murder investigation--and as the mystery of who

the actual killer unfolds, Ian realizes that his past truly IS coming

back to haunt him. Too bad Sara Pezzini isn't here to help, because this

may be WAY more than Ian can handle...

FC 48 pages $4.99 one shot special

(W) Michael Turner/Olivia Chadha (P) Michael Turner (I) Jonathan Sibal (C) Peter Steigerwald

Michael Turner's triumphant return from his battle with cancer is now

available in stores for the first time. Cannon's father is passing away

Story continues below

and reveals to his son the story of the family's legacy and the

responsibility that comes with it. Don't miss this tale that spans generations!

FC 24 pages $2.99 one shot special

(W) Fiona Avery (P) Manny Clark (I) Marlo Alquiza (C) Tyson Wengler

Lara is still on her quest to retrieve the Dream Spear from the

underworld. She has met up with the spirit of her mentor and together

with him and her Maori guide, Akio she is hot on the trail. But Kagan

is treacherous and at least one of them will not survive this journey!

FC 32 pages $2.99 limited series

(W) Various (P/I) Various

Get a glimpse of the future today as Top Cow lets you in on a few of their biggest new properties and specials set to premiere later this year! It's your first chance at a sneak peek of what is sure to be several of the newest and most talked about comic events of the year! Don't miss out on the chance of being a part of these groundbreaking projects brought to you by the hottest artists and creators in the industry!

FC 24 pages Please inquire about pricing. one shot special


Tomb Raider #1 Michael Turner cover

Tomb Raider #1/2

Tomb Raider #10,11,12

Fathom: Killian's Tide #2,3,4

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