'Ultimate' Sweeps Becomes Marvel Must Have

Fri, December 20th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

[Ultimate Must Have]Marvel's ULTIMATE SWEEPS Month continues to live up to its advance billing.

Led by the debut of ULTIMATE WAR #1, the December ULTIMATE titles nearly

swept the top of Diamond's sales charts, and now readers are sweeping it out

of comic stores everywhere.

To help meet the growing demand, Marvel announces the rush-solicitation of

MARVEL MUST HAVES: ULTIMATE WAR. For just $3.99, this special edition

collects three sold-out issues, including the chart-topping ULTIMATE WAR #1.

Also collected is ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33, the beginning of the red-hot

VENOM story arc, and ULTIMATE X-MEN #26. This prologue to the "Return of the

King" story arc features the 'ultimate' showdown between the X-Men and


Marvel's early Christmas gift to fans and retailers can be ordered through

Diamond Distributors immediately and will go on sale beginning January 8th.

For more information contact your local comic shop or Diamond


"December's 'Ultimate Sweeps' was just a perfect capper to a year that saw

Marvel sweep the industry nearly every month!" says Marvel Editor-in-Chief

Joe Quesada. "I guess we should have called it 'Ultimate Exclamation


MARVEL MUST HAVES: ULTIMATE WAR (75960605248600511) is an 80-page, full

color collected edition. Available to retailers by 1/8/03, it will have a

cover price of $3.99.

Michael Doran

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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