CBLDF auction raises $15,000!

Fri, December 27th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

After four weeks of offerings, the Comicon.com benefit auction for

the CBLDF has raised over $15,000 for this year's casework. Over 40

pieces of original art and rare merchandise were auctioned during the

event, which was the Fund's most successful auction initiative of the


"The work that Steve and Rick did made Comicon.com the Fund's best

earning convention of the year," observed CBLDF Director Charles

Brownstein. "Because of their effort and the concurrent Jim Lee and

Mile High auctions, the Fund should be able to pay off its

outstanding legal debt for the year. Considering that we've spent

over $50,000 on attorneys this year alone, that's quite a feat."

Comicon.com founders Rick Veitch and Steve Conley were ecstatic about

the auction's results. "Steve and I are thrilled that people were so

generous during the auction," Veitch says. "We pulled this auction

together to help the Fund out in a time where it needs every dollar

to take the Texas case to the Supreme Court and to pay for the King

VelVeeda defense. We're glad that the Comicon.com community was able

to make a difference."

Veitch and Conley aren't content to rest on the well-deserved laurels

of this auction: they're already planning one for next year. Veitch

reveals, "When the idea for this auction hit, Charles told me that

even in a slow year the Fund pays at least $25,000 in legal bills for

its retained counsel. Next year they'll be paying more fees to take

the Castillo case to the Supreme Court, not to mention the bills that

could come if the Fund is needed on a new case. The goal of this

auction was to help build the Fund's War Chest, and we won't stop

until we're able to accomplish that."

ITEM! CBLDF Christmas Auction

The Fund has gone into its vaults to select some great items to put

up on auction this week. If you're looking for one more chance

to make a tax-deductible donation this year, this week's Fund

auction is a great opportunity. Items available until Saturday

include "Notes Towards a Vegetable Theology," Neil Gaiman's

unpublished bible for DC's supernatural line; "Miracleman Book 3,

Chapter 1" script by Alan Moore; Four limited edition Sin City prints

by Frank Miller; and a six volume Bone book set signed by Jeff

Smith. These items and more are available until Saturday. Your

winning bid is a tax-deductible donation to the CBLDF. Put that

Christmas gift money to good use and give something to yourself and

to comics to end your year on the right note.

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CBLDF Auctions on eBay

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