FIRST LOOKS: Captain America #39, Uncanny X-Men #499

Thu, June 19th, 2008 at 9:47am PDT | Updated: June 19th, 2008 at 12:30pm

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Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with exclusive first looks at "Captain America" #39 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting and "Uncanny X-Men" #499 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Choi, both on sale next week, June 25, in comics stores everywhere. When you're through checking out these exciting images, be sure to visit CBR's Marvel Comics forum to discuss these titles with fellow readers.

Captain America


STORY BY Ed Brubaker

ART BY Steve Epting

COLORS BY D'armata

LETTERS BY Vc - Joe Caramagna

COVER BY Steve Epting

PUBLISHER Marvel Comics


RELEASE DATE Wed, June 25th, 2008

Okay, what the heck is going on here? Is that two guys in Captain America outfits? Yeah, it is.

More than that, we cannot say.

The epic Death of Captain America continues in Part Three of "The Man Who Bought America" by the acclaimed team of Brubaker and Epting.

Uncanny X-Men


STORY BY Ed Brubaker

ART BY Mike Choi

COVER BY Mike Choi

PUBLISHER Marvel Comics


RELEASE DATE Wed, June 25th, 2008

X-Men: Divided We Stand comes to its shocking conclusion! Cyclops and Emma come face to face against former allies.

Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler scramble to get out of Russia alive. Witness the new status quo for the X-Men that will define their future!


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