Image Comics lays out announcements made in San Diego

Fri, July 27th, 2001 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

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Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA-July 27, 2001 -- Image Vice-President and Publisher, Jim

Valentino announced several new projects for the first and second

quarter of 2002 at the Comic-Con International: San Diego over the

weekend. Among them are:

IMAGE COMICS: The 10th Anniversary Book. This original hardcover will

feature the remaining Image partners returning (in most cases) to their

original creations.

Erik Larsen (the only partner still writing and drawing his own book)

will present "The Secret Origin of the Savage Dragon." Marc Silvestri

will tell what happened to Cyber-Force in the last ten years. Todd

McFarlane will write and draw a new Spawn story, and Valentino will

write and drawn his first solo story of the new teen-aged ShadowHawk.

The book will feature a "jam" cover by all of the partners and there

will be a deluxe, limited slip-case version. It will also feature an

introduction by former Image Executive Director, Larry Marder and is

scheduled for release in February, 2002.

The "10th Anniversary Book" will be followed in the fall by an "Image

founders toyline" that will be sold exclusively to the domestic direct

sales market by Diamond. Spawn, Ripclaw, Savage Dragon and ShadowHawk

are expected to comprise the set from McFarlane Toys.

LEAVE IT TO CHANCE by James Robinson and Paul Smith will be returning to

Image in an all-new format described as the "Tin-Tin format." The series

will be reprinted on a quarterly basis leading up to all-new material by

Robinson and Smith. No periodicals are planned. Price point and release

date has yet to be determined, but Valentino said "probably early in the

second quarter of 2002."

Also, in the "Tin-Tin format" will be a reprinting of the critically

acclaimed Eric Shanower OZ books. Long out of print, there will be five

volumes in this series released on a quarterly basis, with no new

material planned. This graphic novel series is also scheduled to begin

in the second quarter of 2002.


odd-sized book (7 3/8"x9 1/8"), it is described as an "anti-gun message

disguised as a spoof of children's books," by Valentino. Entirely

written in couplets by writer/artist Mitchell Landsman, Valentino says

the book is "Something you'd expect to see from Top Shelf rather than

Image." It's scheduled for a February release.

Also new is a finite series called FUSED, written by Steve Niles and

drawn by Nat Jones, both late of Spawn: The Dark Ages. Man and machine

fuse together in a story of post-modern madness. The book had not been

scheduled as of press time, more details will be forthcoming.

Finally, it was announced that Image will be reprinting Rick Veitch's

classic super-hero deconstructionist graphic novel, BRAT PACK.

Ground-breaking in it's day, the story of kid side-kick heroes gone

terribly wrong has been out of print for at least five years. Brat Pack

is tentatively scheduled for a March, 2002 release date.

Valentino concluded by saying "With talents such as Robinson, Smith,

Veitch, Landsman, and Shanower I feel as though we are coming closer to

my goal of redefining Image. These books display the enormous

diversification possible in the medium in terms of both subject and

style. I consider this one of our best line-ups ever."

Valentino also hinted that there would be even more announcements of new projects at WizardWorld: Chicago next month.

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