"Hannibal Goes To Rome" debuts online through Image's Shadowline

Thu, August 14th, 2008 at 11:40am PDT | Updated: August 14th, 2008 at 11:41am

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Hannibal Goes to Rome, the webcomic that sought, in its hubris,to conquer DC's Zuda competition only to fail with aplomb befitting its subject matter, has mounted yet another web campaign " this time at Image Comics' Shadowline imprint.

Now in color, Hannibal Goes to Rome debuts at http://www.shadowline.com with a new page each week, with a parallel update at http://www.indeliblecomics.com.

As the mercenary forces of Carthage move to halt an ever-expanding Roman Empire, only one man has the audacity and talent to command the charge. One man, unlike any other before or since in history, is capable of dismantling the Roman machine. One man, alone, is crazy enough to bring elephants over the Alps. That man is Hannibal Barca, and this is his story condensed into a sardonic comic unworthy of his name.

Told in a humorous (yet educational) manner, Hannibal Goes to Rome humanizes the inhumane actions that indelibly altered the course of civilization. More force than man, Hannibal pitted himself against Roman society, and very nearly swept it from history. Despite commanding over the mightiest slaughters in ancient warfare, he strove to maintain a measure of human dignity and respect against an enemy that perfected fascism.

Writer Brendan McGinley, artist Mauro Vargas and colorist Andres Carranza bring you the historical, hysterical account of a man with big dreams, and the big elephants he rode to pursue them. This September, Hannibal is at the gates.

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