'Human Torch' #1 dotComic now online

Tue, February 18th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

Marvel's TSUNAMI DOTCOMIC week continued on Tuesday, February 18th with the

debut of a special 6-page preview of HUMAN TORCH, the April-launching new

ongoing series by fan-favorite writer Karl Kesel and artist Skottie Young,

currently turning the heads of fans and retailers with his work on


Created to appeal to FANTASTIC FOUR fans AND new readers alike, the HUMAN

TORCH series takes Johnny Storm - one of Marvel's most popular young

characters - and reestablishes him as the solo star of a highly accessible

and visually unique new monthly title.

While the series is set in present-day, the dotComic sequence shows Johnny

in high school, just after he got his powers, establishing Johnny as a

person BEFORE there even was a Fantastic Four.

Explained Karl Kesel, "It touches on something very basic to Johnny - that

before he got his powers, he was considered kind of cute and funny at

school, but definitely weird. He was always telling unbelievable stories -

mostly about his sister's boyfriend's strange experiments and inventions -

just to get attention.

"Becoming the Human Torch changed all that. But for all his coolness and

confidence and wisecracks, Johnny's big fear is that he'd be nobody without

his powers. That's a side to Johnny we haven't seen before - and this series

will show a LOT of sides to Johnny that readers don't yet know about."

The HUMAN TORCH preview can be read right now at http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=152&wsid=. Issue #1 goes on sale April 9th.

Look for a new April TSUNAMI dotComic preview every day this week.

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