Image Comics Solicitations for May, 2003

Thu, February 20th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Image Comics has provided CBR News with covers and solicit information for product shipping May, 2003.

AGENTS #2 (of 6)
(W) Kevin Gunstone

(A) Ben Dunn

(Cover) Ben Dunn

BW 32pp $2.95 Six-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

From the ashes of nuclear devastation wrought on the cities of Washington and Moscow thirty years ago, a planet-wide protectorate was formed in Britain called The Agency.

The Agency enforce their own brand of defensive guardianship through espionage and counteraction, but not all of the Earth is united in this New World Order, as individual countries, states and rival organizations threaten to undermine and destroy all The Agency stand for.

This Issue

In the backstreets of London's Soho, agent Lady Pippa and new recruit Douglas Chance search for the missing scientist Mike 70. When Pippa's involved, though, seduction is also high on the agenda. Meanwhile, in the jungles of South America, superspy Nigel Cord trails the villainous Professor Daedalus. However, Cord soon finds he isn't the only one doing the stalking as he is hunted by the C.A.B.A.L.'s top female assassin, the murderous Kristal Veil!


The Agents ™ and Kevin Gunstone and Ben Dunn, 2003, All right reserved

by Eric Shanower

BW 24pp $3.50 Ongoing quarterly series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

Age of Bronze retells the story of the Trojan War for a modern audience. The time-honored characters spring into new life with recognizable hopes and desires. The classic tale unfolds afresh before your eyes, fully dramatized against a background rich with authenticity. All the familiar people and events are here-the beautiful Helen-the wily Odysseus-the noble Achilles-the deadly Trojan Horse.

This Issue

Sacrifice, part eight

What do you do when god tells you to kill your child? High King Agamemnon has a dreadful choice to makeeither sacrifice his daughter'slife and take the army to Troy, or spare her and betray his allies. At last, the episode of the Trojan War that readers have been asking forthe Sacrifice of Iphigenia.


Age of Bronze is ™ and 2003 Eric Shanower. All rights reserved.

(W) Brian Holguin

(A) Lan Medina

(Cover) Jay Anacleto

FC 32pp $2.95 Four-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

Somewhere around the corner, just beyond the edge of perception, lies a world you never dreamed existed: a world where creatures of myth and gods long thought dead walk unnoticed among the crowded streets of Manhattan. Aria follows the adventures of Lady Kildare, a faerie princess living in Greenwich Village, and her strange circle of immortal friends. Combining sumptuous illustrations, deeply realized characters and deftly paced narrative, Aria is an unforgettable fairy tale for grown-ups.

This Issue

After being led to a secret kingdom hidden away in the Catskill Mountains, Kildare discovers that leaving is not an easy thing. All roads through the forest seem to lead her back where she began. While the jealousy of Queen Joyous grows more violent, King Oberon makes an astonishing proposal. Meanwhile, Ember the Burning Girl visits the forbidden library to learn once and for all the nature of the Beast that dwells in the deepest dungeon.


ARIA is ™ and Brian Holguin and Brian Haberlin, 2003. All rights reserved.

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Marc Andreyko

(A) Scott Morse

(Cover) Scott Morse

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing Monthly series

In stores the week of May 14th.


This is the second spinoff book featuring New York City police detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams, popular characters originally introduced in the core Spawn title. Casefiles: Sam and Twitch takes the crime noir world of Sam and Twitch to a darker level, feature unique artwork and storytelling from Marc Andreyko and Scott Morse.

Art shown is the cover

This Issue

"Have You Seen Me?" Part 1 (of 6)

In the all-new Sam and Twitch monthly book, Eisner- and Harvey- nominated creators Marc Andreyko and Scott Morse take our intrepid detectives on a journey that will leave S&T changed forever! Twitch's past -- like a boomerang -- comes careening back to haunt not only him, but those he loves (and has loved)! No one is safe from the brutal vengeance of… aww, now that would be telling! With exciting painted and pen-and-ink artwork from Scott Morse and a nail-biting script by Marc Andreyko, the six-issue arc "Have You Seen Me?" will leave your jaw on the floor! Be sure to check out this new book from Todd McFarlane Production. Suggested for mature readers only.

Story continues below


Casefiles: Sam and Twitch is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2003. All rights reserved.

CLOCKMAKER #4 (of 12)
(W) Jim Krueger

(A) Matt Smith and Zach Howard

(Cover) Matt Smith

FC 16pp (Folds out from standard comic size to glossy high-quality

CSN/Marvel Treasury Edition size) $2.50 12 issue epic

In stores the week of May 21st.

The Concept

Hidden within a hollow mountain in Switzerland is a giant clockworks. Hundreds of men that never age maintain the old behemoths operation. The clock is the cause and sustainer of the Earth's revolutions. And more, it is the gateway to Heaven itself.

Which is why the Clockmaker and her family are about to go through hell.

"The mouth is interesting because it's one of those places where the dry outside moves toward the slippery inside" -Jenny Holzer

This Issue

Hans and Astrid face off against a being that is part of the clockworks itself and the mystery of the missing clockworkers comes full circle when Astrid makes a terrible discovery.


The Clockmaker is ™ and Jim Kruger, 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Ross Richie and Keith Giffen

(P) Keith Giffen

(I) Dave Elliott

(Cover) Keith Giffen and Dave Elliott

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing Monthly series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept


An alien virus, destroyer of millions of worlds, infects a handful of souls who begin to form a new world order a DOMINION. Standing between them and the destruction of the planet is a band of ordinary people armed only with their wits, their courage, and the desperation to survive.

This Issue

Now they're worldwide. Making claims. Demanding recognition. Organizing. And gaining support.

The blockade won't make any difference. Air strikes won't matter. What can we do to creatures who can tear a plane apart with their bare hands?

Nothing can stop them: we're completely at their mercy.


Dominion is ™ and Keith Giffen and Ross Richie, 2003. All rights reserved

G.I.JOE #18
(W) Josh Blaylock

(W) Brandon Badeaux

(I) John Larter

(Cover) Dan Brereton

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

G.I.Joe is the code name for America's daring and highly trained special mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This Issue

The unholy alliance between Destro and G.I.Joe continues in the search for Flint and the Baroness. Together, with the help of Daina and Gorky from the Oktober Guard, the team infiltrates two key haunts of the Russian Mafia. Someone, however, is not on their side, and it may surprise you to find out who. Now, with the G.I.Joe team in enemy hands, it may be up to Flint and the Baroness to save THEM!


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

(W) Dan Jolley

(P) Drew Johnson with Tom Feister

(I) Ray Snyder

(Cover) Tony Harris

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

G.I. Joe Frontline expands the action of the regular G.I. JOE series into another title, featuring a cast of rotating creative teams. Frontline allows us to see the G.I. JOE universe through the eyes of different artists, and of course, it's full of action, action, action!

This Issue

Still trapped in the arctic lab of Operation: Coldfire, Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Airtight, Frostbite and Lifeline have finally located the single survivor stranded inside. But with their only exit cut off, can the Joe team use the lab's secrets to escape the hordes of genetic nightmares surrounding them? Find out as ICEBOUND comes to its chilling conclusion!


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Various

(I) Various

(Cover) David Michael Beck

FC 144pp $12.95 Trade paperback

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

G.I. Joe is the code name for America's daring and highly trained

special mission force. It's purpose: to defend freedom against COBRA, a

Story continues below

ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

This Issue

Two action-packed story arcs in one thick volume! Includes the entire

MALFUNCTION story line, featuring Cobra's latest hi-tech menace, the

all-new Battle Android Trooper. Also: HOMECOMING, a story about

Bazooka, Alpine, Mutt and Rock N Roll finding their small town vacation

turning into a COBRA-filled nightmare. Self-contained stories, and a

great jumping on point for new readers. This volume collects issue

#10-#15 of the G.I. Joe series.


G.I.JOE, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro

and are used with permission. 2003 Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved.

by Jim Mahfood

BW 32pp $2.95 Four-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

The Grrl Scouts are back! Cute, independent and full of attitude, Gwen,

Daphne, and Rita are three girls doing what they have to do to survive

in big, bad Freak City. Whether they're painting graffiti, skateboarding

or just hanging out, the Grrls are the respected badasses of their


The Grrl Scouts comic book experience mixes fresh artwork, underground

hip-hop culture, witty dialogue and social satire into one unique book.

See the characters that helped put hot indy artist Jim Mahfood on the map!

This Issue

International superstar DJ Sonik is in town and set to perform at the

Weird Hog, and it's up to the Grrls to keep him out of trouble until the

big gig. But what happens when this primadonna refuses to behave and

gets himself into a mess of trouble? This issue wraps up the latest Grrl

Scouts adventure, so don't miss out!


Grrl Scouts is ™ and 2003 Jim Mahfood. All rights reserved.

(W) Jose L. Torres

(P) Jae Tsai

(I) Emily Schmidt

(Cover) Jae Tsai

FC 32pp $2.95 Five issue finite series

In stores the week of May 28th.

The Concept

Music of the spheres, or the perfect order of art and science, rules our

world. But what would you do if this music became discordant? If the

cacophony of the cosmos shattered the thin veil of reality and rained

the jagged shards of your whole world and all your preconceived notions

of heaven, hell, good, evil and everything in between down on you, what

would you have left? Sorry, but some questions have no answer.

This Issue

Unlikely alliances are formed and battle lines begin to appear as

misinformation brings heaven to Pyrus‚ door. On earth, the city copes

with last issue‚s explosive conclusion and Wayne learns that things are

not always black and white. Meanwhile in hell, random acts of violence

begin to take the form of a thoroughly organized uprising. And a king

returns to his kingdom.


Heirs of Eternity is ™ and Jose L. Torres and Jae Tsai, 2003. All right reserved.

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Steve Niles

(A) Ben Templesmith

(Cover) Ben Templesmith

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

Featuring the same core character as the long-running Spawn comic book,

Hellspawn mires the protagonist in a dark, foreboding world of grime and

dirty secrets. While Spawn highlights a battle between the dark and the

light, Hellspawn is struggling mightily to keep the blackness at bay.

This book is the stripped-down ugly essence of Todd McFarlane's

Hell-born creation.

This Issue

"Remember Me?"

An old friend has come back for a final battle royale. Using an ancient

curse of deceit, the jester of Hell's belly has returned for one final

shot with his oldest nemesis. What the jester doesn't know is that this

Hellspawn is not the same one who dispelled him more than a year ago.

This Hellspawn craves the kill. Be there for the final battle!


Hellspawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2003. All right reserved.

KARZA #4 (of 4)
(W) Jim Krueger

(P) Steve Kurth

(I) Barb Schulz

(Cover) Steve Kurth

FC 32pp $2.95 Four-issue finite monthly series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

Ryan Archer faces the ultimate question as he must decide whether or not

to kill Karza as a child. Meanwhile, the Time Traveler reveals the

childhood of Karza, as he learns difficult lessons in a hard world. As

young Karza grows from slave to scientist, he gains all the tools

Story continues below

necessary to become either a great saviour or the greatest monster the

universe has ever known. If Ryan doesn't stop him, thousands will die,

but if he kills Karza, will he be destined to take his place?

This Issue

Concluding the epic origin of Baron Karza, but it's far more than that!

Ryan Archer witnesses Karza's final confrontation with the last

surviving Pharoid Priest only to find himself not in the past, but in

his own future, where he himself will face Karza for one final battle.

What is the secret purpose of the Time Traveler? And how does this fit

into the larger story of the Micronauts, both past and present? All the

secrets are revealed here in a story that will please Micronauts fans,

both old and new!


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of

A.G.E. and are used with permission. 2003 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

(W) Carmen Treffiletti

(A) Edu Francisco and Lynx Studio

(Cover) Edu Francisco and Lynx Studio

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-Monthly series

Retailers: See order form for incentive program.

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

Zelandria is a patchwork world of magical lands and technologically

laden cities, where age-old myths collide with futuristic wonders and

mystical creatures dwell among ordinary men. It's a place where power

is contingent on nobility and feudalistic hierarchies govern widespread

provinces, and it is here that the seeds of legend are sown and the

paths of heroes are paved. It is here where a Legacy will be born.

This Issue

As the war between Lord Eridan's Shadow Sentry and the withering rebel

clans spill into the Southern Provinces, his quest to complete the

Scepter of the Mindseye is nearing. With the Scepter, Eridan will

resurrect the Shriekers, a race of savages that once held Zelandria in

the wake of their madness. Zelandria's only hope is Lucian, a scorned

prince who has returned from years of solitude to reclaim his kingdom

and avenge his father's murder.


Legacy is ™ and Roaring Studios, 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Val Staples

(A) Emiliano Santalucia

Cover A: Emiliano Santalucia

Cover B: Premium Holofoil Tommy Lee Edwards $5.95

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

In a realm where sorcery meets science, The Masters of the Universe set

forth to protect all of Eternia from the evil onslaught of Skeketor and

his evil forces. It's an epic tale of good versus evil, where there is

new danger and suspense at every turn. The story we all loved from the

'80s is reborn and relaunched for a new era.

This Issue

Our heroes respond to odd mishaps in the kingdom of Avion. But strange

things are in the air when a sudden threat arises to challenge its

citizens and the Masters. Our saga continues as we lead up to the

no-holds-barred event of the summer for the Masters of the Universe!


Masters of the Universe and associated trademarks designated by are U.S. trademarks of Mattel, Inc. 2002 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

McFarlane Toys

Item #: 17720

Releasing in conjunction with The Matrix sequel, The Matrix Reloaded,

this line contains five individual figures and a deluxe, boxed edition.

Sure to be a hot seller based on one of the most anticipated films of

all time, look for other Matrix action figures series later in the year.

This item ships 12 per case.

No guarantee of mix.

Please inquire about pricing.


McFarlane Toys

Item #: 17740

This item ships 6 per case.

Please inquire about pricing.


McFarlane Toys

Item #: 71110

McFarlane Toys' fifth line of Major League Baseball action figures are

ready to hit the diamond for the new season. Set size is eight players

in this collection … eight of the leagues hottest athletes in action

poses. As always, accurate uniforms and all equipment come standard.

* Derek Lowe, Boston Red Sox P, No. 32

* Alfonso Soriano, New York Yankees 2B, No. 12

* Miguel Tejada, Oakland Athletics SS, No. 4

* Torii Hunter, Minnesota Twins CF, No. 48

* Pat Burrell, Philadelphia Phillies LF, No. 5

* Mike Sweeney, Kansas City Royals 1B, No. 29

* Jason Kendall, Pittsburgh Pirates C, No. 18

Story continues below

* Eric Gagne, Los Angeles Dodgers P, No. 38

The item ships 12 per case. .

No guarantee of mix.

Please inquire about pricing.


(W) Scott Wherle

(P) Eric Wolfe Hanson and E.J. SU

(Cover) Stefano Caselli

FC 112pp $10.95 6" x 9" Trade paperback

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

Within our own universe lies another universe unbeknownst to us... until

now. The realm of the Micronautsa domain ruled by evil tyrant, Baron

Karza, whose scientific marvels offer his people immortality, at the

cost of their humanity. When unsuspecting Ryan Archer is thrown into

their world, we find that not only are things about to change, but Ryan

will have much to do with it.

Introducing Micronauts to comics for the first time in years, this new

team of warriors from a pint-sized universe packs Grand Scale adventure.

This volume collects issues #1-5 of the Micronauts series.


Micronauts, its logo, and all related characters are trademarks of A.G.E. and are used with permission. 2003 A.G.E. All rights reserved.

(W) Josh Blaylock

(P) Josh Blaylock w/ Clint Hilinski

(I) Clayton Brown

Cover A: Josh Blaylock

Cover B: Chynna Major

Cover C: Randy Green

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing Bi-monthly series

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

A fugitive from a dimension called the Realm, Alyssa appears to be a

normal, cute girl with a thing for spiked bracelets and combat boots.

But as her robotic dog, Tink, reveals she's much more. Alyssa just

wants to blend into a small college town in the Midwest, but certain

powers of the Realm want her back. Fortunately, this so-called normal

girl will find she has the ability to not only save herself, but stop

the Realm entirely, and finally get back to a life of rock shows,

parties and her comic shop job.

This Issue

Realm 77 is one of many hi-tech cities in an all-too-perfect Utopia.

Everyone in the Realm lives a simple, content life… except for Alyssa.

She's smarter, faster and better than all her peers, and for that, her

entire society punishes her every day. Soon she will learn that there

is more to her abilities than she ever knew, and someone isn't happy

about it. Alyssa always wanted another life, and when the Realm Elders

secretly order her put to death, she'll have no choice but to find

one... on Earth. It's a sci-fi, action-packed punk rock thrill ride for

fans of all genres.


MISPLACED and all associated characters are 2003 Devil's Due Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

(W) Douglass Barr

(A) Jiro

(Cover) Jiro

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

In 1866, Arthur Valence, the Duke of Marston, along with his four

closest associates, vanished from the face of the Earth. These five men

were known as the Society for Cryptozoological Research.

It is now 1893, and his son Kenneth, Lord Marston, has given up his life

of decadent indulgence to take up his father's mantle. Now he leads the

Society, tracking down the mythical creatures that are mysteriously

returning to existence, while evading the government ministry conspiring

to stop them.

Unfortunately, the forces that caused the disappearance of the 1866

Society are also still out there... and Kenneth Valence's actions have

not gone unnoticed!

This Issue

The Labyrinth, part three of four

"Stories Told"

Trapped without weapons or equipment in the cave of the man-eating Cyclops Gorgorymus, the Mythstalkers have only one hope... the silver-tongued wit of wealthy layabout Kenneth, Lord Marston. If by some miracle, that's enough to save them, then they've got to face the cursed pirate crew known as the Cheated and the shocking secret of the Minotaur itself!


Mythstalkers Comics is ™ and Douglass Barr, Jiro, and Quantum Color FX., 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, Jay Faerber, Phil Hester, Geoff Johns, John Layman, Gail Simone, Eric Stephenson, J. Torres, and Brian K. Vaughan

(A) Mitchell Breitweiser, Mike Hawthorne, Tim Levins, Brent McKee, Sean Murphy, Todd Nauck, Andres Ponce, Pat Quinn, and Anthony Williams

(Cover) Ian Richardson

FC 80pp $4.95 One-shot

In stores the week of May 28th

This Issue

* Some of the most respected names in comics team up with tomorrow's

Story continues below

rising stars to craft short stories featuring the cast of the critically

acclaimed Noble Causes!

* Find out what drove Gaia to leave the magical realm she called home in

order to become a super-hero on Earth. By Jay Faerber and Mike (Three

Days in Europe) Hawthorne

* Rusty has just been re-born in his robotic body -- and the press is

tearing him apart. What can Rusty do to a reporter who is slandering his

new lifestyle and pouring salt on his wounds? Make some wounds of his

own! By Geoff (Avengers, JSA) Johns and Brent McKee

* Seeking some time away from her famous family, Zephyr discovers that

sometimes the most perfect person you can talk to is someone willing to

pretend you're not really you. By Eric Stephenson and Todd (Young

Justice) Nauck

* Get a sneak peak at Image's new super-hero/medical series, STAT, and

learn its surprise connection to the Noble family. By Dan Abnett & Andy

Lanning (Legion) and Anthony Williams

* Zephyr thinks it's time for Liz to get on with her life and start

dating again, and has even gone to the trouble of fixing her up with an

eligible bachelor. But what if Liz isn't ready to start dating again?

Or, even more scary, what if she is...? By Brian K. (Y - The Last Man)

Vaughan and Mitchell Breitweiser

* Gaia is forced to admit an awful truth to her children when Frost

first shows his face during a family dinner. By J. (Sidekicks) Torres

and Tim (Batman: Gotham Adventures) Levins

* Doc reflects on happier times, when he taught a very impetuous

teenaged Race an important lesson about crime-fighting ... and life. By

Phil (Firebreather, Green Arrow) Hester and Sean Murphy

* Race and Krennick's first meeting is chronicled, as Doc Noble launches

an assault on Draconis' underworld. There, the two young sons are

introduced to their destinies... and a legacy of hate. By John Layman

and Pat Quinn

* The life of a tabloid photographer is hard enough, but what's it like

when the subjects have super-powers? Ripped from today's trashiest

headlines! -- By Gail (Agent X) Simone and Andres Ponce


Noble Causes is ™ and Jay Faerber, 2003. All right reserved.

(W) Matt Cashel

(P) Jeremy Haun

(I) William Haun

(Cover) Jeremy haun and Seth Merriman

BW 40pp #2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

Paradigm is a continuing soap opera charting the ups and downs of an

ensemble cast as they attempt to continue living a "normal" life in an

ever-shifting reality complete with talking cats, sultan strippers,

Beastials, sad men, Welcomers, mean women, Militants, the Presidents of

the Apocalypse, and new and improved answers for those nagging

questions. With all that, who has time for periods?

This Issue

"The Real Swirly Things!"

Detective Andrew Dreiser returns (!) and this time he has the right

questions. There is a society that infiltrated the city of Bogsdale

years ago. It continues to thrive to this day, owing its allegiance to

powers unknown. Through the help of an old high-school friend, Andrew

Dreiser discovers just how dire Bogsdale's reality has become. The

question is, will he do anything about it? Poison gas containers in

super-center basements, highschool flames, disappearing evidence, doll

fetishes, agoraphobic comic book creators, and Dick... NAKED! Face it,

gang, this issue has it all (and it can be read ALL on its lonesome)!


Paradigm is ™ and Matt Cashell and Jeremy Haun, 2003. All rights reserved.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

Heroes glide through the sky on lightning bolts and fire. Flamboyant

villains attempt daring daylight robberies. God-like alien creatures

clash in epic battle over the nighttime sky. And on the dirty city

streets below, Homicide Detective Christian Walker does his job.

Walker is teamed up with spunky rookie Detective Deena Pilgrim to

investigate murders specific to superhero cases. Investigations that

takes them from the seediest underbelly a city has to offer, to the

gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings.

From super hot and EISNER award winning team of Brian Michael Bendis

(Ultimate Spiderman titles, Daredevil, Alias) and full color, art deco

comic artist Mike Avon Oeming (Bastard Samurai, hammer of the gods)

Story continues below

This year Bendis scored the comic book trifecta by winning the Wizard

Fan Award, Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Award and Eisner Award for 'Best Writer.'

This Issue

Forever Man, part two

The history of the Powers! Where did the powers come from? Why are they here?

This is artist Mike Oeming's favorite Powers issue ever, so if you want

to see one of the best artists in comics going nutsyou can't miss this issue!!

This is the largest Powers arc ever. This is big, big. I mean big look

at the world of Powers!! This answers all those nagging questions...

And don't forget the best letter column in comics. Ok, it's the only

letter column in comics, but it's still funny.


Powers is ™ and jinxworld. inc, 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Brian Michael Bendis

(A) Mike Avon Oeming

FC 184 pp $19.95 Trade paperback

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

Widely considered the best storyline of this Eisner Award-winning series.

When one of the key members of a popular super group is found violently

murdered, the events that follow unveil the federal governments multi

layered control of the superhero elite and how far they will go to cover up.

Walker and Pilgrim are forced to make choices that will forever change

their lives and careers… and how the world at large will see their heroes.

Finally! The new Powers trade paperback is here!!! Featuring a matching

cover design to the best selling Powers trade series.

PLUS EXCLUSIVE BONUS FEATURES!! Including a full color behind the scenes

how to with commentary by the entire art team. Exclusive interviews with

Oeming and Bendis. Costume designs. Deleted scene excerpts. And much,

much more.

Powers Vol. I: Who Killed Retro Girl? is considered the gold standard of

trade paperbacks, now the Powers team takes it one step further with

Supergroup. This volume collects issues #15-#20 of the Powers series.


Powers is ™ and jinxworld. inc, 2003. All right reserved.

PvP #2
by Scott Kurtz

BW 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly ongoing series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

The hit comic strip leaps from the World Wide Web into it's own Image

Comic! Follow the staff of PvP Magazine on their daily routine of

covering the world of pop-culture. No cow is too sacred, no reference

too obscure. Discover what Wizard Magazine calls "the perfect satire."

This Issue

After Cole discovers his old collection of Dungeons and Dragons

rulebooks, he decides to recapture his childhood by starting a new

gaming group among the PvP staff. Participation is mandatory! Join the

gang as they take a journey to the deepest darkest corners of geekdom.


PvP is ™ and 2003 Scott Kurtz. All rights reserved.

by Azad

BW 32pp $2.95 Four issue finite monthly series

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

Samuel Little is one of the world's best catburglars. He's also one of

the unluckiest people on the planet! His only saving grace is his

sidekick, Lucky: an over-protective black cat that appears to have

turned his misfortunes around...

...well, sort of.

Barely two weeks out of jail, Sammy breaks his parole to take a gig in

sunny Acapulco. However, unforeseen circumstances leave Sammy stranded

south of the border fighting for his life…

This Issue


After a nightmarish 24 hours of beatings, blackmail and bad TV, Sammy

and Lucky must now face their toughest challenge yet: Airport Security!

Oh, and more dumb tourists too!


Sammy, Lucky and Sammy: Tourist Trap is ™ and Azad Injejikian, 2003. All right reserved.

by Erik Larsen with a back up by Erik Larsen and Mark Englert

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 21st

The Concept

In a world where creatures roam, Savage Dragon and his family fight to make the world a better place.

This Issue

Things haven't been going the way Mako, the man-shark, would have liked. Back in civilization, he found that the super-heroine Dart was not as receptive to his charms as she was when she was stranded on a small, uncharted island in the Coral Sea with him. So, his logic being what it is, he's abducted his unwilling sweetheart and returned with her to this island paradise. Naturally, Dart's friends and allies are more than a bit concerned about her well being-especially, the ever Savage Dragon!

Story continues below

Plus a NEW Mighty Man feature IN ADDITION to a full length Savage Dragon feature by Erik Larsen and Mark Englert! Over 30 pages of comic book goodness for the same low price! The biggest bargain in comics.


Savage Dragon ™ and Erik Larsen, 2003. All right reserved.

SPAWN #134
Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Brian Holguin and Todd McFarlane

(P) Angel Medina

(I) Danny Miki

(Cover) Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane

FC 32pp $2.50 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

Al Simmons, once the U.S. government's greatest soldier and most effective assassin, was mercilessly executed by his own men. Resurrected from the ashes of his own grave in a flawed agreement with the powers of darkness, Simmons is reborn as a creature from the depths of Hell. Disfigured, homeless and alone, this warrior now known as Spawn wanders the shadowy alleys of New York City in search of his past life.

Art shown is not the cover

This Issue

"God is a Bullet," part four

He's gone halfway around the world to right a wrong. Now, in a final

showdown, Spawn squares off against the forces of a brutal nation. At

stake: the liberty of a people; and for Al Simmons, one more measure of

redemption to free his captive soul. But can even a Hellspawn stand

against an entire army? Or will this contest be won or lost by human hands?


Spawn is ™ and Todd McFarlane Productions, 2003. All right reserved.

McFarlane Toys

Item # 11270

The 23rd series of Spawn action figures features five intricate new designs based on the thoughts and sketches of well-known Spawn comic book artist Greg Capullo.

* Spawn

* Angel

* Al Simmons

* Malebolgia

* Kin

This item ships 12 per case.

No guarantee of mix.

Please inquire about pricing.


STRANGERS #3 (of 6)
(W) J.M. & Randy Lofficier

(P) Manuel Garcia

(I) Eduardo Alpuente

Cover A: Manuel Garcia

Cover B: Christian Gossett

FC 32pp $2.95 Six issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

HOMICRON: a NASA physicist whose body is inhabited by a powerful alien;

STARLOCK: the former servant of awesome cosmic entities, now a fugitive;

FUTURA: a mysterious woman from another dimension;

JALEB: the secretive agent of a race of telepaths;

JAYDEE: the deadliest killing machine in the universe;

... These are STRANGERS to our world, brought together by Tanka, an

"invariant" empowered by an unfathomably distant future to safeguard our time.

This Issue

"Caresses such as Snakes Give"

The TARANTULA plans to crash the Clash's space station on Earth with its

deadly cargo, virtually ending all life on the planet. To insure her

victory, she uses her deadliest pawn: Jaydee, an unstoppable,

shapeshifting, killing organism, whom she unleashes on the Strangers.

While on Earth, Tanka and Jaleb draw plans, in space a deadly countdown

has begun. Finally, the mastermind behind the doomsday scheme is

revealed: the Necromancer.


STRANGERS is ™ and 2003 SEMIC S.A. All characters appearing therein and the distinctive likeness thereof is ™ and of Semic S.A.

(W) Robert Kirkman

(A) E.J. Su

(Cover) E.J. Su

FC 32pp $2.95 Ongoing monthly series

In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

The Geldarians are a race of incredibly intelligent, yet physically weak

and fragile beings. To compensate for their frailty they have invented

the "Tech Jacket," a vest that every Geldarian is equipped with upon

birth. Each jacket grows and matures with its host, specializing in

tasks that the host will find most useful. A fully developed Tech

Jacket is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the

universe. Zack Thompson, through an event of sheer chance, has come to

possess a Tech Jacket of his own. Now it appears that the fate of the

entire universe rests on his shoulders as he learns that with infinite

power comes infinite responsibility.

This Issue

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! After the cataclysmic events last issue... things

get worse. From deep space comes The Scavengine, a being of untold

power that has come to strip the earth of its technology. The only

thing between it and the near destruction of life as we know it is young

Zack Thompson. Good thing he got his homework done early tonight!

Story continues below

Featuring a new beginning for our hero as new allies and new enemies

take center stage. An excellent jumping on point!


Tech Jacket is ™ and Robert Kirkman & E.J. Su, 2003. All right reserved.


(W) Marcelo Cassaro

(P) Edu Francisco

(I) Sohmi Pai & Edu Francisco

Cover A: Roger Cruz

Cover B: Edu Francisco

FC 32pp $2.95 Bi-Monthly ongoing series

Retailers: See order form for incentive program.

In stores the week of May 14th

The Concept

Victory is about the limits of unlimited power. Being born a half-elf

Demi-Goddess from the world of Arton (a medieval like world that stills practice magic), Victory was born to combat a menace of a cosmic magnitude.

Victory can destroy an entire planet with a wave of her hand or heal

herself from any mortal wound in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, even

with all this amazing power at her command, Victory cannot use this

power to defeat her greatest enemy… loneliness.

This Issue

Inside a giant cave, a group of heroes (a heavenly knight, a masked

sorceress along with an elven thief and a brutal dwarven fighter) battle

against a four-headed dragon who has an elven princess captive.

Suddenly, the thief and the dragon begin a strange discussion about

rules and tactics. We soon discover that the heroes are just characters

in a D&D like Role Playing Game. The gamers are five kids who run a

medieval-style campaign from the home of the Druid (an old time gamer).

During the game, Flavius (the GM) looks for a rulebook on the shelf of

the Druid's vast collection. Flavius finds an ancient tome and reads the

name "K'Athanoa". At that moment, the demon Carolei appears at the home

of the Druid with the purpose of retrieving the tome and killing all

within the Druid's home. Luckily, the spell also awakens Victory, a

gorgeous Demi-Goddess who is the universe's only hope against a great

evil of a cosmic magnitude.


Victory is ™ and Coldfusion studio, 2003. All rights reserved.

(W) Dan Jolley

(A) Dreamwave Productions w/ Mark Brooks

(Cover) Mark Brooks

FC 24pp $2.50 One Shot


In stores the week of May 7th

The Concept

In an unprecedented move, Devil's Due Studios has outsourced Dreamwave

Productions to handle this special 12 page original story. Fans that

love the art of Dreamwave's Transformers series will no doubt love their

depiction of the Voltron force.

This Issue

Fans will recognize the familiar characters, but now writer Dan Jolley

and artists Mark Brooks and Clayton Brown introduce these characters

with origins never before seen. Find out how the five maverick pilots

were chosen for the mission to bring back the legendary war machine

called Voltron... and how a distant alien princess knew they were


Includes special production art and previews of the upcoming series by Devil's Due Studios artists Mike Norton and Clint Hilinski.


Voltron is 2003 World Events Productions, under license to Devil's Due Publishing.

(W) Dan Jolley

(P) Mike Norton and Clint Hilinski

(I) Clayton Brown

Cover A: Mike Norton

Cover B: Mark Brooks

Cover C Holofoil: Kaare Andrews $5.95

FC 32pp $2.95 Five-issue monthly finite series

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

Hidden in the depths of the planet Arus are five giant mechanical lions. Together, with the aid of magics long forgotten, they form Voltron: Defender of the Universe, an immensely powerful robot that will give the people of Arus the means necessary to restore their war-torn galaxy to peace. At the helm of the lions: five courageous pilots who have sworn themselves to protect this alien world, and the princess who commands it.

This Issue

In the far future, with the galaxy divided between interstellar superpowers on the brink of war, a desperate officer of the Earth-based Galactic Union sends five maverick pilots on a bizarre mission: bring back the legendary war machine called Voltron. Journeying to distant planet Arus, Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge discover the first clue in the centuries-old mystery a clue in the shape of a huge mechanical lion.


Voltron is 2003 World Events Productions, under license to Devil's Due Publishing.

(W) Francis Takenaga

Story continues below

(A) Roy Allen Martinez, Lan Medina, Brian Haberlin, Drew and David Yardin

(Cover) Drew Yardin

BW 260pp $19.95 Trade paperback

In stores the week of May 28th

The Concept

He definitely isn't your run of the mill exorcist.

Nathan Ellstings was born with the power of The Forgiving… With it he

is able to cheat the Devil himself of his due, and reunite a mortal with

their soul. The Wicked, a menacing subculture of those who have freely

sold their souls to darkness don't like what Nathan is doing very much.

The Wicked hunt Nathan and Nathan in turn hunts them…a cat and mouse

game of the most sinister kind in a fight for your very soul.

Reprinting issues #1-8 of The Wicked, plus the limited preview edition, this volume contains some of the best horror comic in years! A must have for fans of the supernatural. Follow Nathan as he fights the forces of darkness over many exciting and terrifying adventures.

This edition contains many exclusive bonuses…such as…Cover/Pinup gallery by master "pinup" artist Drew with previously unseen material. Original character design sketches by Roy Martinez. An interview with the creators Francis Takenaga and Brian Haberlin on the original creative process that led to The Wicked.

TheWicked TP Vol. I: Omnibus is a great source book to get fans on board before the launch of the new series.


The Wicked. is ™ and Brian Haberlin, 2003. All rights reserved.



(W) David Wohl (P) Francis Manapul (I) Jason Gorder John Starr

While finally uncovering the secret behind the Wall Street murders, Sara

Pezzini and the Magdalena discover an underside of New York City that people

never see. One filled with mystery and magic and violence that takes place

every day right before our very eyes. This world is shocking to the

Magdalena, but not as shocking as Sara Pezzini when she tries to KILL her,

with the Witchblade!!!

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

DARKNESS VOL. II #4 "Under Cover of Darkness"
(W) Paul Jenkins (P) Dale Keown Matt Milla

After time away from the Mob, Jackie Estacado comes full circle on the

wheel of life, right back to where he started. But a traitor who

turned State's evidence cannot simply waltz back into favor with the

family he has betrayed. Jackie faces a violent uphill battle to

reclaim his status and wrestle power away from his Cousin Paulie. But

even though Jackie wields the awesome power of the Darkness, his very

mortal adversary may give him a lot more trouble than he bargained for.

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

TOMB RAIDER 30 "Strange Flesh" - Part 2 of 2
(W) John Ney Rieber (P) Tony Daniel (I) Jonathan Sibal Jonathan D. Smith

Is the boy held captive in this Vatican prison cell a madman--or a

monster? Either way, Lara's got to set Valya free. Without him, she'll

never find the fabled Waters of Life and Death--and her lover, Tsang,

will be lost to her forever. But even if she can defeat the deadly

robotic Secutor that guards Valya's cell, and in the blighted Siberian

wilderness survive a parasitic alien's murderous claws, in the end she

will face the greatest threat to her survival and her sanity-- when she

sees what her depraved nemesis Lord Vymes has done to her lover Tsang.

White-hot artist Tony Daniel (The Tenth, Adrenalyn, Silke) gives us the

leanest, meanest, Lara Croft ever to teach a sadistic immortal the

true meaning of pain in this special supersized conclusion to 'Strange

Flesh'. Don't miss the sizzle!

FC 48 pages $4.99 continuing series

(W) Munier Sharrieff ??

"HELL" tells of Jason's plunge into the deadly underground world of

contract killers. Using a false identity Jason most pose as a hired

assassin in order to find vital information about Devil Star, Spectra's

elite all female hit squad. The very killers responsible for Jason'

worst nightmare come true, the brutal murder of his parents.

FC 48 pages $4.99 One-shot Special

(W) Munier Sharrieff (P) Wilson Tortosa Udon and Shane Law

While the team reflects on the events that took place in "Under A Blood

Red Sky" by joining the Central West's relief efforts, the believed dead

Commander Korak makes plans to strike against his new sworn enemy, Zoltar.

FC 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

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