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Wed, February 26th, 2003 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

Comics Fans Worldwide,

This month, Top Shelf is proud to bring to you several amazing Alan

Moore projects, solicited in the current Diamond PREVIEWS catalog.

Printings will be limited on these books, so be sure to pre-order them

at your local retailer to guarantee that you'll get a copy. For example,

Top Shelf: Asks The Big Questions (featuring the banned DC Comics

"Cobweb" story), the Alan Moore Lithograph, and Portrait Of An

Extraordinary Gentleman will NOT be reprinted:


Co-edited by Rob Goodin and Brett Warnock

Co-edited by Rob Goodin and Brett Warnock, Top Shelf Asks The Big

Questions, features the controversial Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie

Cobweb story, previously banned by DC Comics from the ABC/Wildstorm

anthology Tomorrow Stories, providing Moore's heroine and her fans with

the sense of completion they are due. Note: The story is published in

its original form, but to respect DC's copyright on "Cobweb," the story

has been re-titled "La Toile" (the French word for "The Web"). … Also

inside this behemoth anthology, replete with full-color and two-color

sections and clocking in at 336 pages, you'll find: a tribute to Charles

Schulz, with strips by Chris Ware, Seth, Ivan Brunetti, Joe Matt, Tony

Millionaire, Tom Hart and more; an amazing collection of international

comics by Jason, Martin Tom Dieck, Nicolas Mahler, Ulf K, Winshluss, and

the Swiss comics collective Atrabile; plus stateside inkstuds like Matt

Madden, Rene French, Josh Simmons, Jesse Reklaw, Mack White, James

Kochalka, James Sturm, Steve Weissman, Peter Kuper, and the Robot

Publishing Posse; and a career spanning interview and portfolio section

with David Chelsea. All wrapped in eye-popping cover art by rising star

Tomer "Midnight Mass cover artist" Hanuka. This is the biggest and most

beautiful Top Shelf ever!

-- $24.95 (US), 336 pages, 7" x 8 1/2", Color Cover, Full-Color,

Two-Color, and B&W Interiors, Perfect Bound Anthology, ISBN:



As Alan Moore fans are well aware, Mr. Moore is not usually one for the

public spotlight. In fact, the most commonly seen photo of Alan is the

same one originally used for the back cover of Watchmen -- taken almost

20 years ago! Recently, Jos Villarrubia conducted a long photo session

with Alan Moore at his home in Northamton, and from that exquisite

batch, Top Shelf presents the first ever, official portrait of Alan

Moore. Jos, the master digital artist and photographer (for books like

the Eisner-nominated Veils and Promethea), and Eisner-nominated

colorist (Fantastic Four: 1234, Sentry, Hellshock and Cage),

beautifully captures the essence of Alan in this striking image suitable

for framing. 13" x 17", Full Color.

-- $40.00 (US), Signed & Numbered by Alan Moore & Jos Villarrubia,

Limited To 500

-- $20.00 (US), Unsigned

By Craig Thompson

Top Shelf just can't keep this book in print! The 3rd printing is gone,

and it's time once again to roll the presses on GOOD-BYE, CHUNKY RICE.

If you haven't jumped onto this speeding bandwagon, it's not too late to

do so. Alan Moore says: "Both funny and genuinely touching in turn,

Craig Thompson's Good-bye, Chunky Rice is an affecting meditation upon

friendship, loneliness and loss, all delivered with a real feel for the

musicality of the comic strip form. … Highly recommended." Spin Magazine

says: "This one-shot graphic novel is the comics debut of the year;

every one of its 128 pages is beautifully composed, sparkling with

invention and life." Publishers Weekly says: "Thompson has crafted an

enduring fable … that will charm anyone separated from a dear and loving

friend." Good-bye, Chunky Rice is an absolutely essential tome for every

graphic novel reader. A quite picture novella of a journey to find one's

self, and the deeper meaning of life.

-- $14.95, 128 pages, Color Cover, B&W Interiors, 7 " x 9", Perfect

Bound, ISBN 1-891830-09-0.

by Craig Thompson.

Top Shelf begins the roll-out for Craig Thompson's

four-years-in-the-making, magnum opus, BLANKETS, with this deliciously

drawn official promotional poster supporting The 2003 Alternative Press

Expo (APE) in San Francisco. Featuring the lead female character from

BLANKETS, the lovely Raina, this poster measures over 13" x 19", is

offset printed in two shades of melancholy blue, and comes signed by the

artist. This beautiful poster is an original image that will not be

Story continues below

reprinted. Craig Thompson fans should not miss this opportunity.

Suitable for framing.

-- $15.00 (US), 13" x 19", Signed by Craig Thompson, Poster


Edited by "Smoky Man" and Gary Spencer Millidge (Abiogenesis Press)

With an Introduction by Terry Gilliam

A stunning homage to the genius of From Hell and Watchmen creator,

author, performance artist and magician, Alan Moore, celebrating his

50th year. Featuring specially created comic strips, illustrations,

stories, essays, articles, personal tributes, photographs and lots more,

including new and rarely seen interviews, a new biography and many other

surprises. Over 100 contributors include best-selling authors Michael

Moorcock, Iain Sinclair, Darren Shan and Neil Gaiman; Illustrators Peter

Kuper and John Coulthart; Moore's former collaborators Dave Gibbons,

Bill Sienkiewicz, Bryan Talbot, David Lloyd, J H Williams, Kevin

O'Neill, Oscar Zarate and Steve Bissette and many others from his early

2000AD and Marvel UK days right up to his current ABC titles; his

musical collaborator Tim Perkins; Creators from every era include

veterans like Will Eisner, and Len Wein through "underground" figures

like Denis Kitchen and Howard Cruse right up to current hot indie

cartoonists like James Kochalka and Scott Mills. This book provides a

unique and revealing insight into of one of this era's greatest creative

minds, which no fan of Moore's work should be without. … 100% of all

publisher's net profits and all creators' royalties from proceeds of

this book are to be donated to charities in aid of Alzheimer's disease.

-- $14.95 (US), 6" x 8 1/2", 272 pages, Color Cover, B&W Interiors with

a full-color section, Perfect Bound, ISBN 0-946790-06-X

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